Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Gygor


I’m going to start off this review blunt: I don’t like monkeys. I listen to The Monkees (laugh it up), but I’m not a fan of the primates for some reason. People seem to be amused by them or have enjoyed monkey toys in their youth but I have never liked them. Don’t ask me why as I can’t figure it out.

With all that said, when it was announced that Gygor was the next oversized figure that was going to be released in 2010 (in September to be exact), I was not very excited about it although the figure’s design did pique my interest and I was open to see how the figure would excite me in person.

I wondered why in the hell they would choose to make a giant gorilla for the MOTUC line. I guess they have so many other hybrids of animals in the line, why not a gorilla? Then I found out that back in the day, they were actually going to release a Gygor figure in the vintage line but he had only made the prototype stage (like a few of the other characters we got over the years like He-Ro). You can see pics and read a bit more about the history of at

Before I get to anything about the figure, as you can see below, he comes in the same style packaging that we’re used to with the line but it’s a lot larger. It’s in between Orko and Tytus’ packaging when comparing the size of it. On the back, the bio reveals that Gygor has been around for a long time – fighting against Oolar, the Savage He-Man, and the Goddess and put into suspended animation. Evil-Lyn then releases Gygor to help Skeletor’s army out. Odd.

The figure itself is pretty good for what the character is supposed to portray: one pissed off Gorilla. The figure is hollow, like Tytus, but is pretty hefty compared to him and the regular characters in the line. There is articulation in his neck, shoulders, elbows, thighs, and ankles. It’s thankfully a lot more than Tytus had. I would have loved some wrist articulation for this figure, though, as I think you could have more posing options.

The head sculpt is where it’s at with this guy. This is Planet of the Apes pissed off here, folks. This is one of the reasons I’m not totally against having this primate figure in my collection. The scowl on his brow and the baring of his teeth make it look like he’s mid battle-call or about to lay the smack down on one of Eternia’s finest.

I have to give it to the Four Horsemen because I am a fan of all the textures and layers they put into the figure with their sculpting to really make it look like he’s furry.

I have to say that I hate the colours on this figure. Why did they choose yellow and green? I don’t think he would have blended in with his environment very well and would stick out. I think they could have used a different colour to make him even more menacing.

Another reason this figure gets more bonus points in my books is because of his armour. Just the concept of a huge Gorilla wearing battle armour is so over the top, it’s actually cool. The armour and helmet can be removed so if you want to have Gygor lounging around, you can! I also love that the cape is so huge as it makes the presence of the figure even larger. As well, the cape has a logo on the back as well just to help Gygor represent his tribe.


Gygor in: Gorillas in the Nude

Gygor’s only accessory (unless you count the removable chest armour and forearm/shin armour) is his big honkin’ axe.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I know Gorillas are fierce and when pissed off enough, they can rip you to shreds and leave you in bits due to their sheer strength. Add in an axe to boot, and you have one primate you don’t want to screw with.

Gygor is one of those hit and miss figures for me. He’s a hit due to the facial expression, sculpting, and all the extra armour pieces. I don’t mind having a gorilla/monkey/primate figure in my house because of it. The miss is due to me wanting just a bit more articulation and hating on the yellow fur.