Retro Style Freddy Krueger Figures by NECA Toys (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of my feature where I’m looking at three NECA Freddy figures I picked up in the last few months of 2016.  If you’ve just come across this randomly and missed part one, CLICK HERE!I was going to tackle all three figures in one feature, but seeing how my feature looking at  Freddy from Nightmare 2 took longer because I had one out of the package to take pictures of, it would have been too much for one article to add the next two figures I have.

If you’re just joining me for the first time, many of the figures I buy I keep in the package. Some figures I really love I buy two of as display room in the man-cave is very limited and/or I only have so much money to spread out per month for figures. I find that it’s easy to display figures in their packages/boxes on my shelves, storage units, or walls.  With that all said, here are the other two Freddy Krueger retro-style figures I picked up.


Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

This Freddy’s main selling feature (for me) is the “chest of souls” piece from the scene in the movie where Freddy reveals that he has the souls of his victims trapped within him that make him more powerful.

Before I talk about this figure, I want to just acknowledge the really awesome art on the front of the packaging (yet again) as it just brings so much to the overall product. On the back of the packaging, Freddy is posed how I would probably pose him if (and when) I take it him out of the package: showing off the chest of souls. I’m taking a guess that the furnace piece in the picture is the furnace diorama that NECA produced (that I need to snag).

As for the figure, the pants and the left hand (and probably the body) seem to be the same as the Freddy’s Revenge figure. The sweater is definitely different and fits his body much better and it doesn’t seem to be as large. While the cuffs are done a lot better, the neck hole and the bottom of the sweater look like they could have been done (or cleaned up) more.


I like the maniacal/”I’m up to something” look on Freddy’s face. He does have some excellent sculpting work on the face but I’m just not a fan of the eyes that are looking over to the right. I think if a company wants to have that look, an extra head should be included for people that don’t like their figures looking off to the side. If you saw my quick look on the Wes Craven’s New Nightmare Freddy, they tried something like that and it ruined the figure for me. I mean, to each his/her own, but I’m not a fan of it. The eyes weren’t enough to deter me from grabbing this because the rest of it is pretty well done.


Back to the main selling piece for me with this figure: the chest of souls.  I think the sculpt on it is one of the most detailed pieces on a figure of this size (and this price point) that I’ve ever seen. Yes, Freddy’s face has been done well with these figures but I just am in awe of how detailed and disturbing this piece is.  Major props to NECA!

I took a closer shot of the promo pic on the back of the package just for a closer look seeing how I’m hanging this on my wall.  I should really track another one of these down because that chest of souls is just too damn good to not have on the figure out of this packaging.

Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

This Freddy was based off of a scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 where Kristen is dreaming on a beach. See below!

Just like the other two figures I’ve looked at, there’s more amazing art on the front of the packaging with Freddy in his surgeon/doctor scrubs.

The back of the package shows both ways that you can display the figure: in his doctor/surgeon garbs he comes packaged with, or you can put on his classic sweater and pop on his sunglasses to replicate another scene in the movie above.

The figure is the same size as the other two, but seeing how I’m going to be hanging this on my wall, I can’t tell you what’s under the scrubs. I will say that although he does come with his sweater, the whole point of the figure is to display him like this, so that would be what I would do if I had an extra or ever take him out.

I am happy they packed Freddy without the mask on so people could see the sculpt on the face. In comparison to the other two figures, the face sculpt on this one is probably my least favourite.  To me, it’s not as menacing but with the pictures on the back of the package, I can see how it would work with the sunglasses or with the hat and face mask on.

While this seems like such an odd and random choice for a figure, it does work. Although I’m a huge Nightmare/Freddy fan, when this got announced and I saw the reveal pictures, I actually said out loud, “who in the hell would buy this?”  Once the shock wore off about releasing something so obscure, I actually thought it was brilliant. I’m now all for Freddy in different variations and costumes. I mean, Star Wars does it with every single costume change with their characters and offer different Troopers, right? Why can’t NECA do it with Freddy? That’s also what makes collecting fun. Here’s to more unique takes on this guy (in “retro form” or the regular line).

Just like the first part of this feature, here’s the video that showcases all three figures (and the Freddy from Part 2 loose). You have to see what happens when I try and change the heads – it’s hilarious!