“Ultimate” Ash Williams from Evil Dead 2 by NECA Toys

Hot on the heels of my look at the newest Ultimate Jason Voorhees figure from Friday the 13th Part 3, I’m going to look at another newly released figure from NECA Toys, Ash from Evil Dead 2.

When I was discussing some of my favourite movies for the Halloween season, I mentioned The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 are two you shouldn’t miss if you’ve never seen them. One of the things I remember the most about Evil Dead 2 before even seeing the movie was the VHS box art. I used to go into the horror section of my local video stores when I was a kid and just stare at the scary boxes and see which ones would frighten me the most. I ALWAYS picked up the box for Evil Dead 2 as the skull that looked at you always creeped me out but piqued my curiosity.

When it was announced that NECA would be doing an “Ultimate Ash” figure based off this movie, I was ecstatic. When the box art was finally shown, I nearly lost my shit. I was so pumped they were using the VHS box/movie poster art and I knew hell or high water, I would be tracking one of these down no matter the cost. Thankfully KillerToyz did a preorder with a price that was too sweet and I snagged him with no effort!

Seeing how I’m going off about the box art already, as you can see below, it has that iconic VHS box art in a nice glossy finish. I LOVE it! On the side of the box you see the logo of the movie and the cabin the movie takes place at.   On the back of the box, you can see the figure in various poses with different accessories that are included. Just like the Friday the 13th Part 3 Jason figure (and other NECA figures I’ve looked at this year), it features the same description/synopsis on the box that the VHS box had. You gotta love the throwbacks, right?

When you open the front flap, you get a posed Ash figure on the left while you can see the figure you get to own and all the accessories in the window box packaging to the right. I’ve said it before, but I love seeing everything clearly as I keep many figures in the box for space and display purposes. If I get around to actually unleashing this guy, the packaging seems to be friendly enough to open to remove the figure, display it, and then put it back.


I’ll run down all the accessories this figure comes with in a bit, but for now I’m just going to focus on the sculpt of the figure. The figure is 7”, has over 25 points of articulation, and is pretty damn detailed. The outfit has a dirty, soaked in blood look that the movie is synonymous with (as there IS a lot of blood and gore in this film).


Taking a closer look at the outfit, the shirt and pants show signs of wrinkles, but it isn’t overdone. The detailing on the pockets, the belts and the boots are done really well and show NECA aren’t skimping on the gravy. The left pant leg is ripped and I don’t think I’ve seen a figure in this scale with something like this (I could be wrong as I have a lot of toys) and it’s so well done! Showing the leg and having to apply paint to it is something NECA probably didn’t have to do, but did.

I love that Ash is packed with his severed bandaged forearm as it’s a turning point in the movie. The detailing on the cloth and the tape are spectacular.

I love the expression of the head sculpt that comes on the figure. It has a state of shock/disbelief look, but can also be seen as focused with perseverance. The blood dripping from his forehead, around his right eye, from his lip, and on his left ear are all great attention to detail and makes the figure look like it’s gone to hell and back. I also really love that the neck, down near the collar, also has blood on it which makes you want to high-five the people at NECA for amazing attention to detail and going the extra mile (or should I say kilometre, here in Canada!).

The sculpt of the face totally looks like actor Bruce Campbell. Even the bonus possessed head (from the brief period Ash was like this in the movie) seems spot on. I love all the detailing on the possessed head with the paint. It really accentuates the  zombie-like undead look. The blotches on the face, with the pale colouring works perfectly. The alternate head also has that blood soaked hair and detailing on and around the mouth as the regular face.

Holy crap in a hat…you wanna talk about going all out with accessories for a figure, this release is loaded with them! In addition to the two separate heads, you get the severed head of his girlfriend, Sheila, the Necronomicon, the tape recorder, shotgun, axe, a different right forearm, the possessed hand, and his regular hand. You could buy three or four of these guys to have all the different looks of Ash in this movie on your shelf!

NECA hit another one out of the park here as far as I’m concerned. Like I said, I buy figures and keep them mint as it’s easier to display for me and I’m not worried about things getting lost in my limited space. That being said, it’s getting harder and harder for me not to take these figures out or finally splurge to get an extra one to display somewhere in my house. Amazing job once again, NECA!

I know that I’ve really been positive with this figure (and the other NECA figures I’ve taken a look at) but I really can’t find too much fault with what I’ve been getting from them. Remember, I’m buying these figures with my own money, so I don’t have to kiss anyone’s (or company’s) ass, but NECA is killing it with these figures. Buy it!


Enjoy the video!