Masters of the Universe Classics Collector’s Choice – General Sundar


We’re getting close to the end  for Masters of the Universe Classics staying with MattyCollector and Digital River -and good f’n riddance. I have a crazy story involving this figure, but I’ll leave it up to you to assume the worst.
Not only that, seeing how I’m finally typing this up on November the 10th (and this guy shipped out late October), I STILL haven’t gotten my two subscription Club Grayskull Evil Lynn figures nor the extra I ordered. What a bunch of horseshit! Anyway, there’s my rant and now I’m going to focus on this figure.

Look, I don’t have as much of relationship to the She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon as many others that lurk the forums of many MOTU sites. I watched it when I was a kid when it was on and do have fond memories of it, but I don’t own any on DVD even thought I have all four of the huge DVD box sets of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I just spent my money elsewhere and while I would get those DVDs to rewatch Princess of Power (especially now that I’d love to expose my daughter to it all when she can hopefully appreciate it), it’s never on my radar.

Suffice to say, those who really love POP were really gunning for this figure to be made for a long time. I always saw his name mentioned over at and a couple other forums I’ve read for years and years.  I say, “bravo!” to those who get the characters they want established in plastic and while there have been a few duds over 8+ years of MOTUC, I never have really complained that the vocal people can band together to get they want. I have tried to welcome most characters that have been released with open arms.

When General Sundar was announced, I was actually excited. Not because I really remembered anything about the character, but because he just looked cool. Here was a guy, like Adora, who was brainwashed by the Horde, finally broke free, and tried to redeem his past by fighting for good. Who can’t get behind that? Not only that, this guy comes with THREE additional heads.

I’ll get past the boring stuff first. Yep, this figure comes on the same blister card packaging as the rest of them. Once again, there’s no bio on the back due to the laziness of the company and no one stepping up to the plate. At least they chose the appropriate characters to go on the card back. I find it odd that a figure that’s supposed to have such a redemption is stuck with a “Evil Horde” sticker on the front of the packaging. Maybe I’m ignorant here and it’s because this is how he appeared as a Horde member and not when he quit and turned face.

Out of the package, this figure is beefy! While he’s on the standard male figure buck the majority of the figures have been on, this guy’s armour that goes on top is massive. He actually feels like you’re getting your money’s worth in Canadian dollars WITH shipping. That’s how massive he feels and looks. I was actually quite surprised.

I think, and you can interject here, that it’s probably the addition of the cape that creates the aura of a bulky figure as the majority of this figure is a rehash of the Horde Troopers that came out a few years ago (yes, once again, I’m trying to do my MOTUC Rewind feature in chronological orders, so it’ll be a bit until I get to that 2-pack).

My figure has tight joints and I didn’t have any issue whatsoever with him falling over or being able to hold any poses.

Up close, the sculpt of the face is well done although the pupils seem a tad big. The right side of his helmet looks a little rough, too. I know people wanted him to have a helmet-less head included, but because I have no attachment to the character, I’m not complaining as this “general” helmet head suits him just fine. I’m not sure if I really like the broom-like piece on the very top, though.

The cape isn’t detachable but is blended well into the figure with the two connector pieces in the shoulder area.


As mentioned before, although Sundar shares the majority of this body and armour with the Horde Troopers, you can see that they added a double gun holster to his waist. I can’t remember for the life of me if he used these in the two episodes (I’m SURE it was two) he appeared in, but the guns fit snugly in them and they look good on him.

With two guns on his side, you know this guy may be ready to be trigger happy. Who am I kidding? If he’s reformed, he’s not pulling his guns out on anyone – especially in the POP universe.

General Sundar comes with this weird Horde emblem staff thingy. I have no clue really what it’s for or what it would do. Maybe it’s just to represent! It’s well sculpted but it just seems a tad useless.  I guess I shouldn’t complain as with some of the figures, we’ve seen the bare minimum done, so anything extra is good. I supposed you could also give this to any Horde Troopers that are in your collection, too.

I mentioned before that the figure came with three (yeah, THREE) different heads that you can swap out. There were rumours (and still are) that a single carded Horde Trooper was/is coming in November. Well, it’s almost November sale time as of writing this, I’ve already been pre-charged for the two Collector’s Choice figures, and  (SURPRISE!) there has been no mention of them (or the Roton vehicle). I guess the rationale with the three heads was buy a Sundar and then when the Troopers went on sale, you could build your army with more variation courtesy of these helmets.  F’n Matty. No one can even send a simple email out to their subscribers explaining shit.

Suffice to say, I jumped the gun and I bought more Sundars just in case this didn’t happen so I could build my army this way. Time will tell if it was foolish or wise move. I have buddies I can gift them to if need be, so I guess I’m not too worried.

As for the extra heads, he comes with a Navy Trooper helmet, an Eternian Invasion helmet, and “modern comic” Trooper helmet. The cool thing is you have so many choices on how to display the Sundar figure and/or any Troopers you already have with all these extras. I do applaud Matty and the team for going above and beyond with these.


Down below, I’ve taken pics of Sundar with the alternate heads just to give you an idea of the different looks you can give him.

The pictures down in this area show the additional heads on the Troopers that I already have in my collection from a few years ago.


To wrap up, I have to state again that I have absolutely no nostalgia or connection to this character. The funny thing is, once again, an excellent design (albeit some crappy paint apps and rough edges) mixed with a plethora of extras actually make me really dig General Sundar and welcome him into my collection. I really do hope the Horde Trooper gets a single card release and Matty surprises us all before throwing in the towel, as I want the extra heads to go to them. I won’t hold my breath, though. Thank goodness I picked up extra Sundars just in case.