Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder Sixth Scale Figure by DreamEX Review


It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the more vintage end of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. I was nine when the cartoon came on, so that was my first exposure to the TMNT Universe. A year or two later, I found out there were the Eastman & Laird comics that came before the cartoon.

I think I may have said it in one of my other Turtle toy features, but I’ve never liked any look the Turtles have had after the first two live action movies. Don’t even get me started on how horrid I think the Michael Bay Turtles look (I refuse to even watch the movies).

When it was announced that a new line of sixth scale (12″)  TMNT figures were coming from DreamEX, a company I didn’t know existed, my jaw hit the floor. When I saw the prototype pics for Casey Jones and Shredder (then later on with the Leo and Raph), I knew I would be tracking down these figures.  I knew then I’d be passing on Mondo and ThreeZero’s figures.

I had to go through a website called Chimungmung to get Shredder. The reason for that is because these figures are only supposed to be available for the Chinese market only (as indicated on the box) because of licensing deals.  Only certain companies can do the TMNT Universe figures in certain scales under certain rules and Playmates gets the retail space.

For anyone looking to get Shredder from that site, I found the price in US dollars to be better than some US online stores (and Ebay) and the shipping cost was great (I also didn’t get hit with customs, so that’s even better). And no, I’m not endorsed or paid to say any of that. You can always search the Web or Ebay and you’ll find some people that import them.

Before I get to the figure, I have to say that I really like the packaging. The box has a slipcase around it and features the figure inside but with some cool effects added. The back of the slipcase is minimal with it the TMNT logo in your face.

Taking the slipcase off reveals a very solid box with the TMNT logo in silver on the front. There is nothing on the back, as you can see from the very exciting picture below. I didn’t take pictures of the inside of the box but I will say the figure and the accessories are packed in soft, but sturdy Styrofoam. Watch the video embedded at the end of this piece from my YouTube page to see it (Note: the video was made before the pics were taken so I mention things in this write up I don’t in the video).

This is one hell of an awesome looking figure that captures the look of Shredder that I absolutely love.  He measure almost 13″, so he’s pretty big. Not only that, but he is heavy. You get one solid figure here and I was surprised with how much weight this guy has.

I think the portrait below (as well as the costume above) blends the Eastman & Laird comic and the classic animated show well and ups the realism. There’s no cartoon look to the face or the figure itself.

The helmet is removable, allowing you to see Oruku Saki’s hair with keeping the face mask on.  I think giving us the option to remove the helmet was a good call as it give fans different display options and it’s also interesting to see the helmet put on the alternate head (you’ll see below) that doesn’t have the face mask molded onto it.

The helmet is a bright silver in some places and has some great texturing on it. It also has a sort of dirty wash to accentuate the texturing. I think it’s very well done.

The same goes with the actual facial expression – it captures the soul of the character perfectly. The seriousness of the eyes and the positioning of the eyebrows shows that Shredder means business.

The facial expression continues on with the alternate head (below) where the face mask is now gone but we get the rest of a sculpted face. If you want to take off all the forearm and lower leg armour and just pose this figure as Oruku Saki, you can!

Sometimes I want a different look with a character’s mouth than what was sculpted as it may be something that just doesn’t make a figure work for me. I think the people that sculpted this mouth nailed it as it goes well with the sculpt of the eyes and the eyebrows as well as the overall attitude this figure is supposed to portray.  The paint seems to be pretty clean and applied well.

I also took pictures of the inside of the helmet and the head peg.  I wanted to show people that there is some foam padding on the inside of the helmet to protect the ear sculpt and paint on the face. It’s quite a good idea.

As for the head peg, I’ve never seen anything like this on a sixth scale figure but then again, I only have Sideshow and Hot Toys Star Wars figures in this scale (and a She-Ra figure) and they all have similar pegs. If anyone else can share any other lines that use this type of head peg, please do!

As you can see, the cape is removable so you can pose Shredder how you prefer. The cape has a wire running around the edge so you can give it the look you desire (which you’ll see in other pictures).

I took the pictures below just to showcase what the figure would look like if you wanted to pose the figure without the cape and helmet. After putting on all the armour on his legs and arms, I didn’t want to be bothered taking it off again as I would just not pose Shredder that way but like I said, it’s great they gave fans the option.

For the outfit, there are two pieces covering the torso: the cloth outfit and the leathery piece closer to the shoulders. Both are stitched well and fit the figure snugly.  The leather piece can be removed via clips I’ll show in a picture later on and the belt can be removed, too.

The pants are really awesome. They seem like they are made out of leather, so this faux-leather like material is very realistic. The sides of the pants are more of a mesh/cloth material that contrasts very well. I wasn’t expecting to see this on the figure and I was blown away.

