Freddy Krueger from Wes Craven’s New Nightmare by NECA Toys

Holy crap in a hat, Batman! This fall has been crazy for me with collecting horror figures from NECA. I recently took a look at the new Ultimate Freddy, Jason, and Ash figures, but now I’m gonna a quick look at the newly released Freddy based off his appearance in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.

If you haven’t seen the movie, I suggest you do. There are some that absolutely loathe it, but I don’t. After seeing Freddy kinda go downhill and a bit of a laughing stock, this movie blended reality and fiction in a way that I hadn’t seen before in a film.

The premise, in a nutshell, is that evil that is Freddy and what has been captured in the films is starting to actually bleed over into the real world and affect the people and actors that actually worked on the fictional films. The main actors like Heather Lankc… who played Nancy, Wes Craven who wrote and directed Part 1 and 3, and Robert Englund, who plays Freddy, all play themselves in the film but are affected by a lurking, darker Freddy who is starting to appear in and affect the “real” world.

The design of Freddy, as said before, is different. I find him to be a bit more menacing but that may be because with the abundance of humour in the last few movies, he was almost a shell of his former self. He just wasn’t scary anymore.

While he does have similarities to the Freddy the franchise lovers have known and loved, his colour tone, outfit, and demeanor are all darker. Not only that, but Freddy in this film doesn’t have the usual glove seen in other films. The razors are actually part of his hand. I also think the black trench coat gives him the same kind of foreboding presence The Undertaker (from WWE) used to have.

The figure comes in the clam-shell kind of packaging that the other Freddy’s have come in over the years. I’ve collected some and am still missing one of the Nightmare on Elm St. 3 figures and the very first NOES figure from NECA. I’ll be looking at the other figures eventually on this site so you can compare. Gotta keep up with what’s new and fresh, right?

On the front, you can see the A Nightmare on Elm Street logo clearly with a classic picture of Freddy on the left and the movie poster with a very looking different Freddy from Wes Craven’s New Nightmare on the right.

On the back of the packaging you can see the figure posed in two different ways featuring the two different heads the figure comes with.

As for the figure itself, it’s approx. 7” tall and comes with his fedora, an alternate head and a detailed body that features over 25 points of articulation.

The head sculpt is done really well. I like the textures on the face and the teeth as well as the peeled skin/exposed muscle tissue. The one thing that I really question with this figure – and it’s really bad with mine – is the decision to have Freddy looking out of the corner of his left eye. I think I know what they were trying to do here, but my figure’s eye is so off that it just looks goofy. I heard NECA has great Customer Service no matter where you’ve bought a figure, so I think I may contact them to see what I can do about it as it totally ruins the figure for me.


If I was going to take this out of the package and had the room somewhere to display him, I would probably display him with this alternative demon head, based on how I dislike the pupil on the regular face. It would add something different to the Freddy collection that I have. I think the sculpting and the paint job on THIS head is top notch and I really can’t pick out any faults with it. Just the notion that Freddy is more than just human in appearance and he actually encompasses something even more demonic or Satanic is portrayed well in this design – and NECA captured it perfectly.


The “glove” or razor hand that Freddy has in this movie translates very well into this figure. You can see how cool the fingers seem enlarged or swollen with the blades poking out of them. On both hands, you can also see the attention to detail with the exposed muscle tissue. I think these hands were sculpted very well.

So there you go, there’s my quick look at the figure. I like the packaging because I can display the figure on my wall, but up close…man, that paint job on the eye. It turns a figure that should have been a favourite of the year for me into something I don’t really want to look at up close. I wish NECA would have just had two straight painted pupils for this figure. Maybe they’ll do an Ultimate version down the road.