In Flames 1993-2011 Vinyl Box Set from Century Media



In December 2016, Century Media released an In Flames box set that includes 11 studio albums, 1 EP, one  demo, and a booklet featuring all the lyrics as well as a small retrospective on the band and the albums. All the vinyl are 180 gram.

This set is limited to 2000 copies and wasn’t released in North America and Japan, probably due to licensing issues.  There were different configurations, but out of the 2000, 1,700 are available on black vinyl and that’s the one I ended up getting through a seller on for $200 – Canadian dollars! I jumped on that because I couldn’t believe I was scoring it so cheap. There were also 100 in white vinyl, 100 on clear vinyl, and 100 on silver vinyl.

This feature is just to showcase the all the albums and the overall packaging. It’s not a review of each of the albums as I’d really have to sit down and take the time to give some of these a really good listen again. This band has polarized fans as they started as a death metal band and transformed into more of a melodic metal band. Some hate what they turned into. Some don’t like the earlier works and prefer their newer sound and approach. There are people, like me, that can find great stuff across most of their albums (but holy shit, did I ever not like Siren Charms).

I don’t understand, though, when they’re trying to be “complete” here, why they didn’t release The Tokyo Showdown or The Mirror’s Truth EP as well.

The box is heavy and hold all the albums perfectly. They’re not squished and they aren’t loose. As you can see, I got box #1026. The back of the box may be a little overwhelming as it lists every album included in the box and the track listing for each of them. I tend to look at it as “look at all the tunes you’re getting when you buy this!”

So far, from the albums I’ve spun (I’m halfway through the set as of the time of writing this – hey, I’ve had it for a week), everything is crystal clear and I’ve had no issues so far.

(January 26, 2017 Edit) – I’ve gone through everything and had no issues. At first I reported that these were the CDs just transferred on vinyl based on a couple of reports of them being tested. Unfortunately, I those “results” don’t seem to be around anymore and may have been false. I believe these are truly remastered for vinyl as advertised based on my own comparisons with my CDs and the vinyl. My apologies.

Below is everything you get in the set and what the album covers (and backs) look like. After all of all the album, there’s a bonus item I’ve added to this feature – plus a video embedded from my YouTube channel where I take a quick look at each album.

Demo  (1993)

Lunar Strain  (Org: Wrong Again Records, 1994)

Subterranean  (Org: Wrong Again Records, 1995)

The Jester Race  (Org: Nuclear Blast, 1996)

Black-Ash Inheritance   (Org: Nuclear Blast, 1997)

Whoracle  (Org: Nuclear Blast, 1997)

Clayman  (Org: Nuclear Blast, 2000)

Reroute to Remain  (Org:  Nuclear Blast, 2002)

Soundtrack to Your Escape  (Org: Nuclear Blast, 2004)

Come Clarity  (Org: Nuclear Blast, 2006)

A Sense of Purpose   (Org: Nuclear Blast, 2008)

Sounds of a Playground Fading   (Org: Century Media, 2011)

Inside the 36 page booklet and the back cover. The front of the book is exactly like the front of the box set.


Bonus item: Sounds From the Heart of Gothenburg   (Nuclear Blast, 2016)

I just wanted to add on to this feature the live concert package the band released in September of 2016. I haven’t featured it in any Treats of the Week features as I hadn’t gotten around to watching it until the holiday break. I’ll be preaching to the choir for those who want more old school song selection here, but it’s not happening.

I will say that the band performs very well here and there are some songs that I kinda passed on that I may have to revisit on the original releases as they sounded better than I remembered on here.  The crowd is f’n hot for this show and band, too. The filming captured the energy well.

This set features the Blu-Ray of the concert, the DVD, and 2 CDs all in what they call an “earbook” for some reason. It’s just a large hardcover 36 page booklet that houses the media. It is limited, but I think if you want this version, it shouldn’t be hard to come by.

Below is a quick video about the box set