Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – The Great Wars Weapons/Accessory Pack

Masters of the Universe Classics had a hit with their fan demanded weapons pack they put out earlier that year in April. In the vintage line, Mattel put out weapons packs with accessories in different colours so kids could get more play out of their figures and they could make more money out of the molds.

The first weapons/accessory pack had armour and weapons of figures already out in the line in various different colours but there wasn’t anything really exclusive to the set. Everything had already been released, albeit in more true colours, with the previous figures in the line.

This weapons pack, dubbed “The Great Wars,” was similar in the way that if you had the figures up to this point in the line, you already had the weapons but in colours that were more true to what came with the vintage figures. This weapons pack wasn’t in the subscription and came out in the middle of Novemeber, 2010.

Two of the major selling points for me was getting a perch and the battle armour for Zoar (who came with Teela) and Roboto’s weapons in black for Trap Jaw.  Here’s the full list of what’s included courtesy of Mattycollector:

  • Armor and weapons of Mer-Man in 2002 colors
  • Weapons of Evil-Lyn in 2002 colors, including staff and wand, with interchangeable headpiece, and knife
  • Armor and stand of Zoar in green
  • Axe and shield in orange for Faker
  • Gold spear for King Randor
  • Gold electro-shocker of Whiplash™ in 2002 colors
  • Blaster and shield in black for Optikk
  • Three arm attachments from Roboto® in Trap Jaw colours
  • Sword of Protection in two-tone silver

Down below are close-ups of the weapons. I’d do loose shots of them, but they are all among my various figures and some are in stored away so I won’t misplace them or have them fall off my full shelves.


At $12, this set was another steal for what you were getting. I love that brand manager (at the time) Scott Neitlich listened to the fans and gave us weapons/accessory packs and used the existing molds to give the characters diversity and the fans option to display their figure  in the style/era they pleased.