Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Casey Jones Sixth Scale Figure by DreamEX Review


Hot off the heels of my look at Shredder by DreamEX, comes another excellent character/figure from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Universe: Casey Jones. As I said in my feature on Shredder, I was so impressed with the quality of that figure from DreamEX, I ordered Casey Jones immediately.

This is another figure that’s in the sixth scale. The figure is just a touch over 12″ tall, which puts him in a good proportion to Shredder. This makes me even more excited to get the Turtles and potentially Krang (that has been teased) as I think they’re doing the scale of these figures justice.

The box for Casey Jones is very similar to Shredder’s and I think we’ll be seeing the same thing with the upcoming Turtles. The figure is posed on the outside of the box with some extra effects added. The motif from the front of the box carries on to the sides. The back of the box is the same as Shredders with the large TMNT logo.

Casey is also shipped in the same style solid box that Shredder was shipped in. The soft, but firm foam inside held the figure and the accessories well. DreamEX also took great care in reinforcing protection of some of the accessories as well to make sure nothing would be damaged. They succeeded. Watch the video at the end of the feature to see the inside of the box.

This is another figure that has some weight to it. These guys are heavier than standard Hot Toys/Sideshow Star Wars releases and when I pick it up, I just am blown away with how solid it feels. The joints are all tight and the figure is well articulated. There’s movement in the head, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs, and knees. The figure swivels at the waist and also has an ab crunch. Unfortunately for some, there is no ankle swivel or articulation due to the sculpt of the boot (which I’ll take a look at in a few paragraphs).

I really like the sculpt of the mask.  There’s lots of different shading going on with some battle damage courtesy of scrapes and indents. The mouth area has some great detailing because you can actually see some mesh or breathable material on the inside. While I think that’s cool, something about the eyes doesn’t work for me.  He looks like he has “fly eyes” (compound eyes) and I’m not sure how he could see out of having material over his eyes like that. I’m not sure what this look is based on, but I think I would have liked to see his eyes or maybe something just in black without texturing.

The sculpting of his hair, ears and mask straps are done well. I also like the aggression of the character that comes out courtesy of the tension displayed in his neck.

I know some fans are OK with just one head while others are wondering why we didn’t get a) a removable mask or b) and alternate head without a mask.  I don’t know if I’d ever pose Casey Jones without it, but they gave us the option with Shredder, so I don’t know why not here. I’m not bothered by it, though.

The boots are very well done. There’s some fine detailing work done with the laces and the creasing on the sides of the boot.  While they are thick and solid, I find that the pose the boots are in (and maybe it’s also because of the treading on the bottom), but I find it hard to keep this figure standing while posing him. I had no issues with Shredder, but Casey Jones can tip over pretty easy. Like I said earlier on, the boot has no ankle articulation because it is a solid piece.

The cargo pants have excellent stitching and the ripped knees are designed that they shouldn’t won’t rip any more than they are.  The pockets on his pants don’t open at all, but if you want to loosen or tighten the sting belt, you could do that. I have no idea why you would.

The gloves have the same fine attention to detail the boots do. What I really think is cool is Casey’s forearms are covered in something that almost feels like hockey tape. It has a gritty feel to it and I think it really adds realism to the figure.  On Casey’s left arm, he comes packed with a cloth piece on it – something I really don’t know what to call.  On his right arm, you have to place his elbow pad on him by popping off his hand and sliding it up.

Casey Jones’ tattoos came out pretty clean looking and have that faded look.  I haven’t done any comic book comparisons to see if these are 100% accurate , but I think it works for the figure. Actually, I’m not even sure which version of Casey Jones had tattoos like this. If anyone could let me know in the comment section, that would be appreciated.

The outfit on the torso is minimal but effective for the character and represents what he wore in the comics.  The shirt is stitched together at the sides and I like the stings at the top of the shirt.  The leather strap piece has a little bit of give and you can loosen it and remove it or really tighten it to get your preferred look. I liked it how it came and I don’t plan or really messing around with it.

The left shoulder pad attaches like Shredder’s does: with some Velcro. It works just as well and stays firmly in place while posing or moving his arm.

Getting onto what accessories Casey comes with, he comes with a total of six hands (3 pair) so you can mix and match to get the look and pose you desire for photos or just for display purposes. While the hands/gloves are sculpted well, I have to say one of the things I’m disappointed with most about the figure is how the hands do NOT hold the weapons he comes with well at all because the grip is WAY too loose.  This is a figure that is supposed to be battling with the many weapons he comes with, yet he can hardly hold them properly. It’s a letdown.

What ISN’T a let down is all the weapons and items that he comes with (that he just can’t unfortunately hold well).  First up in the picture to the bottom right are a baseball, golf ball, and a hockey puck.

Other accessories include a hockey stick, an aluminum baseball bat (that has some serious weight to it – another reason we need better gripping hands), a golf club, and a field hockey stick. I think in my video I called the field hockey stick a lacrosse stick, but like I said in the video, I’m not a sports guy so mistakes like that can be forgiven (hopefully).


Also included is a cricket bat and a wooden baseball bat.  I can’t remember for the life of me what I called the cricket bat in the video, so once again, excuse my lack of sports knowledge.


If Casey Jones himself can’t hold the weapons well, the other included accessory can! This golf bag has some faux leather material on the bottom and finely stitched pockets. Some of the pockets can actually open and are excellent places to put the golf ball, baseball, and hockey puck.

The inside of the golf bag has area designated for all the weapons/sports equipment included. I had no issue placing all the accessories in there at once as you’ll see in some other pictures below.

The golf bag is put on easily enough by removing Casey Jones’ head and the shoulder pad (if you have it on) and sliding it into place.


There are so many cool ideas I had for posing Casey with the weapons, but as you can start to see with the pictures in the next couple sets below, the weapons don’t stay straight while posing because, like I said before, the grip just isn’t tight enough.

Even posing Casey with the bats with his hands lowered, the weapons still tilt and aren’t held straight. The pic to the right is more of a “just bring it” pose but the cricket bat is barely held in place.

The field hockey stick’s handle is so thin that stick slides up almost half way up into his hand. The same goes for the hockey stick, but I found posing him with it in two hands made for a great look.

The sculpt of the figure, the outfit, and all the accessories are top notch and I’m really happy with all of that. Unfortunately the execution with being able to hold all the great accessories comes up really short and it’s a bummer as Casey Jones is a character that you want on your shelf or display case holding stuff to be ready to kick some ass.

While he will still look great on the shelf, he’s not as impressive as Shredder is.  The missteps won’t deter me from collecting the Turtles when DreamEX releases them. I just hope they make sure that the gripping weapon hands are a lot tighter than this and the ones that came with Shredder.

Quick side note: Just like my video of Shredder, I did it and edited it before doing my photos and I usually don’t do them in that order. The reason being that I didn’t mention some of the stuff I did here after posing him and realizing the weapons can’t be held well – not to mention messing up calling the sports accessories the wrong name. Oh well… enjoy the video anyway!