Club Grayskull – Clawful

This figure marks the end of an era. With this figure in my hand, it officially means the end of Mattycollector and the end of Club Grayskull being handled by Mattel (and Super7 now taking the reigns).

After the disgrace and piss poor job with Evil-Lyn, I didn’t have high hopes for Clawful. In one way, it really didn’t matter too much because a Filmation-style Clawful (based on the 80s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon for those of you who aren’t in the know) really wasn’t a MUST HAVE figure for me. Luckily, he turned out well and I ended up liking him more than expected.

I know other people and sites have already looked at the figure, but in true DR/Mail on the Move fashion, my package took over a month to get here.

The packaging is still the cool Castle Grayskull window-box. I really hope Super7 continues on with this because I would like a uniform look on my shelf if (ah, who am I kidding…when) I buy into their continuation of this line.

On the back of the packaging you can see what Clawful looked like in the cartoon if you’ve never seen him. I would find that to be odd because why would you collect these figures if you didn’t know what the characters looked like, right?

Taking Clawful out of the packaging, you immediately see that he’s on the regular MOTUC buck with all the familiar articulation. I had one issue when taking this guy out of the box but I’ll get to that down below in a minute.

The figure has minimal paint just like all the others in this line and also features some removable armour. I’m happy the pegs are at the back of the armour and not the side. I also find that the figure is a darker colour than the character on the cartoon and what was shown with the initial prototype. While I don’t mind it, I wish it was truer to the cartoon/prototype.

With a figure with minimal paint and not a lot of extras, the sculpt of the face better be good…and it is.  I like the angry look on the figure and I’m glad they didn’t give him a “bumbling henchman” look (as these guys were often portrayed in the cartoon).  I think I would have liked the fin (or whatever it is called) on the top of his head to be a bit darker, like in the cartoon on the back of the box. The contrast would have been more aesthetically pleasing for me.

I decided to take a picture of the feet as a reminder to describe what it was like taking the figure out of the package. The ankles for the figure where pushed right back to where the figure’s feet were almost pointing directly down.  They were so stiff and stuck that I had to warm them up to get them to budge and even then I thought they were almost going to break. I prayed as I was working them because there was no chance in hell I wanted to deal with Digital River ever again. Thankfully, with some patience, I got them to how you see them below.

The claw on Clawful’s right hand should have been sculpted a little bit wider.  When I try and put in his mace weapon, it falls out of his hand because you can’t push it into the claw far enough to maintain a grip like with the MOTUC Clawful figure.  I have to place it as you’ll see below in a few pics.

One of the bonus accessories Clawful comes with is the Horn of Evil as seen in the episode, “Dree Elle’s Return.” In the episode, Clawful and Trap Jaw steal this and try to use it’s evil powers on Castle Grayskull and I’m sure you can guess what happens in the end. I think the sculpt, paint wash and detailing on the weapon is great. It’s so funny to see something with some intricate sculpting included with a figure the seems pretty bare-bones.

In the picture below, you can see the only way I can get Clawful’s mace to fit in his hand is to place it as shown. His hand needs to be almost upright to be able to pose with it, unfortunately. Perhaps it’s only my figure and other people’s claw’s have a bit more give.


When holding the mace, Clawful actually does look like an ass-kicker, especially with that expression of his!

Although Clawful can’t hold his traditional vintage style weapon well, he can hold the Horn of Evil well and not fall over. In the picture to the right, you can see the “bumbling henchman” still lives within the figure. He tried to use it in my photobox and got his face stuck in it. Sigh…

I think I really liked this figure more and more as I was posing him for this feature because I was getting some pretty fun poses out of him.  I think many would get some good captions for the pictures below.

I think this figure turned out really well, especially with the piece of crap Evil-Lyn turned out to be. Like I mentioned, I was actually fearing that this figure would also suffer the same fate and thankfully it didn’t.  Now it’s Super7’s turn to continue on with this line and we should be finding out what’s next at Toyfare in February.


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