Electrified Porcupine’s New Music (CD & Vinyl) Showcase Vol. 14 – Sponsored by Mad Rush Media


Welcome to the first Treats of the Week for 2017! I’m catching up again to showcasing the music goodness I’ve acquired over the past few weeks. Before I start, make sure to check out all the music available over at Mad Rush Media and get your fix as well! Video embedded at the end!

Extreme – Pornograffitti: Live 25   (Loud & Proud Records, 2016)

This is CD/DVD/Blu-Ray edition of this set that features the band playing their biggest selling record, Pornographitti, front to back with some extra songs thrown in at the end and a bonus documentary. I love this album and have ever since I heard it and bought it in 1990. This one is basically front to back album, although thanks to the radio, I really never have to listen to “More Than Words,” or “Hole Hearted” ever again as they’re embedded in my head. The performance is tight and the guys put on a great show. Nuno shows off his chops and to see him play some of this stuff (and the solos) live like it’s nothing is a sight to see. The only complaint is I think they play “When I’m President” way too slow for my liking. This is a good reason to discover this album again if you haven’t heard it in ages.

Cobalt – Gin   (Profound Lore, 2009)

Here’s an album that passed me by. I recall seeing the artwork and it actually being in some top of the year lists but for some reason, I didn’t listen to it because of the artwork and if I did sample, I think I sampled something short and didn’t give it a chance. I’m pissed off that I didn’t as I’ve been mesmerized with it since I got it in the mail from Mad Rush Media after coming across some tracks off of it one night on YouTube. I love the way the drums sound on here as it’s a bit different than the polished ones I’ve been hearing as of late. As well, the vocals are amazing and there are sections of the songs where the riffs almost put you in a trance like on the tracks “Stomach” and “Two-Thumbed Fist.” I’m so impressed with this release that I’m scoring the rest of the band’s discography off MRM because I want more of their black metal/doom goodness.

Deathspell Omega – The Synarchy of Molten Bones
(Norma Evangelium Diaboli, 2016)

I’m including pics of this to show my latest haul, but with all this music, as of the time of writing this, I haven’t had a chance to sit down with it. Deathspell Omega’s take on Black Metal isn’t something you just toss on in the background. You need to dissect its layers and experience it. I can’t comment on the release yet, but I’ll show off I scored a copy. I may come back and edit this to share my thoughts when I have the chance to sit down with it.

Lamb of God – The Duke EP   (Nuclear Blast, 2016)

This EP was released in the memory of Wayne Ford who died due to leukemia and died in February of 2015. Randy Blythe wrote the lyrics based on his interactions with Ford and the band left this song off of their last album for it to have more meaning. What Randy writes inside for the liner notes is very emotional and makes you reflect on life. The EP features a second new song most of the members of the band didn’t want on their last album as they thought it didn’t fit as well as three live tracks. For $6, this is a steal as the live songs crush and I really like the two unreleased tunes.

Mithras – On Strange Loops   (Willowtip Records, 2016)

Here’s a band that started off strong and promising and then fell off the radar. I have their past releases, but this is the band’s first full length since Behind the Shadows Lie Madness in 2007! The album is pretty good and has a variety of death and tech-metal riffs and structures (plus some really fast drumming). I’ve only sat through it once so far but it impressed me enough to put this in my rotation as I didn’t expect it to be THIS good!

Pelander – Time   (Nuclear Blast, 2016)

I loved Pelander’s first solo EP, A Sinner’s Child (2010) as I really connected to the songs (especially “Stardust”). After his main band’s (Witchcraft) last release disappointed me a bit I was really looking forward to this release. While this is a good album and I’ve listened to it a bunch of times already, it just didn’t hit me like A Sinner’s Child did. It still has the folk feel and atmosphere to it, but I just can’t put my finger on why I’m not raving about it like the other release. Maybe time will tell. Still give it a good listen, though!

Lords of Acid – Farstrucker   (Antler-Subway, 2000)

Who else wants some sexually filled industrial techno in their lives? I’ve been a fan of Lords of Acid ever since hearing Voodoo-U (1994) in high school but after Our Little Secret (1997), I had a hard time finding their other albums (and scoring Voodoo-U and OLS in Sudbury was hard enough. I think I paid over $30 of each of them). I finally scored a copy of this thanks to MRM, and it’s a pretty damn good album with the usual catchy choruses, guitar riffs, and beats. I don’t think it’s a strong as the previous albums I mentioned but I have more of an attachment to them and listened to them hundreds of times so it’s probably hard for me to wrap my head around comparing them objectively. Of course, after finally scoring a copy of this, I find out there’s an edition they put out through Best Buy with two extra tracks. I hate that shit.

Animals As Leaders – The Madness of Many   (Sumerian Records, 2016)

I don’t listen to too many instrumental bands or releases but I have taken a liking to this band and really enjoyed their first two releases. I have no idea how these guys write this amazing prog/tech metal as it’s a roller coaster ride of riff assaults and drumming. There are aspects to the bass and drums playing off of each other on this release that really remind me of Primus. Another solid album that solidifies the band as a musical force but it won’t convert anyone who didn’t like their other material.

Superjoint – Caught Up in the Gears of Application
(Housecore Records, 2016)

Formerly known as Superjoint Ritual, the band is now just known as “Superjoint” due to some kind of legal issue supposedly caused by animosity with Phil Anslemo and a former band member. That’s not what important anyway – it’s the music and holy crap, I really didn’t like this album. I played it once and halfway through I thought the songs were weak, Phil’s voice sounded awful (and were kinda buried in the mix) and the production sounds atrocious – almost like a bad band demo tape. I have no idea what they were trying to do with this, but consider me disappointed.

In Flames – Battles   (Nuclear Blast, 2016)

This band is dealing with a person you have turned out to not like very much any more but you just can’t kick them out of your life. I almost can’t believe I purchased this after Siren Charms stank up the stereo in 2014. That was the worst output of the band’s career, for me, but for some reason, I gave the band the benefit of the doubt. I mean, they wrote Clayman and The Jester Race, for fucksakes (albeit with some different members)!

Anyway, as of the time of writing this, I only started getting through it with Mr. B (as I wanted to add this in my feature) and while he wrote it off damn quick, I was kinda digging some of it. Mind you, that was after a bunch of bday celebratory tallboys, so I’m going to have to sit down with this one the next time I’m doing photos and give it a go. Expect an update on this one.

Helmet – Dead to the World   (earMUSIC, 2016)

I know many people consider Helmet not helmet after their (or should I say, “his,” as the band is basically mastermind Page Hamilton), first three or four albums. I’m not in that camp as I’ve enjoyed almost all of Helmet’s catalogue. Some people have complained that some of the music on here is almost radio-rock, but hell, if everything on the radio was actually like this, I’d listen to it.

Look, Page Hamilton’s vocals and signature guitar sound and chord work over the main riffs hasn’t changed and this album won’t convert the haters, but I think it’s a solid album and a welcome addition to the catalogue. I just hope we don’t have to wait another six years for a new release.

Enjoy the video a filmed just over a month later (when I finally had time) where I discussed the albums above.