WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Thoughts – Nov. 7th & 8th, 2016


Source: wwe.com

Another week and another one-two punch for these two programs heading into what looks to be a pretty boring Survivor Series that’s pushing brand superiority. Ugh.


Holy shit…was Raw ever a waste of time. I feel so bad for those people in Glasgow, Scotland as I’m sure they’ve waited a long time for WWE Raw and they got an absolute snooze-fest.

Over an hour and a half into the show they had only had two matches. The whole show had pointless matches, except the Cruiserweight tag match that was used to focus on Rich Swann becoming more of a threat to Kendrick’s title and to give Noam Dar a baby-face home city match and sendoff.

I can’t believe there was so much talking in this show. All the men, women, and tag teams in the Survivor Series matches talked and talked and talked…. It was horrible. Most of the time Raw is hard enough to sit through for three hours, but last night took the cake. As I was flipping on Raw, I said to my wife, “it’s gonna be crap tonight.” She asked why and I told her that they’re two weeks away from Survivor Series so nothing major will happen and because it’s a taped show from overseas, they’re just going to dial it in like they usually do. WWE Creative didn’t prove me wrong.

The beginning of the show and main event made absolutely no sense at all. You’re telling me that these men all have to work together just because of brand loyalty? Yeah, right. Then Stephanie McMahon picks Rollins for the team – the man has been verbally abusing her and getting in her face the last couple of weeks. Does that make sense? Then she storms out of the ring saying that their jobs depended on them winning the Survivor Series match. What does that mean? She didn’t elaborate. Then she decides that all the men can fight each other in the main event to let out their aggression. OK…. Where in the fuck is the logic in any of this?

The women’s segment was hijacked by the crowd singing for Bayley. I don’t know if it was because they were absolutely thrilled to see Bayley or if they were 100% bored as hell by this time. Either way, I don’t blame them. I will agree with the Raw announcers: Raw’s women’s team is better and there is no reason why they should not dominate Smackdown’s team.

Throw in garbage tag team talking bullshit and Gallows and Anderson winning because belts aren’t on the line (again – f’n New Day) plus long vignettes trying to hype the Golberg vs. Lesnar match and you got one horrible, horrible night. I totally feel for those people who bought tickets to this show. Thank goodness for my PVR.

Smackdown Live

Smackdown Live was a tad better, but not by much.  Just like Raw, team unity was promoted and encouraged for no reason than to beat the other show’s team for no reason at all AND the people who are supposed to be working together are fighting each other in the main event. Please stop the stupidity.

Speaking of stupid, Baron Corbin, who they hyped up with a cool vignette last week is taken out by, of all people, Kalisto, and is off Team Smackdown. So Kane is put in the main event as a major player and what happens at the end? Daniel Bryan announces that he’s picking Shane McMahon to be the replacement for Baron Corbin on Team Smackdown. Does this make any fucking shred of sense?!?! Instead of putting Kane or ANY other WRESTLER on the team, they chose a mid-forty year old non-wrestler instead. Holy shit, WWE Creative are a bunch of idiots. This is even more illogical than teammates fighting each other to build unity.

As well, because the Intercontinental Championship will now be defended in a match where Dolph Ziggler could potentially lose it to Sami Zayn and the belt could switch brands, Raw agrees to the stipulation of if Kalisto beats Brian Kendrick in a Cruiserweight match, all the Cruiserweights will be exclusive to Smackdown? While this may also all seem preposterous, I’m glad that there’s a hint the Cruiserweights may be going to Smackdown as even during a long, three hour Raw, WWE Creative still has no idea how to promote or showcase these men properly.

Thankfully we’re seeing the Cruiserweights are getting their own hour long show called 205 that will air after Smackdown on the WWE Network. I’m excited for this as this may be a “can’t miss” show. Finally these guys may have more time to shine.

So there are now four announcers for the show? Why is this necessary? Joey Styles could carry a show by himself. Remember the awesome days of Bobby “the Brain” Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon? How about Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler? These are people that could help put wrestlers over and help tell stories. Now we mostly have garbage banter.

To wrap this up, the main event of this show should have been the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship match that featured Becky Lynch against Alexa Bliss. Look, the match wasn’t a classic but it was damn good and Bliss was pretty decent in it – better than I expected. It shows that these two can work well together, put on a compelling match and still have room to grow. While Lynch did retain, the ref missing Bliss’s foot on the rope gives a good “out” and can be used to set up the rematch hopefully at Survivor Series.

I personally can’t wait until Survivor Series is done with. Actually, I can’t wait until January when they start to build the Royal Rumble PPV, as this time of year with WWE is usually dull. Too bad with the brand extension and the mass amount of talent they have on both shows, there are wrestlers still not being used in matches or storylines.