Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: King Grayskull

The last quarterly figure slot for 2010 was used very wisely. King Grayskull came out in November to kind of appease many fans that, like me, missed out on the initial run of the figure that came out in 2008.


The initial release of King Grayskull came in a large box that almost mimics the current Club Grayskull packaging. You can open up the jaw bridge of the Castle Grayskull packaging to see the figure and activate a light and sound feature that has King Grayskull yell, “I have the power!” The figure was available for SDCC 2008 and some were available after on

There were also randomly inserted bronze coloured figures and a few Spirit of King Grayskull figures were made for special events/auctions. I don’t have any of these guys and the original King Grayskull release is one of only three MOTUC items I don’t have (the other two being Twistoid and Rotar as well as the Power-Con exclusive Green Granamyr).

From what I’ve read and seen online, the major differences with this King Grayskull and the original release is the packaging (now standard), some of the paint choices, the flocking of the trim on the cape, and an additional accessories that I’ll get to later.

The packaging is the same as the other figures in the line except they did something really cool with it: the added a really cool lightning effect. Too bad that they didn’t do something extra like this every now and then for other figures, where something extra on the bubble would be relevant.

On the back, the bio shows how he grew as a leader and was basically proclaimed Kind due to his leadership. I also like how it talks about his sword being split and the association with the orb and Castle Grayskull.  This is different than the original bio that came with the SDCC figure as it goes much more into the MOTU lore.

As you can see, this figure is basically the He-Man buck but with a different head, a harness/cape, and different colors (on the figure AND accessories). My King Grayskull is pretty sturdy still and only suffers from having a loose left ankle.

I really love the design of the harness on the front of the figure and the colours they chose for it. The silver and red really make the emblem pop. My favourite thing, though, is the large cape with the flocking on the top. I think it’s a really cool touch to the figure and the cape really represents royalty. If you really don’t like the cape and want to pose King Grayskull in battle, you can remove it.

The face sculpt is pretty accurate to the 200X cartoon character. I really like the hair braids and the real serious look on his face. It looks like he’s not going to take any crap and it really reminds me of a character you’d find in Conan the Barbarian. As you can see, though, there’s some pretty sloppy paint on my figure’s head, which is a bummer now that I put it under the radar.

I know that as the line continued on, we saw some awful quality control (especially in late 2015 and with figures in 2016), but I don’t know if we were putting these figures under the microscope as much as we do now back then. Hell, I barely noticed this when I got the figure. Perhaps it’s because it didn’t bother me due to not really having any connection with the character and just let it go.


For the accessories, King Grayskull comes with the same swords and shield He-Man did, but in different colours. I really like how the swords have the paint going from the metal look of He-Man’s sword into the same colour of He-Ro’s sword and the colour of the orb. It really ties all the figures and story together.

You’ll have to swear at me through whatever you’re reading this on, as I cannot find the two single halves of the Power Sword that he’s holding in the package for the life of me. They may be in storage or accidentally placed with another figure. I’m trying to get this out in a timely manner and just can’t locate them for this article. I’ll update if I do.

The additional accessory is the Orb he comes with that’s supposed to be housed in Castle Grayskull. It didn’t come with a stand, but we got one way later in the line with Castle Grayskull and the Temple of Darkness Sorceress in 2012.


Posing King Grayskull isn’t too bad with this bad ankle. Keeping the cape on does make it a bit harder to get him in some real dynamic posing, though.

King Grayskull was another figure that I really didn’t have any connection with or nostagliga. I was excited to see him be added as such an important staple in MOTU cannon but I just didn’t go bonkers for the figure like I did with others in the line.  Mind you, after taking a retrospective look at this release, if any of you out there have the initial release and would like to part with it, email me!