WWE Raw and Smackdown Thoughts – December 5th & 6th, 2016


Source: WWE.com

Raw plodded along this week, going through the motions to make it to the next PPV on December 18th, while Smackdown didn’t reset as much as I wanted as that show is probably holding off on launching anything brand new until the new year (as Christmas season shows are usually uneventful). Here’s my talking points for both shows for this week.


I agree with many I’ve talked to and the opinions I’ve read regarding this whole Enzo/Lana crap. For two weeks, Enzo has made advances on a married woman and tried to take advantage of situations. Therefore, when he gets his ass kicked for it, I don’t feel bad for him. I want Rusev to destroy him. The brawl they had in Rusev and Lana’s hotel room was pretty punishing and Enzo looks like he took some heavy hits for the company (just watch his head hit the wall when Rusev slams him into the couch).

The other thing I didn’t like about it all was how the camera in and out of the hotel room captured it all and just filmed. We can’t put ourselves in disbelief enough that a cameraman a) wouldn’t stop a brutal assault like that and b) the “actors” Enzo and Lana are just ignoring the camera broadcasting clothes being taken off and the notion they were going to get their kink on. The whole angle panning down to a beaten Enzo in the hallway before the commercial break just made me shake my head. I know WWE was trying something a bit different, but I just don’t buy into it and I feel nothing for the supposed “good guys” in this feud. Hell, how stupid are both Enzo and Cass for not seeing that this all was going to happen? This all doesn’t make the duo look too good.

So we saw Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn again – the match we’d never see again for the 2nd time now. Owens just brushed it off as well and Zayn too k the loss like he’s been doing lately. While Owens and Zayn are still great in the ring together, the means jus t didn’t justify the end here. Someone else should have been in the match with Owens.

Speaking of Owens, it looks like the Jericho/Owens friendship really is on the way out. I’m fine with that.

So Seth Rollins just remembered this week that he has a bone to pick with HHH? Odd. He also said the way to get to him is by winning the WWE Universal Championship, which isn’t the case. Start berating him and his wife on TV and disobey Stephanie at every turn. That usually makes HHH show up on TV again.

Can I mention I can’t stand The New Day still? I think it’s an abomination that WWE will let them beat Demolition’s record for being the longest reigning tag team champions. Hopefully after they beat the record, they finally lose the belts (I’m predicting the Royal Rumble).

I’m glad to see some of the Cruiserweights get vignettes telling their stories. I liked Zach Gallagher’s video and his performance as he’s quite unique. I didn’t understand the loss Perkin’s took against Rich Swan in their match, though, as he was built up by winning the Cruiserweight Championship Series. It almost seems counterproductive.

I’ll say again that Charlotte Flair is one of the best in the ring and on the mic in WWE. The amount of growth she’s shown this year is amazing and her promo at the end of Raw was awesome. The negative side to all of this is WWE does NOT need Ric Flair involved in this feud as it adds absolutely nothing. The ONLY thing I can see potentially happening that is Ric getting involved in the 30 min Ironman/woman match happening at the next PPV that helps Charlotte regain – which Charlotte doesn’t need.




While I appreciated the decent (but not great) match between The Miz and Dean Ambrose, you already knew what the outcome was going to be involving James Ellsworth. I think I’m done with this guy on TV, so let’s hope that he’s off TV for a bit after the holiday season. The match itself wasn’t bad, but with the amount of punishment these two took on Sunday at TLC and the energy they put into their respected matches, is it any wonder these two didn’t try and go above and beyond? Add that they didn’t advertise this match beforehand, so the viewership wasn’t going to spike due to it.

I’m glad they kept AJ Styles out of competition on this week’s show so his ankle can heal properly. I don’t think anyone was let down that the match between him and Ellsworth didn’t happen this week.

Where in the hell was Dolph Ziggler this week?

Heath Slater & Rhino seemed to get a bit more offense in during their (longer than the PPV) rematch against Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton, but you knew they weren’t winning the titles back.

Speaking of the tag division, you gotta feel sorry for Breezango and for the Ascension (and I suppose the Vaudevillians). They’re all just glorified heel jobbers now in the land of “opportunity.”

I was pumped to see Kalisto vs. Baron Corbin part two, but this quick TV match had none of the charm of their PPV match whatsoever. I guess this feud is officially finished.

Is it me or do I know get the feeling that someone else may be behind the attack on Nikki Bella before her Survivor Series match? Natalya played the part well when expressing her innocence and this would be an easy way for Natalya and Carmella to have a program together where Nikki could go on to face her attacker. Could we hope it’s Mickie James looking to come back and dominate or would we want her to come back as a face? Wouldn’t it be a nice swerve for Nikki to say that she faked it all because she doesn’t care for the other ladies and didn’t want to be on a team with them and someone steps up to her to demand respect for the women’s division? This could go a few ways.