Ultimate Friday the 13th Part 3 Jason – by NECA Toys

I’ve been waiting for my next NECA horror figure fix and if you’ve subscribed to my Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you’d have already seen that I got a huge lot of figures in!

Hot off the heels of the Spooktober season where I ranked all the Friday the 13th films, NECA Toys has released their “Ultimate” version of Jason from the Friday the 13th Part 3 film including all the accessories you could want that Jason used in the film! Let’s break it down and see how it compares to the Ultimate Jason from Friday the 13th Part VI I looked at a while back! (Note: there’s a quick video at the bottom)

First thing first: this figure comes in the same style box as some of the other “Ultimate” figures I’ve taken a look at like the other Jason, but this box features the poster art from the movie on a lenticular cover to pay homage to this movie first being released in 3-D. I would have paid even $5-10 more for this figure just because of the front of the box. I can’t see any collector throwing this out.

The side of the box features the figure in a cool pose and on the back you can see the figure in various poses and with the mask off. I think that’s great for people like me who keep many of the figures in the package to keep them safe and display them that way (and also due to lack of space). As well, on the back of the box, NECA added the same description that was featured on the back of the VHS box! I love those throwbacks!

When you open the front flap (held by Velcro), you can see the figure again in a fantastic pose on the left. On the right is the figure itself in all its glory! The window box packaging, once again, is great for people who want to keep this in the package. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but these boxes are collector friendly so you’d have no issue taking this out, displaying it and then putting it back in the box. Maybe I should finally do that sometime.


Down below you can see a closer look at the figure with everything it comes with. I’m going to run down the accessories down a few sections down.

This figure has just over 25 points of articulation so you know you’re going to be able to get it in a series of amazing poses.

The outfit has that wrinkled and worn look to it with some great detailing on the shirt pockets. The pants are dirty and I love the blood splotch on the right leg with a little extra on the bottom of his left leg.

The hands also have some nice detailing on them as well, all the way down to some (weirdly to say) cool looking fingernails.

What’s Jason without his iconic hockey mask? Well, this is the movie where Jason actually got his iconic look. I know there are people out there that put Jason’s mask under the microscope with any release from any company. I’m sure there will be something for someone to nit-pick here. I think they did  really stellar job here and I really, REALLY like that it doesn’t look shiny and clean.

Not only do you get the mask that’s on the figure in the package, you get the damaged mask so you can recreated Jason’s look at the end of the movie when he gets the machete logged in his head, damaging the mask.  It’s really cool to see how they maintained the look of the mask, but changed the proportions a bit to show the damage the machete did to it. The addition of blood to the actual cut part is a great touch.

As well, the neck has dried blood stained on it which is something I’m sure NECA didn’t have to add but did to give the figure some love. I think it was a good idea as it makes it look like he’s been up to no good for a bit.

I also have to mention the mask comes off both of the heads they’re on to reveal the deformed Jason head that’s pretty damn spot on from the movie. Both heads have different expressions in the mouth and the head that has the machete damage is covered in blood.

Jason loves to off his victims in the most brutal of ways. How could he do it without some every day items and some weapons of choice? I think everything he used to kill in Friday the 13th Part 3 is actually included in this box.

You get: a wrench, a knife, pitchfork, fire poker, machete, axe, and harpoon gun. All these accessories have great detailing and paint applications on them. The wrench has great textures on it with some rust and blood. The life is bloody and also features a really detailed handle. Even the details on the head of the fire poker make you slap your head in awe because these are things companies don’t have to do – NECA does it because they pay close attention to detail and they know that fans deserve their money’s worth (or so I’m guessing from the figures I’ve gotten from them).

Just for fun, I took a snap of all three NECA Jason figures (well, the packaging they’re in) just to see how awesome these look when I display them. I gave the link above to the Part VI Jason rundown, so here’s the link to the NES Style Jason I took a look at a couple of months ago.


In comparison to the other Jason figures, I have to say they’re both of equal quality and your favourite will depend on what your favourite look of Jason is. I know many people swear by Part VI, but there’s something to be said of almost all of his looks throughout Part 2-Jason X (except Jason Goes to Hell…let’s forget about that movie). I think both figures stayed true to the source material and I really like both of them (plus the NES style). If I could only pick ONE for my shelf to buy an extra of, I think I would go for Jason from Part 3 after getting this in my hands.

You know, all these recent Jason and Freddy figures (as well as others I’ve snagged by NECA) have all been pretty outstanding. I think I’m finally going to do what I do with my Masters of the Universe figures – I think I’m finally going to get one of each to take out and display in my limited area in the ol’ man cave as these figures are just too awesome.  Thanks to everyone at NECA for making figures like this happen!

Enjoy the video!