Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Roboto

It’s probably been a month or so since my last look at a figure (Chief Carnivus). With the Halloween season in swing on my site, I really only tackled last month’s MOTUC Collectors Choice figure Night Stalker.  I still haven’t finished my General Sundar review (it’s coming this week – don’t worry) and I’m catching up on music ,too!
I’ve been trying to go through the Masters of the Universe Classics figures in order of release but I totally forgot that Gygor also came out in the same month as Carnivus, not Roboto.  Because I’ve taken pictures for Roboto and I haven’t for Gygor yet, I’m writing about him first.  Gygor will definitely be the next Rewind figure I get to so I can get back on track.

Roboto came out on October 15th, 2010, and lasted just over two hours before selling out. I was actually surprised that he lasted that long considering some of the figures before him had more rapid sell-out times. Perhaps I feel that way because I loved Roboto as a kid. As you twisted his waste, his inside gears would move and his jaw would go up and down. Let’s not forget he was/is a badass looking robot!! Kids love robots!!!

Once again, Roboto is in the usual packaging as the other figures. I find it so funny that they have his original name as something generic and that he was built initially as a chess opponent.  Giving him a “heart shaped emotion program” almost seems like a throwback to the Wizard of Oz and the Tin Man.

Roboto is in the same scale as the other figures and features the same bottom half as Trap Jaw. The cool thing about the figure is that the hands, the arms, the torso, and the head (of course) are all new sculpts for him!

The arms have circuitry running all throughout, which is a really nice touch. The inside is crystal clear and – surprise – when you turn the waist, they DO move. I know that there were supposed to be no “action features” with this line, but they gave in to give this little nod to the original figure. The mouth on the head does not move, though.

The gears are different sizes and colours and it’s a great upgrade from the vintage figure. I like seeing how the arms also plug into the torso as well.

I find the colours of the figure to really pop – especially on the head. The metallic silver, blue strip, red “mouth piece,” and black all come together in a very aesthetically pleasing way. In the pics above, you can see the cool touch on the back of the head with blue section and how there is detailing on the neck as well! Props!!!

Just like the vintage figure, Roboto comes with three different plug-in accessories for his hand. Not only that, he actually COMES with his right hand – something the vintage toy never did. I LOVE that they included that! As you can see below, we get updated versions of his axe-blade, laser gun, and claw/clamp. All the weapons have a touch of blue that make them look more high end (unlike the one paint job they’re doing with some of the weapons this year).


Below you can see the detailing on Roboto’s new arms and how detailed they are. The detailing continues on both his hands as well. This guy looks good no matter what you choose his right hand to be. Yep – it’s only his right hand that’s removable to put the interchangeable accessories in. Should they have made both hand removable? I can see some people wanting it, but I don’t know if I would have posed him like that as I would want him to stay a little more like the vintage figure.

Below are two pics of Roboto with his trusty claw/clap accessory and one with his axe – just waiting to jump into the action.

I think Roboto was an amazing upgrade from the vintage figure. The new details and hand are great and there’s nothing that deviates too much from the original. I think the addition of all the little extra details are what make this figure more special.

I’ve read on forums that many people (to this day) have experienced cracking in Roboto’s torso. The one in the package and the one on my shelf don’t have any issues whatsoever (and my figure has actually dropped on the floor a few times).