Star Wars Black Series #30-35 (Sponsored by Silver Screen Toys & Collectibles)

It was almost two weeks ago where I posted my quick look at the newest wave of Star Wars Black Series figure (and exclusives) that I scored just by looking around. I NEVER get that lucky! I thought I was done for the year. I was wrong.
I actually said to my wife that I now had all the figures I’d be scoring for the year because although these figures I’m about to feature were just starting to show up at retailers and online in the US and it would be months, like usual, for them to appear in Canada. Like  I said, was wrong because one of my sponsors got them in!

Thanks to Silver Screen Toys and Collectibles (a Canadian online and retail store you can read about more HERE) got them in from their distributor and I snagged them! So, many thanks to Wes over at SST&C!!! Canadians – get your Star Wars stuff (and more) from them! Here we go with the new figures!


Princess Leia Organa

This figure is based off of Leia’s look in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  From the prototype phase up until release, this figure has been blasted due to the poor head sculpt. If anyone remembers the “Monkey-faced Leia” fiasco from the 90s, this one was harping back to it.  Thankfully they improved it a bit from versions they showed in the past, but the face isn’t the best especially when you can compare it with the drawing of Leia on the package that’s better than the actual figure. That’s too bad because I really like the outfit and the guns.


AT-AT Driver

I love all the different types of Troopers and for some reason, the two Troopers from The Empire Strikes Back are some of my faves! After getting this and with figures out on the market in higher numbers, it has now been revealed there are actually two versions of this figure. One has “Pilot” on the package while the other has “Driver” and the figures are a tad different with one having a matte finish and the other having a gloss finish on the armour. Variant hunting, here I go!


Obi-Wan Kenobi

I already basically reviewed this figure with my look at the SDCC Exclusive version. Go take a look at that (and the video) for all the details. This is the bare-bones release of the figure and one accessory. It looks great!


Sabine Wren

I’ll be honest and say that I have A LOT of catching up on Star Wars Rebels. As in, I’ve never watched it. I’ve heard good things but I never know when it’s on and I’m someone that will start watching and binge watch – so I guess I may be doing that soon as all these characters I’ve been getting to complete my collection seem pretty cool.


Darth Revan

This guy won a fan’s choice vote from what I remember. I applaud those who voted for him because I loved the Knights of the Old Republic video game he appeared in (if you have never played it, get on it!). I have this guy in the smaller 3 3/4″ scale. I think they did him justice and I love they included two lightsabers and the soft goods for his robes turned out really well. I may buy a second figure of him to put him beside my Darth Vader and Kylo Ren figures.



I already stated my love for Troopers when discussing the AT-AT driver above. All I can say is I think they nailed this guy and I really like the dirty white wash they did on the outfit. I can not wait until the Hot Toys version of this guy comes out next year! If I had lots of dough and just focused on one line, I’d be buying multiples of all the different Troopers in the Black Series as I have been happy with them all.