Club Grayskull Evil-Lyn

This figure sucks. Yep, I said it. OK, it’s not 100% garbage, but there is enough wrong with this that it made a highly anticipated figure of mine something that I would whip against the wall out of frustration if it wasn’t for what this figure cost me in Canadian dollars and that it isn’t that bad looking on the shelf from afar.
The Club Grayskull line has been a success in my mind since its inception this year. It brought main Masters of the Universe characters from the 80s Filmation cartoon to life in action figure for the first time and Mattel and the Four Horsemen seemed to knock it out of the park for the most part with all the figures in the line (minus the ankle fiasco and not painting the inside of Skeletor’s hood black).

Evil-Lyn is the second last figure to be released in this line as we don’t know if Super 7 will be continuing this 80s-style approach.  It was released in October (the 15th, I think) and was delayed a bit, but holy crap, I JUST got mine yesterday – November 16th!!!  Suffice to say I was excited and I tried to stay away from reviews – but as luck would have it, I read the review over on The and listened to Pixel Dan’s review while editing the photos I took.

Before I get into my rant, the packaging is the the attractive style that we’ve seen with the last few figures (including the slipcase that you can see in my He-Man review). This figure gets the updated side-window and also includes a Filmation style Evil-Lyn picture on the back.

Ok, let’s look at the positives first. This figure uses the more updated female buck and all the articulation we’re used to with it. I can say that all the joints are tight and I had no issues with loose joints. The colours, for the most part, get that cartoon look right – same with the sculpting of the face, bodice, and outfit. I actually like how the cape is styled, although I don’t like that it’s not removable.

Now, let’s start looking at the negatives. What is up with the quality control of the paint here?!?!  First, look at the colour of the skin on the body and compare it to the colour on the face. It’s TWO different tones and doesn’t match! It’s so off it’s incomprehensible how this could slide or get past people.

As for the paint, there’s slop everywhere and the lines are not smooth at all.  I can be more specific, too! Places that should be painted aren’t, while places that shouldn’t be painted are! The eyebrow lines aren’t followed, the pupils are different sizes, and the area on the shoulders where the cape is supposed to go around her neck isn’t painted well and is sloppy. The head itself has these weird bumps and there’s slop on her right eyelid.

This stuff is unacceptable for a figure that’s almost $30 dollars and way more in Canadian dollars (plus the highway robbery shipping). I’ll also mention that I think her neck is too long and that she can barely look down?

To take a breath of fresh air, the spell casting hand is nicely done and functions well to hold an accessory I’ll get to in a minute. The boots don’t have the gaps that ticked people off earlier in the year and aren’t loose. Still with me? Good because I’m about to go off again.

LOOK! More slop on the cape!!!  I don’t know if you can make it out in the picture above, but if you zoom in, there are dents and marks all over the back of the cape making it look horrible up close.

Here’s a plus and minus: one accessory is really cool where the one that should be a slam dunk isn’t. The jewel thing is called the Coridite Crystal and is from an episode of the Filmation cartoon. I haven’t seen it in years and years, although I own the DVDs. Truth be told, I’m planning revisiting the classic cartoon series with the new Episode Guide that was just released a month or two ago by James Eatock.

The second accessory is Evil-Lyn’s wand.  The colour of the ball in the middle isn’t what it should be and the thing looks like someone from the factory tried to bite it like an Everlasting Gobstopper and then realized it would break their teeth. How could they mess this up?


As you can in the pic below, the Four Horsemen thought ahead by integrating the spell casting hand with the Coridite Crystal so it could be held well. I’ll always have my figure on display with it in her hand to distract others from all the other stuff that’s wrong with this figure.

The wand, though, she can’t even hold it! It falls out of her hand unless the ball is rested properly. This toy line has been going on for how many years now and I get a figure that can’t even hold her wand? Give me a break!!!

Once again, without zooming in too much, this figure looks like it has sooo much promise with the sculpt, posing and style. As you can see, the ball of the wand rests in her hand because she can’t grip the handle. Such a shame.

Evil-Lyn comes with an alternate head, which features her without her headpiece on. I thought it was sculpted well in the prototype and when there are figures with two heads, I buy a second one so I can have both looks on my shelf.

I haven’t gotten my second one that I bought day-of, so hopefully I can have SOME redemption and get two better heads with it (or with the one I kept in the package). Here’s the thing, though: I SHOULDN’T have to look forward to an extra figure to have ONE that is worth the money and without this kind of quality.

As you can see, the eyebrow lines aren’t painted exactly on again, the pupils are still different sizes and there’s STILL slop on the eyelid. Not only that, the colour of the face is still not the same as the rest of the body AND if you look on her left cheek, it looks almost like there’s two different shades of paint on her face as well. What the hell?!??!

This is one of those instances where I can’t wait for the year to end with Mattycollector and Digital River out the door so Super 7 can take over.


All the different versions. I’ll retake when my 2nd CG Evil-Lyn arrives.

There was so much to look forward to with this figure and it is absolutely ruined from appalling paint, quality control, and a hand that can’t even hold a weapon. What a waste of money. Think I went over the top here? Let me know – but I expect much more from a collector’s line for the money I (we) pay. Maybe in retrospect, I should say MY figure sucks.

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