Masters of the Universe Classics Roton & Skelcon Set

At the end of December (of 2016), Mattycollector, the home for everything Masters of the Universe Classics since 2008, sold its last products. We all knew it was coming but there were some products that were announced earlier in the year that we hadn’t seen. Out of the blue, Matty announced we were getting one of those items: the Roton vehicle with its pack-in figure: a Skelcon!

Many were looking forward to getting this vehicle, including myself. This was one of the vehicles I played with quite a bit when I was a kid and the nostalgia factor is really high up on the scale with this item. As soon as it went up, I ordered two immediately (one of my MIB/MOC collection and one to display, as per usual).


Vintage Roton       Source:

My items were delivered on Dec. 24th,  but it has taken me a tad longer to get to doing a feature on it. I just took most of the holidays away from the site and spent more time with family, friends, gaming, and just chilling listening to music. Now that I’ve picked up steam on the site again, I knew this was one of the things on top of my list to get to before I do another MOTUC Rewind feature.

The box art for this thing is just gorgeous. I don’t know how anyone who buys one could toss it! The box features the Skelcons in their Rotons aiding Mer-Man and Trap Jaw in an attack on Castle Grayskull. He-Man in the Wing Raider (SPSPS) is also on the box (with Teela) to save the day.

On the back you get to see all the features that are packed into the vehicle that I’ll discuss a little later on (and in my YouTube video embedded at the end). In addition, we get TWO bios for this thing! Imagine that – a Collector’s Choice item with two bios. I’ve missed reading these and it makes me wonder if Scott Neitlich had something to do with these before he left two years ago.

In the bio for the Roton vehicle, they mention one of the Fighting Foe Men, Ditztroyer, and his involvement in creating the vehicle. Two other points of importance are reading the Ditzroyer was actually part of the Horde and betrayed them (which makes the Horde emblems the FFM came with back in the day make more sense to me), and that they eyes of the Roton are molded onto the vehicle and the Roton isn’t some kind of hybrid demon/monster/vehicle like I always assumed it was!

The Skelcon’s bio tells us how they arrived on Eternia courtesy of Skeletor and ended up being his minion warriors.  The bio may give collectors more of an itch now because they are written as an army building character but they are only available with this set and I don’t think people would be buying lots of these sets just to get many Skelcons.


Getting the Roton out of the box is easy to do and once it’s in your hand, it’s quite impressive. Sometimes you don’t realize how large vehicles will be when in scale with the 6” figures. While it’s not heavy, it doesn’t feel light or like a cheap/flimsy product. It’s like the third bowl of porridge – just right!

The outside features a really nice glossy plastic  that’s smooth around most of the Roton and underneath it while the back has a scaly texture that blends the notion that thing is beast and machine all in one.

The face on the front of the Roton caused some debate. Some people on forums thought the face was too much of a departure from the original while others really liked the updated look. I think the sculpt turned out really well and welcome the updated look. At first, I wasn’t angry that it was a departure, but I think that’s the fun of MOTUC – getting updated looks and bringing some new ideas to the table.

On the outside of the Roton, there are some panels that are sculpted on that feature some electronics. All of these on mine are painted really well and there’s no slop! I wonder why the Roton would have so many exposed panels for the heroes to aim at to bring them down.  The blades that circle around the Roton have a touch of paint on the tips to help it not just have a monotonous colour.

The inside of the Roton features a sculpted control panel (no stickers!). I think one of the best small attentions to detail are found with the foot pedals being sculpted and painted silver. I think it’s so cool! The levers on either side of the cockpit are articulated and can move forward and backward. The guns on the side can also rotate 360 degrees and can also be placed in the other holes. Perhaps you want your Roton to have two guns on one side.

On the bottom of the Roton, you can see the wheels that activate the Roton’s blade to move when pushed back and forth.  I’m still in disbelief that they actually put that vintage action feature in. I mean, while this thing LOOKS great, having the action feature is the icing on the cake! In the middle of the bottom, you can see where the base arm plugs in.

As a bonus, the Roton comes with a piece you can place on top of it that serves as extra armour. It’s a throwback for fans who loved the look of the Roton from the old Monogram model kits. I had no idea that those even existed until people started sharing on the forums years ago. I’m happy that they included this piece for an extra display option. I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping on my shelf like this, though, as I really like having the cockpit open.

The stand is similar to the one that came with the Wind Raider (as of the time of writing, I haven’t gotten to that vehicle in my MOTUC Rewind features). It is very sturdy and the arm that attaches to the base and the vehicle is a little translucent to give the Roton a floating/in the air look. The ball joint on the top allows you position the Roton how you’d like on your shelf. There’s also the MOTUC logo on the base.

The Skelcons are from a picture book from the 80s by Ladybird. I faintly remember having this book, but this was a character that was so obscure that when they were announced, I couldn’t remember them off-hand.  When I saw the pictures they were based on, it did jog my memory a bit but I can’t remember the plot for the life of me.


Skelcons from the Ladybird book  – Source:

The figure is on the basic buck with all the articulation that we’re used to with the figures in the line. He has a solid outfit piece that sculpted to look like it’s furry. The painting of it does make have that appearance.

I also really like the feet on this guy. I have to go through all my figures downstairs, but I think these feet are a new sculpt.

The head sculpt of the figure turned out pretty well except over the right side of his eye. I don’t know if the figure was supposed to be sculpted like that or if something went wrong at the factory when they were made as it looks like something wonky happened and it’s just not as smooth looking as the left side of its face. It looks like a scar but how can there be a scar on a skull?  Although I wasn’t expecting it, I think it would have been cool if the jaw was articulated. Click the left picture to enlarge and look over the Skecon’s right eye (our left) to see what I’m talking about.

I also like that the horns are articulated, so you can have them go in various directions.

The little skull on the belt is a nice touch and the belt also has a holder for his dagger.  Truth be told, I’ve been playing around with this figure over the last few weeks AND during taking the pictures for this feature and I thought the dagger wasn’t removable. I pulled on it a few times and thought it was just sculpted in there as it wouldn’t budge. It wasn’t until just before I went live with this feature that I saw in other reviews that it DID come out. I ran downstairs and pulled has hard as I could until it finally came out. It was stuck in there pretty damn good.

The other weapons he comes with is a spear. It almost has a primitive look to it with the arrow head tied to the shaft with rope. It also has some kind of weird nub in the middle of it.  I’m not sure why or what it really is. In the picture above, you can see the dagger also has that primitive look as well with the rope holding bones and the metal all together.


The Skelcon fits perfectly into the Roton so you can assume every other figure that can go into the sitting pose will also fit just as well. I love that the control handles move forward and back because it makes it so easy to fit in the Skelcon’s hands and really make it look like he’s in control of the vehicle.

As I said before, the ball joint on the arm piece of the stand allows you to maneuver the Roton into different flying positions.

Below is one more cockpit shot and one with the cockpit armour on with the Skelecon piloting the Roton.

For all the troubles many of us had with MattyCollector, this piece is almost like the company’s swansong. It makes you remember all the excitement and happiness with the line over the last 8-9 years and what was accomplished. The Roton and the Skelcon really embody everything that I love about this line: getting quality toys, seeing items/characters in plastic form that we thought we’d never see, and the risk involved in making items for a large, yet niche fan community.

(Above: I did a few pics with my black background just for some variety).

I’m so happy with this set and it is probably one of my favourite MOTU items of the year. Let’s hope Matty ending on a high note with this product (as my Roton has absolutely no quality control issues with it) the cool stuff and ventures Super7 will take with this line. If so, my wallet and I say, “bring it!”