Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

The Hot Toys/Sideshow collector bug has hit me over the past year and a half. If you’ve seen my reviews since I started in April, you’ll notice that I have done a bunch of reviews of Star Wars figures in this scale from these companies with a few that I STILL haven’t had the time to review/photograph (but I’ll get to over the holiday break).

I was really on the fence with Kylo Ren as for the price we were asked to pay, it just didn’t seem like we were getting a lot for the asking price of $239.99 US  (add the conversion rate and the mandatory import fees we have to pay to Fed Ex on top of all that for us Canadians and man, that’s a lot of dough).

Well, I’m happy to say that was wrong about not getting a lot in terms of quality with this figure BUT I also didn’t get this figure for the full retail price either, thanks to a seller on Ebay who was taking a hit selling their stock of these. It was the right place and right time for me as I scored this guy for $180 US plus only like $15 Canadian to ship with no other duties or crap.

Before I get to the figure, I’ll show you how it came packaged. It comes in a similar box as the other Hot Toys/Sideshow Star Wars figures with the figure on the front and some credits on the back. It does the job as it shows off the figure in a cool pose and for those who keep these in the package (or display their boxes), it keeps the uniform look.

Removing the front part of the box exposes an awesome collage – something they’ve done with all of the Star Wars figures I’ve gotten from them. I love them and would like to frame many of them (if I had the room in my man-cave or house to do so).

When you take off the collage you can see that the figure was shipped VERY securely. So secure that you have to be careful removing some of the tape or the plastic that protects boots or some of the outfit/face so there isn’t any stress on the figure.


Inside the box, you can see that you get the following: 8 different hands, an additional forearm that includes Kylo Ren’s lightsaber hilt that is battery activated, and a detachable lightsaber hilt if you want to display him without any light up feature, or hang it on his belt.

You can take the lightsaber blades easily off the hilt that it comes on (the one that’s not attached to the battery powered forearm) and can be transferred to the other one with no issues. We’ve seen this before with other figures. I know some people would like the blades for both, but I’m OK with just having one set so you can place them with the lightsaber of your choosing.

For some reason, I forgot to take a picture of the two forearms (battery powered and the one with the removable hands), so make sure you take a look at my video at the end of this for a look at them.

I will point out that his open “force” hand seems awfully large and I really don’t like the look of it at all. Something just seems off about it.

Getting this figure out of the box is where your jaw actually hits the jaw. Right then, you’re not thinking about the price or people saying you are or you aren’t getting a lot for your money. You’re in awe of how well this character translated to the 1/6th scale and the level of detail on the figure – especially on the clothing and how much this guy actually has!

The detailing on the mask is fantastic. I mean, look how aesthetically accurate it is to the source (as far as I can tell). Not only that but the detailing on the battle damage on the helmet blows my mind. I would LOVE to see how they work on translating this stuff into plastic form.

The hood and the outer cloak have great texturing and patterning to it, with a small hint of wear and tear. You can easily pull the hood back to expose the sides and the back of the helmet to revel in even more great sculpting and attention to detail.

The one thing after taking these pictures I noticed that bugs me a bit is how you can see through the visor area where and you just see cloth. I would have liked to see something plastic or something glossy in there as seeing fabric through his eye area just seems weird to me. Perhaps that’s how it is in the movie and I totally missed it.

Now, I think that both Hot Toys and Sideshow have done very well with the tailoring and outfits for figures, but I really wasn’t expecting the level of detail and the different layers featured with this figure as I just really thought his costume was bare-bones. Not only do you get the great detailing on the boots and assorted gloves, you get a belt that has a leathery look to it (same with the boots) with a place for the lightsaber hilt, but his costume is multi-layered; something I just wasn’t expecting.

Over the body you have one black silky kind of fabric, then over that you have a thicker fabric above his knees that runs to his midsection that you can see in the picture to the bottom right. This pattern carries onto his arms. Then you have two different robes over top of all of that! I wasn’t expecting anything this complex. Like I said before, the fabric just has this amazing textured look with some wear and tear and it just brings the figure to life for me.


I’m going to get to swapping out the forearm piece, and by that I mean the one that comes on the figure that has more articulation and the ability to swap for another right hand to the other forearm that can light up the lightsaber due to the battery being in the forearm.

I may explain this a bit better in my video down below (or just by going to my YouTube page), but this is the part of the figure that really pissed me off/frustrated me and thank goodness my wife was around to help me fix a huge issue.

To remove and replace the more articulated right forearm for the battery powered one, you have to unzip the outfit as far down as you can, pop the forearm out and pop the other one in.

You have to do this very carefully for two reasons: 1) you don’t want to accidentally damage the forearms or put added pressure on any pieces or joints and 2) you don’t want to do what I did and accidentally cause the slider body of the zipper piece to detach from the teeth and track.  I thought I was being so, so careful and in a second, the zipper separated and became detached from the track. I was soooooo pissed. Thankfully my wife with her skills and patience got everything connected again and I don’t even want to touch the damn thing anymore.

Unfortunately, I HAVE to use the zipper because you need to pull it down the forearm to be able to activate the battery switch to get the lightsaber to light up. Once it’s lit up, though, all of the memory of it being a total pain in the ass almost goes away. Almost.

For the picture below, I didn’t alter it in any way. The added “flame” textures on the actual saber pieces, along with the bright glow of the lightsaber itself, is quite the sight.


Down below are a few more pictures on Kylo Ren against my white backdrop.  The articulation for the figure is pretty decent but I found his legs and knee joints to be looser than I would like. Sometimes the loose joints would cause him to fall over when posing.

Down below are more poses. I like these a lot more on the black background but I wanted to do some pictures where the figure was on both backgrounds. Plus, I feel I’ve gotten better with photos in the few weeks I went from the photos above to the ones below.

I HAVE to have the main baddies in the Star Wars universe so it was probably not a case of IF but WHEN I’d have him in my collection. I’m really glad that I scored him at less than retail price because it kind of made me realize that sometimes until you have a figure in hand, you may not realize what you’re missing.  Besides the loose knees/legs in some instances, I think that Hot Toys hit a home run with this figure.

I WILL say that paying a lower price for this figure probably affected the praise and enjoyment that I have shown in this write-up and in my video. With figures I’ve looked at before, like Luke Skywalker, who comes with so much stuff you almost need two baggies to store it all in for the same price or less, I totally understand where collectors are coming from when they said this figure was about $20-30 too much.

Mind you, getting Kylo Ren myself and seeing all the detailing and all the work put into the outfit, helmet and lightsaber, I do understand the premium us collectors pay for figures like this – ESPECIALLY if you’re an International buyer (like me) and get dinged with crazy exchange rates, expensive shipping, and duties and taxes paid by Fed Ex when I may not even get hit by them in the first place.  I guess it will ultimately come down to how much you like the character and how much you pay for him (if you do).