Star Wars: Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Damn nostalgia and fantastic looking action figures! Once again, Sideshow has gotten money out of me as they keep making figures based off of the original Star Wars trilogy and adding different Troopers to the line. I’m a sucker for the Troopers, so I had to score myself an Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot.

Note: For those of you who don’t want to read, you can just go down to the bottom of the article to watch the video I made.

This figure is based off of an Imperial Trooper that was featured way back in the first Star Wars movie, Episode IV: A New Hope piloting the Tie Fighters. I always thought they were cool looking characters and when I saw Sideshow Collectibles was releasing sixth scale (12″) figures of these guys, I knew it was a matter of time until I added one of them to my collection.

Before I talk about the figure, I’ll show off the packaging for the figure as it is similar to the other Sideshow Star Wars releases. Black packaging with the figure posed different ways on the front, side, and back. Nothing new here, but effective.

Opening the packaging up, you can see the window box packaging for those keeping these mint in the box. For those taking them out to display, I can say that mine arrived perfectly fine with no issues. Everything was packed well and I didn’t have to struggle to remove anything from the box.


Getting the figure out of the box, you can see that while there’s nothing crazy elaborate about the figure but it nails the look of the Tie Fighter Pilot perfectly. The figure uses the regular body many of their recent figures have used, so the joints are pretty tight and the figure is easy to pose.

It stands approximately 12″ and features a well designed outer cloth outfit with the pilot’s iconic mask and breathing apparatus in a glossy black plastic.

Close up, you can see the head sculpt is a great replica of the classic helmet. That’s one of the main reason I’m collecting these Troopers: this high-end sculpting and visuals on these figures represents this classic era really, really well to me. Plus, these guys all look bad-ass!

The Empire emblems are featured in a bright silver on the top of the pilot’s helmet on left and right side.  On the side of the pilot’s helmet are what looks like supports for the pilot to be able lift his helmet up and down (or at least stay in place). I’m just assuming as I’ve never noticed this on the smaller Tie Fighter Pilots I have in my collection.

Of course, one of the main features of the Tie Fighter Pilot is his breastplate/breathing apparatus – at least that’s what I always thought this thing was.  The two hoses leading from it to the mask have a little bit of give to them, but not a lot. They are also not detachable, so anyone looking for a huge range of motion when positioning the head may be a bit disappointed. I wasn’t planning on doing a lot of up and down or hard left/right head posing, so I’m OK with keeping the aesthetics perfect for the figure.

Below the first two pictures is a closer look at the back of the chest piece. I’m actually surprised it is just black and blank.  I guess I shouldn’t be as the main reason for the character was to sit IN a Tie Fighter, so why would he have buttons or something else rubbing against his back?

The cloth outfit is sewn really well. Both arms feature the Empire emblem and pockets. I really like on his left arm are some additional buttons that I never really noticed existed before on Tie Fighter Pilots’ arms.

Below you can see the faux leather belt that goes on top of the jumpsuit. There is also more excellent stitching and work on the crotch area and thighs on his outfit. Who’d ever think I’d be commenting on a Tie Fighter Pilot’s crotch area?

The boots have some nice detailing to them and I like they have some wrinkles in them (same as the gloves in the middle picture).

Attached to the belt on the right hand side is a holster for the pilot’s blaster. The little flap that can hold the blaster securely stays in place courtesy of a little magnet.

While we’ve been used to some of Sideshow’s (and Hot Toys’) Star Wars figures coming with a plethora of accessories, this one seems a little light compared to some of the others. He comes with four additional hands (so you get six in total – three pair), a stand (that is bland and has the Star Wars logo on the bottom), and a blaster.

I suppose it makes sense he doesn’t come with a lot of extras because, well, he was just a pilot in the movies. I mean, we didn’t even see him use a blaster.

Down below, I thought it would be cool to see how he would look attempting to pull his blaster out from the holder, getting ready to off some Rebels.  The second picture I wanted to be a bit goofy with, having the pilot wave just before pulling the trigger.

The other two shots just give a full side look of the figure and another pose.

Overall, I’m really happy with this figure and I dig it a lot. The only thing that bums me out a bit is we’re still paying a high price for these figures even if they don’t have the extras the other figures do.  The bottom line is I chose to buy it for this price (I think I used one of my promo codes to get $20 or $25 off), so I really can’t complain as I really want to get and have a complete set of vintage Troopers and now I’m one more away from doing it.

I DO have a Scout Trooper coming soon and a Sandtrooper that I haven’t taken out of the box yet. Hell, I still haven’t even gotten around to showcasing my Hot Toys Stormtrooper as I’m trying to keep current, do other properties, and maintain my family life.  I guess the holidays may give me an opportunity to catch up.

Enjoy my video of this figure below!