WWE Survivor Series 2016 Results and Thoughts


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Ok, I’ll admit that WWE surprised me a bit with this one. I thought Zayn, Kalisto, and Lesnar were locks to win – but that didn’t happen. There were some really good moments in each of the matches (courtesy of the performance of the wrestlers), but there were just things during this PPV that left me and my buddy swearing at the TV as things made no sense. Here’s my breakdown of the show.

Women’s Team Raw  vs. Team Smackdown Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

The team captain Nikki Bella (who SHOULD have been the women’s champion), was surprisingly taken out before the match by someone mysterious. Geez…I wonder who it could have been? They’ll find out on Tuesday that it was Natalya, of course.

Nia Jax, who they’ve built up as an unstoppable force tapped out in the match. I don’t understand this. She should have at least hung on until the end as there’s no way in hell this lady should have been made to look weak by submitting after the build they’ve been giving her. It does make Becky Lynch look strong, but I think that Nia Jax should have stayed on until the end.

I found this match to have some decent spots but some of the chemistry of the ladies just didn’t mesh well in some parts. In addition, Charlotte attacking Bayley due to Bayley being the one getting the winning pin-fall really put the rest of the show in perspective: everyone is looking out for themselves no matter how much the announcers and the brand’s GMs are trying to convey that they want to win for their team.

Winners: Team Raw

The Miz (Champ)  vs. Sami Zayn – Intercontinental Championship Match

This match was decent but it was totally not up to par with the matches that Dolph Ziggler and The Miz have had over the past few months. For the finisher, Maryse rang the bell at ringside as Zayn was in the middle of applying a figure-four. The ref told him that he didn’t win, which caused enough distraction for the Miz to get the pin-fall. While it was a decent ending that also heightened The Miz’s heel tactics while saving Zayn, I’m still questioning why a) they took the belt off of Ziggler and b) why Ziggler didn’t show up for any sort of revenge seeing how other people were at each other’s throats all PPV.

Side note: with The Miz winning, I can see Daniel Bryan getting fed up with The Miz and trading him and the IC belt (although he’ll be sad to do it) to get the Cruiserweights over to Raw.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Tag Teams Team Raw  vs. Team Smackdown Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

Yeah, there were some good spots here with a few of the teams being allowed to shine except Breezango. If this is the best WWE can do – dressing them up as stripper cops – then just let them both go.

Anyone who came to see The New Day must have been disappointed with their short tenure in the match (like 2:00 minutes in). These guys never win in a non-title match and are just there to sell merchandise. If people were smart enough, they’d quit buying their garbage merch so we could have a team that’s worth of holding the belts instead of never defending them and filling up TV time with their awful Vince McMahon comedy (end of rant on that one).

I WILL say that I was hoping that American Alpha would have been the last team so they could showcase more of what they do BUT I was pleasantly surprised watching The Usos go at it with Sheamus and Cesaro because it actually made me want to see these two teams go at it again! That’s what great performers do when given time in the ring! In a close call at the end, Cesaro got the sharpshooter on Jey Uso, causing him to tap.

Winners: Team Raw

Side note: Hopefully Cesaro and Sheamus take the belts off of The New Day tonight on Raw.

Brian Kendrick (Champ)  vs. Kalisto – Cruiserweight Championship Match

Oh, Toronto. You are usually so red hot for PPVs and were for NXT the night before. Tonight, you seemed kinda tame, but there was no excuse for not getting into this one until near the end.

Look, I’m not a big Kalisto fan as WWE has actually done nothing to make me care about him. He’s a guy in a mask who has a really good ring skill set. Hell, that Spanish Fly move off of the canvas onto the mat was insane but we don’ t have any reason to invest in him.

The same can almost be said for Brian Kendrick. I dig the guy and they don’t have to build him any more for me as I’ve been a fan of his for year, but they really need to further his heel persona to make people want to see him get beat.

With the 205 Cruiserweight show debuting in two weeks, I thought it was a lock that Kalisto was going to win. Thankfully he didn’t (as I didn’t want him to) as Baron Corbin showed up to decimate him in the ring, causing a DQ and allowing Kendrick to retain the belt.

It’s funny how Corbin was too injured to compete in the traditional elimination match, but was OK enough to appear on the show to do what he did. The backstage scene where Daniel Bryan acted to be angry at him was laughable as I just didn’t buy it. The “I’ll deal with you Tuesday” line was just too funny as no boss would be like that.

Winner: Brian Kendrick

Side note: IF a trade between Raw and Smackdown (Miz w/the IC belt for the Cruiserweights) doesn’t happen this week, I wonder now how and IF the Cruiserweights will be going to Smackdown or if they’ll be working both Monday AND Tuesday nights.

