New Star Wars Black Series Rogue One Wave (and Exclusives)

Here’s my look at my new acquisitions in the Star Wars Black Series line. I was happy as I scored (most of) these on a whim going into my local Toys R’ Us.  I display these figures on my wall in the package due to space – so this is a “Mint in Box” feature.

Picking all of them up really hit my wallet hard, but the next day, for Black Friday weekend, they advertised all figures at 25% off, so I got a refund making these all about $23 a piece (in Canadian dollars).

First Order Snowtrooper Officer – Toys R Us Exclusive

I know, I know…this guy has been out and for a while and was a Force Awakens figure but living in Canada, I only saw him in stores maybe 3-4 months ago and they wanted $34.99 plus tax for the figure which would bring him to over $40. I love troopers, especially Snowtroopers, but $40 for one wasn’t in the cards. Thankfully they went on sale for $21, so that was easier to swallow.

Jyn Erso (Jedha)

I showed my score of the new Rogue One figures about a month ago, but I didn’t pick up Jyn as I traded her for a Death Trooper (figuring she’d be easier to find – which she was) on “Force Friday,” as I mentioned here. I can’t wait to get a version of this character without the hood on in the packaging, as I hang all of these on my wall to display in the boxes.

Orson Krennic

I don’t know too much about this guy and his role in the new movie expect for all the stuff I read on the back of this box and the 3 ¾” figure card. I assume he’ll play a huge role. I really like the cape is removable for those of you who don’t like large capes – but I’m surprised this wasn’t a cloth cape as so much of the Black Series features soft goods.

Scarif Stortmtrooper (Squad Leader)

Here’s the standard release of the new Trooper. To me, the new helmet looks like a cross between a Clone Trooper helmet and a Scout Trooper helmet. Pretty cool figure and I can see people army building with them.

C-3P0 (Resistance Base)

I have no idea why it took so long to get a C-3P0 out. Hell, R2-D2 was in the first wave of Black Series figures that were released years ago! Anyway, I guess due to him being so late, they got to do this version from The Force Awakens with the red arm and Walgreens in the US gets the same figure but painted in his Episode IV – A New Hope colours. One mold – two figures – same pricing. Bah! As well, I guess there are two versions of this figure out now: one with this lighter red arm and one with a darker red arm.

Hovertank Pilot (Toys R Us Exclusive)

Well, looky here! I scored the newest Toys R Us exclusive in this line right off the bat! I paid the $35 for it, but got 25% off of it, so it turned out to be less than a regularly priced Black Series figure. Happy Happy! Joy Joy!


STOP THE PRESSES!” is what I would have yelled if this was in old-school print media as just as I was going to have this feature to go live later on in the day, my Spidey-Sense told me to head to EB Games, close to the Walmart I was at. I never go into EB Games for reasons I don’t need to go into here, but there were reports this figure was starting to show up in Southern Ontario. I went in and BOOM! There were two of them!

Talk about more luck coming to me! Now all I have to do is see if the Black Series figures numbered 30-36 will show up around here before the holidays.