Mint in Box – 18″ Freddy and Jason figures from NECA Toys

To continue on with the Freddy and Jason theme from the last few days, I’m going to showcase two figures that I got a LONG time ago, but they’re still all nice and mint!

I say this all the time but I keep many figures in the box because it’s better for the space I have and I love the looks of these pieces of art in the packaging! The packaging for many figures is just as essential as lots of work sometimes goes into the development of it. Maybe one day if I have more room and can get an extra of these each, I’ll take em out!

The first figure I’ll look at is the 18″ Freddy.  I think this came out in 2011.  It plays clips from the movie but, unfortunately, seeing how I haven’t taken this out of the box, I’ve never heard them. A bummer, yeah, but that’s what I get for being this type of collector.

The sculpt is fantastic and I’m almost certain the figure (and the second head) is just enlarged from the figure used in the Freddy vs. Jason set that I took a look at. The cool thing about everything being enlarged is that you can really appreciate the textures sculpted into the clothing and the skin.


How can you not love the packaging for this figure? I love the colour scheme and that NECA used the figure itself instead of a picture of Freddy for the promotion. That’s standing behind your product!

The pictures below are just closer looks at the heads for Freddy. I’m not sure if the hat is removable for this figure. If anyone can let me know, that would be cool.  Sorry for the spots on the box but that’s what I get for moving a lot and keeping things in the box.

I also have to point out that I love the frail neck of the sweater.


Here’s another figure from 2011 and this one was bought for me for a Christmas present from my sis (THANK YOU!). I remember seeing this figure packaged with the bag head or the hockey mask head – depending on how you’d display it in the packaging. As this was a gift, I didn’t have a choice and I would have bought the hockey mask version – BUT – because my sister got this for me, I have appreciated it as I only have one other Jason with this look so it’s unique for my collection and I wouldn’t have it any other way now.


Just like Freddy, I really like the packaging and because it also tells a story, it gets bonus points. Unfortunately due to lots of moving (and drunk friends/ex-band members in the the jam room), this packaging has more wear and tear than Freddy’s.

I claim ignorance here as I’m not sure if this figure is an original sculpt for an 18″ figure as I don’t have any NECA Jason figures in the 6″ scale from this far back besides my Jason vs. Freddy figure (and the Ebay aftermarket is a bitch to score them for a moderate price).

I do really like the details in the bag/cloth head and I’m really glad that we got a Jason collectible in this scale with this head as it’s so unique to get Jason like this.

For the hockey mask I think the attention to detail here is well done, especially with the paint apps that show some wear and tear.  The eyes behind both masks really portray relentlessness.

Just like Freddy, the details in the clothing and the textures really make me wish I was a sculptor because with that much attention to detail as you can tell the passion and love for the original material.

While I would love to have an extra set of figures to take out and pose, I do appreciate keeping the in their boxes. Seeing how this is all collector friendly packaging and taking these pictures, I think I may be on the verge of taking them out for the hell of it and then putting them back in later as I’m never gonna sell these awesome items anyway.