Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Eternian Palace Guards 2-Pack


With Masters of the Universe Classics gaining momentum in 2011, Mattycollector and the people running MOTUC decided to unleash even MORE product in 2011. After the Christmas holidays when people usually are broke as hell, not only could we (and did) get the January figure, Vikor, but people could also purchase the Palace Guard 2-Pack!

For some people, the Palace Guards meant they could army build. Matty knew this so they actually went all out on this set to provide people with many display options. Not only that, these figures were NOT included in the subscription so people gobbled these up to army build fearing that they’d see the fast sell out that the line was known for. The sell out didn’t happen for a week and then I think they went back into production for another run that never sold out.

Included in one set was two bodies, four heads, different types of swappable armour chest pieces (like found on Battle Armor He-Man), numerous weapons, and removable face armour. I’ll be looking at all of the above as I go along.

The packaging for this set is in a longer box, similar to the one Battle Cat came in. On the back, the bio for the Eternian Palace Guards can be found along with product shots of some figures that had already been released.

The bio is pretty generic but mentions the Guards being recruited by Man-At-Arms and Clamp Champ (at a later time) and trained to be proficient in combat using weapons, hand-to-hand, and blasters.  It’s pretty funny that they allude to (then) brand manager Scott Neitlich’s creation “The Mighty Spector” by naming one of the guards “Lieutenant Spector.” Then again, Neitich wrote the bios!

If you had a Man-At-Arms figure already, these guys wouldn’t really surprise you because they are basically the same figure except with different heads and some extra armour pieces to cover both arms and legs. With that being said, the articulation was also the same as all the other figures like Man-At-Arms.

The fun with this pack comes with all the display combinations you can play around with. You could have one specific head and display it with four different armour pieces and various weapons to have four distinct looking guards. If you add some face armour and remove certain leg or arm armour, you could have a variety of figures just using one head! Now multiply those potential options with the other three heads and you could go nuts with all the possible combinations.

I bought three sets: two to open so I could have all the four heads displayed on my shelf and one to keep in the box, like I do will all my other MOTUC figures. The four heads bring some diversity to the ranks of the Palace Guards. There’s an African American head, a Caucasian head that is based off the likeness of brand manager (at the time) Scott Neitlich, a head based on Chief Carnvious’ race: the Qaiden, and oddly enough, a Snake Man (which never made sense to me).

The Eternian Palace Guards two-pack also came with 4 swappable chest pieces: an undamaged one, one with a single sword slice, one with two swords slices, and one with the Palace insignia (the golden bird). When taking the pictures for this, I couldn’t find the chest piece that was undamaged. I have no idea where it went and I never posed any of my figures with it as I found it to be boring. I wanted one guy to be the head Guard (not the leader, though, as Man-At-Arms would always be the “man”), while the others had some battle damage to show off. I periodically swap the heads so they all take turns (aren’t I nice?).

This set also has quite a few weapons: an axe, two shields, two halberds (the axe/spear weapons), and one mace. The guards have storage on the back of their armour, just like Man-At-Arms did, so you can store them there if you aren’t using something specific. The shields are basically useless unless you take of the forearm armour.

Below you can see the guards all lined up, reporting for duty, and waiting for some action! The picture underneath this one shows all the guards with their face armour on.



The guards are fun the pose in formations to gunning for the enemy. I really wish I had some little bottles or beer cans to throw in the picture on the bottom right where they’re fist-bumping each other. I’m sure these guards know how to party on their days/nights off.

I can imagine that some people got a whole slew of these guys to army build with. These guys were a welcome addition to the line but I can also understand how they were not essential for everyone, even though they never made Palace Guards in the vintage line.