Discolor Rebounder by AstraCat Interactive (Mobile Game Spotlight)


Today I’m showcasing an mobile game from one of my good friends! It’s a free download for your iPhone or Android device.

I asked him a couple of questions and he also provided me some information about the company and the game.  Download, enjoy, and recommend to your friends!

Creator of the game and company, Chris Gervais said, “I branded as Astracat Interactive in memory of my sweet little pirate cat Astra who passed at the end of October, 2016. That’s when I started development.”

Astracat Interactive has launched its first mobile arcade game, Discolor Rebounder. Discolor Rebounder is available for iOS devices in the App Store as well as for Android devices on Google Play for free.

How good are your reflexes? You’ll need both hands for this game. To play, drag the large circle to bounce the ball with one hand and collect the colors from the top rows. While dragging, tap the screen with the other hand to switch and match the active colors to get points. It can take a few tries to get used to it, but you’ll be hooked!

Bounce the ball! Collect the colors!

Support of Google Play: Achievements and Leaderboard

Challenge yourself with Discolor Rebounder on iOS and Android!

Trailer: Youtube

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About Astracat Interactive

Astracat Interactive is an independent developer and publisher of mobile games based in Northern Ontario, Canada. Discolor Rebounder is their first game. Visit them at Astracat.com!