Mint in Box – Freddy vs. Jason from NECA Toys


Starting this site has allowed me to feature lots of cool things over the past few months and now that Halloween is tomorrow, I’m actually kinda bummed that the Spooktober season will be coming to a close as there are a lot of things I could still fit into it.I can’t let the season end without looking at more horror figures, though. This feature is going to look at the Freddy vs. Jason set that NECA put out in 2003! I’ve had this in the box and displayed in my collection since it came out as I couldn’t pass up something this awesome.

I already looked back at (and ranked) the films from the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street franchises, but I left out the Freddy vs. Jason movie as I couldn’t make up my mind as to where to where it should be put. Instead I just thought I’d mention it quickly in this look back at the figures instead.

I loved this movie and still do. You have horror’s two most recognizable icons battling it out in a movie that combines a lot of great action, kills, gore and more! Yeah, some of the acting isn’t the best, but it’s really all about Freddy and Jason, so who cares about the other people involved, right?

Actually, the plot revolving Freddy using Jason to have people in Springwood think he’s back is quite clever.  As Freddy gets stronger, he realizes that Jason is doing too much of the killing he loves and isn’t going to let Jason take his spotlight and it escalates from there. I was satisfied with the ending because you still asked yourself “who REALLY won?” I’d love to see another movie as there were rumours that Ash from The Evil Dead series was going to make an appearance in a sequel but it never happened. One can dream, right?

This figure set is fantastic. I love when companies like NECA make their products for people like me that keep the majority of their stuff in the box for display purposes. I just don’t have the room (or means) of having all my collection out of the box. Here, the packaging is attractive, holds the figures well, is aesthetically pleasing (especially the back of the box), and showcases the two figures and their accessories clearly.

The sculpts on these figures is amazing. Just starting off with Freddy (sorry, I’ll always root for Freddy over Jason), the look on his face and the pose they put him in, show intensity and emotion.  Just look that his left hand to see the detail they put into their figures – and this is over ten years ago! For those wondering, yes, Freddy’s hat can be removed to showcase even more superb detailing on his head.

It’s been a while since I’ve looked long and hard at this set but after doing photos for it, I really appreciate this Jason figure even more. The sculpting and detailing on his outfit blow my mind but the thing that really impresses me the most is how well they put him in scale with Freddy and how large this figure actually is!

The details on the mask are really well done as well.  Taking my pics, though, it looks like the tip of the nose on the mask has an issue. It’s not really noticeable when you’re not doing close-ups, though.

You can also take off Jason’s mask to reveal the hidden horrors underneath. While I can’t show you that, one of the sites I love – Michael Crawford’s Toy Reviews – have pics that I’ve linked to. Make sure you check out his site weekly!

The figures come on separate bases that can be connected to recreate one of the scenes in the film. I love the detailing in the flames.  You could have just released the figures as is, but having something like diorama bases just make you stand up and applaud a company like NECA who goes the extra mile for collectors.


Speaking of extras, check out the extra heads for Freddy! You get the hardcore demon head (just look at the sculpting on those teeth), and the head with the winking face that ends the movie. You can also remove the head from Jason’s hand. What cool bonuses!

While this set is older, it really stands up – even more so than the McFarlane figures that were put out back in the 90s. The Ultimate figures of Freddy and Jason and amazing, if you haven’t seen them yet (you can also check out my look at the video game inspired Freddy and Jason, too). I also have the next two (Dream Warriors Freddy and Part 3 Jason still on preorder from Killer Toyz, so hopefully I’ll have them in my hands soon!

I previous also took a look at the Freddy vs. Jason trivia game that was released.  I’ve still got more Freddy and Jason from NECA coming today and tomorrow to top off the Halloween season.  Stay tuned!