Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Grizzlor



While 2010 had some great action figures, I was so excited for November to arrive as one of my favourite vintage figures was making his debut in the Masters of the Universe Classics line.

The next member of the Evil Horde to arrive was so awesome to me as a child that couldn’t wait for him to arrive to see how he’d translate. That figure is none other than Grizzlor. He went on sale in the middle of November and he lasted under 2 hours before he sold out.

Why did I love Grizzlor so much? I think it was the fur that did it. Add the little face that showed his exposed eyes, nose and mouth/fangs, and you had an action figure that most kids would love! I know that many of the figures themselves were unique, but having that added furry texture just made this figure a home run.

Before I take a look back at the figure and give me thoughts on how well he translated to the Classics line, you can see from the pictures I took of the package that it’s the usual here. On the back for his bio, it’s revealed that his real name is (see below as there’s no way I’m typing it out) which I think is one of the most ridiculous and hilarious ones they came up with.

As for his background, I feel really sorry for him. He was kidnapped and brainwashed in order to fit a mold and become nothing more than a drone for the Horde. Poor guy.

Just looking at the figure at first glance, you may not be able to tell that he still comes on the regular male buck with all the same articulation – even the ab crunch. My figure was (and still is) pretty sturdy without any loose joints.

The fur is done really well and is long enough to brush it to style it, if that’s what you want to do. I usually just rub him in my hands to give him more or a bed-head look. I think I actually used to put styling mousse or gel on my original figure now that I think about it.

The face sculpt is pretty good, although I would have liked to maybe seen a little bit more ferociousness.  He does seem a bit angry in his expression but I don’t think it portrays the animal within. More of an open mouth snarl may have been great to have (or used for a second head).


The boots are similar to Hordak’s as they have Horde emblems at the top of them, which I think is a cool touch. Also showing very clearly who he is aligned with, Grizzlor sports the Horde armband and wears the Horde emblem on the front of his harness. In reality, I wonder if this piece would be solid armor and that’s why he’s wearing it.

Grizzlor actually comes with a bunch of different weapons/accessories. He come with two swords, an axe, his version of the Horde crossbow, and a loin piece.

The back of the chest “armour” or piece has something the vintage figure never did: a place for all these extra weapons. Why does this Grizzlor need this when the vintage one didn’t? Good question and the answer is because this figure blended the classic vintage figure with the MYP cartoon from the 2000s. Grizzlor had a slightly different look in the anime-style cartoon with some face armour and additional weapons. NECA made a statue of him as Mattel never got around to making an action figure based on the 200X look.

As well, the statue (or Staction as they were called) came with some extra weapons and Grizzlor was wearing that loin piece. When the figure was first revealed, I remember him having the 200X extra head piece beside it in the booth (from when Toyfare magazine took pictures, if I recall it correctly). When he was closer to production it was announced it wasn’t coming with it due to either production costs or it was when Mattel decided to kibosh the 200X extras (perhaps it was a little of both).

Fans clamored for it for years to make Grizzlor have a true 200X look and it finally came with 2015’s 200X head pack (that I’ll get to way, way down the road). Suffice to say, if you want that look for ol’ Grizzlor on your shelf, you can now have it. I guess that leaves fans of the She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon out in the cold as the look the character had in that cartoon has yet to be represented (thank goodness, as I couldn’t stand the look).


The only thing that you really can’t have with this Grizzlor (unless you use your own paint) is the face colour that Grizzlor had in some markets. I have no clue why, but some Grizzlor figures had a black face and a different skin tone (scroll down on THIS page to see the figure). I don’t know if it was different runs, different factories/markets, or just later figure production change.

With my figure still sturdy and not suffering from any loose joints, posing him is relatively easy and fun. I kinda wish I got to him a little sooner as I ended up getting a hankering for taking him outside to do some pictures with him.

All in all, I thought Grizzlor translated very well into the Classics line and the abundance of extra accessories packed with him would make fans really happy. I think this guy stayed on my table on the weekends when the boys were over crushing beer and listening to metal for quite a few months (as many liked to party with him).