Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Vikor


Masters of the Universe Classics was going full steam into 2011. The subscription model was a success, people bought into a sub-exclusive figure, fan favourite and much demanded characters were being released, and the line was introducing characters that were teased either in prototype form but never reased or from concepts that never made it to plastic. 2011 kicked off with one of those figures: Vikor.

Vikor was based off a sketch by Mark Taylor when Mattel was playing around with who the actual main hero or He-Man would be for the Masters of the Universe line. While the sketch that turned out to be named “Vikor” in this line wasn’t used initially, it was a springboard for the line.


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Through MOTU historical books like the one from the Power and Honor Foundation called Volume One: The Art of Masters of the Universe Toy Design and the Art of He-Man the Masters of the Universe book published by Dark Horse (that the image above were in), fans got to see some of these sketches they may have never seen before. Many of the sketches of characters had fans drooling and they started making noise online for some of these characters to finally be immortalized in plastic form.

The packaging for the line continued in the same style and throughout the year (and the rest of the line). In the bio, Vikor is officially written into Master of the Universe lore as a protector of the sword of He and as someone who battled on the side of good against the Snake Men and the Fighting Foe Men. I loved this bio quite a bit.

The figure’s body is the same male buck that the figures have had. Being more of a Viking warrior, he didn’t include any armour. Turning him around, you can see how large his cape is. Vikor’s cape is one of my favourites they made in the line as the sculpting on it really gets across the idea that it was made from an animal. The thickness of it also delivers that message.

The cape is removable so if you didn’t want to pose your figure with a huge cape or put him in battle poses with other enemies, you had that option. I think the cape is too cool to not have on him.

The loincloth that Vikor wears is made of a softer plastic. It is sturdy, but does have a bit of give to it. I love the holes in it because it looks like he’s worn it for a long time and has been in a few battles.  The kicker is that there’s a place on the loincloth in the back to place his sword when not in use. They didn’t have to add something like this but little attentions to detail like this makes the figure kick ass so much.

The face sculpt is pretty damn accurate to the sketch of the figure. I would have like to see a bit more aggression in his face, though. I do really like the sculpt and detailing on the helmet. The skulls and bones on the collar of the cape are another excellent touch, too!


One thing I really love about Vikor and his look is how he comes with real metal chains on his writs. This little touch really accentuates the figure for me (another fine attention to detail). It also reminds me a bit of Conan the Barbarian after he was released from the pit fighting camp and he found the sword, cut off his shackles, and the proceeded to make his cape/cloak from the wild dogs that were chasing him.


Speaking of the sword, Vikor comes with three accessories: his sword, an axe and a shield. All are new sculpts and unique to the figure. It’s pretty cool that they gave the typical barbarian/Viking weapons to Vikor, but what I really dig is the shield as it’s the only shield in the line that has a spike coming out of the middle of it. The uniqueness scores it bonus points.


Vikor has no issues whatsoever holding any of the accessories or being posed. Still to this day, his joints are still solid.

I think fans were really happy when the character was announced and when we all finally got the figure in hand. It translated really well and started the 2011 year of MOTUC off in an excellent way. It only foreshadowed the quality that we were to get in the year and the diversity of the characters that were coming our way. I loved this figure when he arrived in the mail and I still love this figure to this day. It really makes me smile when I’m doing these Rewind features as I get to appreciate all these figures individually once again.