Retro Style Freddy Krueger Figures by NECA Toys (Part 1)


This is the first year that I took the plunge and purchased some “Retro” style figures. This style is a throwback to the old Mego figures that came out in the 70s and they’ve been making a bit of a comeback over the last couple years as many companies have tackled numerous properties in this style. The main selling point Megos and these “Retro style” was/is the cloth/fabric clothing.

I never owned or played with Mego figures as a kid but I always looked forward to Toyfare Magazine’s “Twisted Mego Theatre” every month that featured these figures in some of the funniest stories I’ve ever read. I still have all my back issues as they are such a pleasure to read.

Anyway, NECA has been doing some “Retro” style figures for a while with some horror properties (among others like Eddie, the mascot from Iron Maiden), and I finally broke down and bought one the Freddy figures that I’ll showcase in this particular feature and then grabbed another from KILLERTOYZ. I really liked it and due to some sales, I now have a few Freddy and Jason figures in this Retro style and I’m trying to hunt down the ones I missed out at reasonable prices.

Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

As you may tell by starting off with this figure (a “Part 2” figure), I’m missing the first retro style Freddy figure NECA did based off original first movie.

The clam-shell packaging features excellent artwork of Freddy based on the iconic scene in the movie where Freddy rips back some of the skin on his head to reveal his brain and says to Jessie, “You’ve got the body, I’ve got the brains!”

On the back of the card, you can see the figure posed with the different head/glove combinations that are included with the figure. One of the nice touches on the back layout is NECA adding the school bus that’s stranded on the two rock pillars that we see in the movie a couple of times. I also like the classic movie synopsis on this (and the other figures) as well.

For some reason, if you haven’t seen the movie and have no clue what I’m referencing (or where this version of Freddy comes from), here you go!

As for the figure itself, it comes with a pose-able body, two heads, his fedora, and two gloves. The outfit is all tailored, which is one of the selling aspects of this retro line. I think the pants are very well done, but the sweater he is known for seems too large.


The other figure I bought that I’m taking loose pictures of has an outfit that is worse off than this one as it looks like the collar and the cuffs seem like they weren’t finished properly as you’ll see in the video at the end of this feature. For the pics in this feature, I trimmed the sweater with some scissors and it still looks ratty.

While the sweater isn’t my favourite part of the figure, NECA nailed it where it really shines: the head sculpts and glove(s). The first head (that he comes packed with on) has a really nasty scowl/sneer as the expression. The sculpting on the burns, wrinkles and exposed muscle are top notch. I really like the work done on his ears as well! Freddy’s fedora fits very well on this head.

The second head also features the same great detailing and features the exposed brain from the scene mentioned early on. Freddy also has more of a yelling or “about to attack” expression. I’m actually not sure which head I’m going to keep on his on my shelf. It will probably be this one as that’s the whole point of a Freddy from this film. I can always get another Freddy down the line to pose just with his hat on.

Taking Freddy out of the package, I didn’t have any problems with loose joints or the articulation. His head, shoulders, elbows, and knees are all articulated.  His waist can pivot, but there’s no ab crunch. I wish there was added wrist articulation because you can only twist the hands into different positions but not move them forward or backward. Although the articulated joints did not present any issues, I kept finding him hard to balance quite often due to his shoes. This is where some ankle articulation would have been nice, but I think it may have affected the look of Freddy’s shoes.

As mentioned, he comes with two gloves. The glove he is packaged with on is the “skin” glove where the razors are coming out of his hand – as we see in some scenes in the movie. The other glove is the regular Freddy glove that he’s known for. Both gloves are static and unfortunately don’t feature any articulation on them.

I said in my video that I wish the glove fingers were articulated to give us more posing options, but I assume it may have been difficult to do with the skinny fingers and/or driven the cost of the figure up. I’m not an expert, so I’m just guessing.

With both heads and hands, I’m sure fans of Freddy and the Nightmare franchise will find a bunch of different poses and displays for their shelves. I had a good time posing him and I ended up taking stupid videos of this figure with music in the background and blasted them out to my friends …. just because.

Freddy’s fedora looks great on both heads so no matter what head you display him with, you can still have Freddy strutting with his hat on.

I was going to continue on in this feature with the other two figures I picked up, but in the end I decided to spit everything up into two separate features. Join me for the second part tomorrow! Meanwhile, below is the video for all the figures I’m looking at in both features (it’ll be a teaser for tomorrow). You have to see what happens when I try and change the heads – it’s hilarious!