Happy New Year…more to come!


Hey, everyone! Just wanted say officially Happy New Year on the site, although I did on the Facebook page.

I just wanted to let everyone know I sat back a bit on the holiday and spent it with family and friends – so the site wasn’t the biggest go-go-go priority. Rest assured new features will be back this week either starting tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks again to all of you who follow this page via WordPress, Facebook, or just have it bookmarked.  I appreciate all the support from the sponsors I have and the positive feedback that people leave. Thank you to Val Staples over at He-Man.org for also making me a weekly feature as well. To any of you who have also shared a Tweet, a Facebook post, or made a comment (hell, even pressing the like or dislike thumbs on my YouTube videos), THANK YOU!

Thank you to again to Dan for helping me get this up and running and Mr. B for the logo. Thanks to Dustin and Mr. B for providing some content as well.

Lastly, I’d like to thank my wife for all her support. This couldn’t have been done without her encouragement and allowing me to the time to go take pictures, edit them, write, post stuff, and edit videos. Thanks, baby. I love you!

Here’s to a positive and healthy 2017 for everyone – as I know I’ll be more focused and determined than ever.