Men’s Team Raw  vs. Team Smackdown Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

This one may take a while…

I’m going to start this off by saying I hope WWE and Vince (and Shane) all agree this is the last time we should ever see Shane in the ring. Not only did it make absolutely NO SENSE that Shane was giving the boots to Rollins and Reigns in the match (FFS), but watching him lay down on the apron was just a reminder that a different WRESTLER, like Ziggler, should have been in this match. The icing on the cake was where Shane went to perform RVD’s signature move jumping from turnbuckle to turnbuckle (not invented by Shane, like Cole would like you to believe) got speared by Reigns and got knocked silly. I bet he has a huge concussion and if that’s what it takes for the message to get across that this ridiculousness needs to end, then so be it. The boss’ son, a non-wrestler, should NOT be able to stand a fighting chance against any of these guys, and that’s why his match with the Undertaker was so frowned upon. Once again, he’s taking someone on the roster’s spot.

In this match, just like all the other matches, they had a spot where all the wrestlers in the ring were involved in a brawl. I don’t think that necessarily needed to happen, but the crowd always seemed to pop for it and the ref didn’t DQ any of them for it.

Speaking of DQs, I was wondering how they were going to protect the champions for each brand in this match if they were going to be eliminated and I think they did it well, although Kevin Owen’s DQ made absolutely no sense. You’re telling me that during this match, so many people interfered and were in the ring when they weren’t supposed to be and for some reason, at that specific point, the ref decided to DQ Owens for being in the ring? Garbage! That rationale didn’t apply to any other point in the match before or afterwards.

Speaking of rules not being applied elsewhere, Strowman got counted out (which is also a good save for Strowman’s character) due to James Ellsworth holding his leg, preventing him from getting in the ring. If Stowman got counted out, how come during this match (especially when the briefly reunited Shield were taking out AJ Styles) the ref wasn’t counting anyone out? It seemed like the rules just didn’t apply at certain sections of the match and it made no sense whatsoever. I did enjoy Strowman getting his revenge on Ellsworth by throwing him off the entrance through tables. Classy heel action!

It was interesting to see Dean Ambrose get booed and the amazing crowd reaction for AJ Styles! The only problem with that was when the members of the Shield worked together to take out AJ Styles, I don’t think WWE got the huge reaction they were looking for. Rollins still isn’t as hot as they want him to be, Ambrose has been acting like a heel ever since the John Cena/Styles program (although they got him away from it a bit with Ellsworth), and the majority of the people still don’t want Reigns shoved down their throats. It’ll be interesting to see the reaction Ambrose gets on Smackdown on Tuesday.

This was good booking to protect the Smackdown champion, AJ Style, by having three men take him out. Styles can get on the mic and brag that Ambrose needed the assistance and couldn’t get the job done himself. It’s almost like a double turn is coming.

While there is so much more I could possibly talk about in this almost hour long match that had its ups and downs (the downs being due to the rules being applied then not applied in a confusing manner), but I’ll end with the Orton and Wyatt vs. Reigns. I think the crowd would have actually rioted if Reigns actually won this and beat Orton and Bray Wyatt. It was clever to have Luke Harper as help, too as it shows Wyatt Family unity. I just don’t buy this Super-Reigns character and many WWE fans are sick of this kind of superhuman booking/character.

Orton taking the spear at the end (no DQ from the ref here with too many people in the ring) allowing Wyatt to hit the Sister Abigail on Reigns for the win, was fantastic. I’ve made no secret how this partnership story has bored me and left me confused (and my disdain for Orton in general), but this was good. I quite enjoyed seeing Bray Wyatt, Harper, and Orton all standing and posing at the end. The right team won the match and in a way I didn’t see coming…so I applaud most of what went into the match. It was the best of the night.

Winners: Team Smackdown

Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg

Yep. I’m as shocked as everyone else. I still can’t believe it. I just can’t believe that Lesnar, who beat the Undertaker’s streak and has destroyed everyone in the last three or so years, was beaten so fast and easily by someone who is 49 years old and had not been in a wrestling ring in 12 years. It makes absolutely no sense to me. How on Earth was Lesnar booked to look so weak? Maybe they’ll play this up as Lesnar being totally unprepared and overconfident.

On the other hand, this could set up more to this feud. Unfortunately, will anyone buy into this? They hyped up this confrontation so much only for us not to see a match and the ultimate force get absolute decimated. Why would we expect anything different the next time? Perhaps this was a way to buy some more time for Goldberg to shake off the ring rust and train so we can get another match, although I don’t think many of us were expecting to see a “wrestling” match and more of a bRawl.

Although this was a surprise (and I like surprises in wrestling), I just don’t know if it’s a good surprise yet. I was actually quite livid last night and wanted to throw my remote at the TV while swearing. Now, as I’m writing this, I’ll wait to see how this is handled on Raw tonight as Goldberg is now advertised to say “goodbye.”

Winner: Goldberg

The lead-up to this event was horrible and I’m so glad it’s over. That being said, now that I’ve had time to digest this event instead of immediately jumping on the keyboard and venting, I will say that this was more entertaining than I thought it would be, although there was still some insane overbooking, rules being enforced then not enforced which made matches confusing, and a main event that I’m still on the fence about. Let’s hope WWE really hits the refresh button on tonight’s Raw and tomorrow’s Smackdown after addressing the main event’s shocking ending, an update on Shane, and the ramifications of Team Raw losing.