Damn. Just DAMN! The armour on this figure kicks ass. Seriously. Once I took the pieces out of the box, I just looked at them and admired them before even putting them on the figure. The blades on the armour pieces are firm and are actually a tad sharp because they’re actually sculpted to come to a point. This isn’t a figure that has to adhere to North American standards where points have to be turned into nubs so no one stupidly pokes their eyes out.

The leg armour don’t prohibit the feet or ankle articulation at all. I find the the boots blend in very well thanks to the paint. I really like the metal wheel that’s sculpted at the heel of the boots. The boots have a mechanical look to them.

There are black sleeves that you have to place on the forearm before you place the armour on. On the left arm, there weren’t any issues. On the right arm, though, I had a tougher time as the sleeve was sewn a tad too tight. I had to pull it up quite a bit to be able to plug the new hand with the extended blade in and has stayed like that as it is very tight. The left hand and sleeve blend in like it should.

As soon as put on all the armour, I immediately changed the hands with the small razors to the elongated blades. This is how I’m keeping him in my display cabinet because he looks menacing and imposing with them.

The shoulder armour also feature the same pointy blades and are just as solid as the other pieces. They are held on by Velcro and stay secure very well.

In one of the other pictures below, I took a picture of the little clip that is on both sides of the leathery piece that is on Shredder’s chest that you squeeze if you want to remove it.

Getting into all the extras and accessories, Shredder comes with ten hands (five pair) so you can mix and match how you see fit.  I found the peg on my figure’s right hand to have a little bit of wear and I’m worried that if I switch hands off and on often, it may snap off. I don’t see that on his left hand but I know I won’t be switching hands on my figure too often after doing this feature.


Shredder comes with a canister of Mutagen. How cool is that? I wasn’t expecting it to be as large and hefty as it is, but this detailed piece is an unexpected surprise.  What makes it even better is the pink Mutagen inside. I don’t know if DreamEX did it on purpose, but the lines in the Mutagen look like the fluid has some movement. Maybe it was supposed to be a solid pink and this was a mistake but I like how it turned out nonetheless.

Another cool accessory is a communicator that has Krang’s picture on it. There are some little details and some paint apps on it. There’s a little slop on the button but I won’t complain.  The angry realistic looking Krang on the screen gives me a chuckle and hopefully this accessory foreshadows that they are going forward releasing Krang with his robot body they already teased (I’d imagine he’d be 18″tall).

More accessories include three metal shrunken (throwing stars) and a stand. The throwing stars have weight to them and just like the armour blades, are sharp. The stand is bland has comes with a little name piece you can place on it or in front of it.

Here’s the pièce de résistance: Shredder’s metal sword. Yep, A METAL sword that’s sculpted to also have a pointy end to it.  The blade isn’t sharp, of course, but the end of the sword is strong and pointy enough that, if you wanted to, you could inflict some damage with it.

The sheath for the sword is a nice added piece and holds the sword comfortably.  There’s no strap for the sheath or any place to add it to Shredder’s outfit, so I think it will lay in front of him in my display case (same goes for the Mutagen and shrunken).

I had quite a bit of fun posing Shredder in the pictures below. He features the same articulation as most 1/6″ scale figures have: head, shoulders, elbows, writs, twist waste, abdomen, legs, knees, and ankles. The joints on this guy are REALLY tight, but I never feared that anything would break.  I did find the head articulation a bit limiting when looking up and down compared to other figures I own.

As well, as I was starting to try and create a few more poses and starting to move his legs, particularly his knees, I decided against it. While the materials does have some give, I’m afraid if bend the knees too much and leave the figure in a pose with the knees bent for any period of time, the material may stretch and end up having worn look to it.  That’s not something I want to risk.

After taking the pictures below, I wish DreamEX would have sculpted a better hand for holding the sword. The grip in the hand isn’t tight enough and it’s really needed because the sword is heavy. The same goes with the shrunken – it fits one of the hands decently but if there was a specific hand sculpted to grasp a throwing star, I think you’d be able to get better action poses with them.

I love being able to pose Shredder with his claws crossed! Not much more to say here than that!

The pictures below show how wide you can actually get the cape to create even more of intimidating pose for Shredder.

Besides the minor complaints with hands not having enough of a grip for the sword or the throwing stars (and perhaps that the stand is bland), I am totally satisfied with this figure. It actually exceeded my expectations. I loved it so much that I immediately ordered Casey Jones (who will be featured later on this week). I can NOT wait for the Turtles and will be buying all four (and Krang) because if the attention to detail in the final product is done as well as this figure, I’ll be a happy man.  TMNT fans NEED this figure. Enjoy the video that’s below the pic!


Enjoy the video!