Mega Bloks – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Eastman and Laird’s Collector Series Sets

I took a look at a bunch of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mega Bloks a long time ago! I wrote about hopefully taking them out, building the sets, and taking pictures of the finished products. Well, it’s been about eight/nine months since showing off my initial TMNT Mega Bloks purchases and I still don’t have the space to place the built sets, nor have I had a lot of time seeing how I keep on trucking through all the reviews, photos, and videos you see featured on this site (not to mention my career and family life).

I’ll also say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy “whatever you do/don’t celebrate.” I took a couple of days off to actually game, do family stuff, and just not worry about updating the site. Hell, I’ll throw in “Happy New Years,” too!

I knew from SDCC that Mega Bloks would be releasing the Classic Turtle Party Wagon (Van – coming soon to the site) along with the other Classic style TMNT sets and figures I already purchased, but somewhere I totally missed that they would be releasing sets and new Turtles based on the original comics by Eastman and Laird. Well, lucky me – not only did I score all of them for a good deal online from Toys R Us (as opposed to what they cost in the store) but they slashed their prices on them even more and I got the difference on top of it!

Sorry if anyone is looking for the 1/4 Scale figures other sites have up as US pricing on Ebay is nuts and the one place I could locally score the figure didn’t bother order it (or the 1/4 scale Freddy Krueger).

So, with no more interruptions or bitching, here are the TMNT items that are in this series by Mattel and Mega Blocks:

Our Heroes

I might as well start off with the main Turtles, right? As you can see below, the packaging size and style is similar to the Classics TMNT figures I looked at before, but you can see the art on the package is in the style of the original Eastman and Laird comics – hence the style of the figures. The figures have that black and white ink look to them while featuring the red band they were known for at the time. While the Turtles did have their signature weapons back then, they weren’t given different coloured bandanas until (I think) the original Saturday morning cartoon and toy line by Playmates but did have red bandanas when they added colour to the back issues.






Street Showdown

I really wouldn’t care particularly what kind of diorama piece they would have us build for this set based on the first encounter between Raphael and Casey Jones for the simple fact that I would buy this JUST to get the Casey Jones figure!

The one-off comic that had these two first meet, do battle, and then team up in the end comes to life in and outside a diorama of a second hand store. There are 171 pieces here including the two figures included.

I really love the look of the store. The outside features cool inking effects while the inside has stickers of the similar kind of art you’d find in the vintage comics. The detailing on the bricks is a nice touch, too. I think it’s cool that the lamp is one of the only things that features colour and helps give off the sense that this is all taking place at night.


Rooftop Combat

This set is supposed to represent the battle in the very first TMNT comic where the Turtles faced off against Shredder. This set has 399 pieces, including the two figures. Once again, this piece is essential to get as it is the only way to get Shredder in this style. It’s a small price to pay as this set is pretty big for the price point and is just as cool looking as the smaller Street Showdown set.

This set features the same detailing on the bricks as the other set as well as having the same street lighting effect. It is further exemplified by the billboard of “Chet’s Toys” (an inside joke name at first for Eastman & Laird) and the lighting effect on the sticker.

There’s a wire that is attached from the billboard down to the water silo so you can have either Shredder or Leonardo slide down to attack the other.

I love the action shots and the art of these boxes and that the figures are displayed well. I’m really wrestling to keep these as is as I can admire the sets and figures without them taking up too much space but they, just like all the other TMNT Mega Bloks, are done so well that it would be a shame NOT to build them. Oh, first world problems, right?

And, as usual…here’s me blabbing about them.