K-2SO Star Wars Lego Figure

Christmas 2016 came and went quickly this year (like usual) but the memories and loot remain! One of the cool things I received this year was a K-2S0 Lego Star Wars figure from my wife!
As I say in the embedded video at the end of this feature, I never pay attention to many Lego sets, let alone characters that are made out of Lego. It’s not that I don’t appreciate what Lego does, it’s just that I have certain things that I collect and I don’t need to get sucked into collecting another line or product (eg: the Star Wars Elite series from the Disney Store). I bit at the Lego Simpson stuff and may save up for that new Death Star, but that’s as far as I’d currently go with Lego.

With that being said, imagine my surprise when I unwrapped this figure! It was something that I didn’t expect at all. I admit, I’m hard to buy for because I’m at this point in my life, if I really want to get something I’ll buy it for myself. Getting something like this hit both the collector and Star Wars sweet spots.

The packaging for this is really cool and even though I opened it so I (well, my wife) could build it, I kept the box as it has some really cool graphics and poses of K-2S0. Plus, if I ever move, I will be able to put him back in here to keep him safe. I pose the figure in the ol’ man-cave with him in front of the box.

As you can see, there are 169 pieces to put together and that makes it not overwhelming for younger Lego/Star Wars fans. I was enjoying time just lounging and my wife really wanted to put him together, so I told her to go for it.

Once he was built, I was surprised with how tall he was. He’s just over 11″ tall and the articulation on this guy surprised the hell out of me.  There are ball joints everywhere that allows you to pose him in so many different ways (see the video)! While he does look top-heavy, there’s not issue with keeping him upright.

The pieces are mainly a glossy black that looks really cool – not something cheap looking. There are some grey and blue pieces included to break up the solid black look of the character.

There’s a grey button on the back of K-2S0 that when pressed, makes his arms move forward in an attacking/punching motion. I demonstrate that in the video at the end of the feature. The button is integrated well and doesn’t affect the overall look of the figure, in my opinion.

The figure/toy continued to impress me when built because I was also not expecting the level of detail found on K-2S0’s head! The sculpting for his “mouth” is really well done. While not using any different colours or shading, it’s pronounced enough in the sculpt to show the attention to detail to replicate K-2S0’s face.  The sculpting on the lower half of his face extends a bit on either side of the figure, too.

Another thing I really like is the weathering/battle damage that is painted on to the back of his head. I know they could have probably just left his head all black, but I’m glad they went the extra mile with some paint.

Behind his head, there are some antennae. The one on the left is articulated and is on a ball joint so it can move around freely and the level can also move.

As noted, the body has quite a bit of articulation. I don’t think I’d have him in some crazy pose on my shelf, but I like that you have the ability to have him in a number of action poses. Kids will have a blast with this thing and once my daughter is old enough, I’ll let her play with it (right now, she’d just snap it into pieces).

In the picture to the bottom right, I couldn’t resist putting him in the classic D-X “suck it” pose (that’s old school WWE Degeneration X, for those not in the know).

I took a couple pictures of him on a black background as well just for fun to see how it would turn out. You can see with the lighting just how glossy he is with the lights reflecting off of him.

Overall, I’m very surprised with the quality of this figure. For never seeing them in the stores (well, paying attention to them), or seeing any features/videos on Lego Star Wars figures in this scale, I think the impression the figure made was heightened.  I’d totally recommend getting this guy if you’re a fan of the character. Kids and collectors both will enjoy it and I may actually pick up another one so I can actually build it the next time.