Star Wars Rogue One Wave 2 – 3 3/4″ Figures

I don’t know why I was so lucky last week but I’m so happy I was. Not only did I find some of the newest Star Wars 6″ Black Series figures (well, new in Canada, not in the US), but I also found the latest wave of 3 ¾” Star Wars Rogue One figures. Add to it that I snagged them for $7.97 (Canadian – plus tax).

Just like the Black Series figures, I hang these guys up to display them, so having the limited articulation versus some other Star Wars action figure series in the past doesn’t bother me too much. I don’t think they need these extra weapons, especially if they don’t pertain to the character. I can see how it adds value for the kids that actually play with them, though.

Chirrut Imme

From the trailers, you know this guy can’t see, can use the Force, and will be kicking some ass. I can’t wait to see how he fits into the Star Wars universe.

Orson Krennic

He’s probably the main villain in the new movie and I can’t wait to see the evil he throws at the Rebellion

Cassian Andor  (Eadu)

This guy reminds me of a Hoth Rebel Soldier. I don’t know too much about this guy’s character but if they’ve made a 3 ¾” figure and 6” Black Series figure, one can assume he may play a pivotal part. But then again, they did the same thing with Captain Phasma and look how that turned out.

Jyn Erso (Jedha)

This is a smaller version of the 6” figure from the Black Series.

Rey (Jakku)

Speaking of figures that aren’t affiliated with the movie the card shows, this is another Rey figure based on another look from The Force Awakens.

Princess Leia

Yeah, I know that Leia isn’t in the movie (as far as I know) but there are figures they have released in this line and The Force Awakens lines that have nothing to do with those particular movies. This figure is based off of Princess Leia’s look in the Star Wars Rebels series. I really like the design of the figure!

Darth Vader

I’m curious to see how much Darth Vader we’ll actually see in this movie. You know he’ll probably be used sparingly and maybe not until near the end of the movie but fans will go nuts nonetheless when he hits the screen.