WWE Survivor Series 2016 Predictions & Thoughts Leading to the Event (w/Raw & Smackdown Thoughts)


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This Sunday’s Survivor Series is probably one of the most dull “on paper” events/cards I’ve seen in a long time. I didn’t even do my usual Raw/Smackdown rundown as nothing happened in my mind on the go-home shows to build my expectations (minus the shocking Intercontinental title switch and the return of The Undertaker). I have no real interest in the event and am looking forward to the NXT show on Saturday night more.

Here are a few key points I’ll go over as to why I’m currently so disengaged and incorporating my weekly show rundown with this piece. I feel like this is me being a broken record and yearning for this PPV to be over and done with.

-For someone who watches both shows and likes wrestlers on both programs, I really don’t have a vested interest for one team to win over the other in ANY of the traditional Survivor Series matches. There’s nothing on the line for any of the teams/individual wrestlers for me to care either way.

– The people in these traditional Survivor Series matches have so much animosity towards each other in their regular storylines it’s almost unfathomable that any of these people would work with each other. The ending to Raw this week was a decent build, but once again, it makes no sense that most of these people would be working together.

-If Raw or Smackdown really wanted their teams to win, why are they booking matches where they’re a) beating the crap out of each other and b)forcing those who detest each other to either to team with each other to creative further conflict?

-Speaking of the above point – look at the match between Nikki Bella and Carmella. They book this match for Smackdown and are calling it one of the most heated rivalries. They’ve booked this storyline as these two absolutely DETESTING each other with Carmella always jumping Nikki and saying some pretty rough things in her promos against her. So Charlotte and the Raw women’s team show up on Smackdown and all of a sudden, these two who have just been beating the shit out of each other for 10-12 minutes, are on the same page?!?!? This makes no fucking sense! NONE! It totally disengages the audience. They should have saved this match for the TLC PPV.

– I was never a Goldberg fan and Lesnar’s part time schedule/laziness/and lackluster matches this year have also caused me to stop caring about anything he does so I’m not excited to see this match. I will say I’m curious how they’ll book the ending to have the people cheer Goldberg but keep Brock the winner. Mind you, this is Toronto and they don’t like WWE shoving shit down their throat – I don’t think Goldberg will be cheered.

– All Raw and Smackdown has been about over the last few weeks is “will they or won’t they get along.” It’s been long, drawn out, and has bored me to tears.

– I’m absolutely floored that WWE Creative booked Shane McMahon to be on team Smackdown when “opportunity” they tout the show being built on should be given to someone else. If I was someone on the roster, I’d be pissed. Through this all, the McMahons are STILL feuding – enough already!

– Speaking of no sense, what the hell are they doing with Dolph Ziggler?!? They built him up as a fighting champing, overcoming all odds to win the big one and…..THEY HAVE HIM DROP THE BELT TO THE MIZ only a few weeks later?!?!? Good fucking grief! I understand they don’t necessarily want a face vs. face dynamic for the Intercontinental championship at Survivor Series, but then book a heel to challenge Ziggler at the PPV. This all really foreshadows that Zayn could win the belt, bringing the IC championship to Raw where the Cruiserweights will be heading to Smackdown.

– The only two matches that I really care to see and those are Sami Zayn vs. The Miz and Brian Kendrick vs. Kalisto and that’s only to see how they’ll handle this transition of the Cruiserweights going to Smackdown. This WILL happen because the new show featuring the Cruiserweights, called 205, will air right after Smackdown soon.

With all of this draining me with illogical booking and storytelling, I’m going to give my predictions to these Survivor Series matches in no more than two-three sentences.

Men – Team Raw  vs. Team Smackdown.

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Team Smackdown wins to further Stephanie McMahon berating her talent on Raw.


Women – Team Raw  vs. Team Smackdown

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The Smackdown women’s team has too many green females on it and the Raw brand is stacked. If former NXT Champions Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Bayley can’t win this match, they should never have a WWE Women’s championship on them again.

Side note: Look in the picture above. Why is Nikki the team leader?  Becky is the champ and she’s second fiddle in the Smackdown team’s picture.


Tag Teams – Team Raw  vs. Team Smackdown

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Who cares? I say Team Smackdown.


The Miz (Champ) vs. Sami Zayn – Intercontinental Championship Match

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Sami wins this to bring the belt to Raw to set up the Cruiserweight switch (and maybe a trading of The Miz to Raw for someone else).


Brian Kendrick (Champ) vs. Kalisto (Cruiserweight Championship)

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Kalisto wins but he shouldn’t as it only serves the purpose as to what’s predicted above. The ONLY way I see both the IC match and this one having their champs retain is if the 205 show is taped somehow where it’s not needed for the Cruiserweights to be on Tuesday nights.


Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg

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I’m dreading this match and I think Toronto eats them alive just like they did 12 years ago. If they book Goldberg to win, it does nothing but give some people a feel good moment for Goldberg. As well, it would show the audience you don’t have to be in a ring for 12 years and take out the most dominantly booked WWE Superstar in the last two years which would be absolutely mind boggling. If Lesnar wins, the last few weeks have really been for nothing. While I just can’t fathom a double DQ here (as there will be a riot), I can see Lesnar get the win, a beat-down ensue, Goldberg then getting the best of Lesnar and stand in the ring tall with his family. Winner: Lesnar

So there you go – my unorthodox look at this Sunday’s PPV. It has been a booking disaster, in my opinion, and I can’t wait for it to be over. I’m not sure how six matches is going to fill a four hour show. You know NXT Takeover: Toronto is gonna kick Survivor Series’ ass.