Disgusting/Shocking (to some) Metal/Death Metal Artwork – Part 3


Yeah, I changed the title up as some of these may not be “disgusting” or “gory,” but they may shock some. That’s the point of horror and heavy metal, right? Shocking BUT making a statement as well. Who am I kidding? There are bands and artists out there just out there for shock value alone. Oh well. Here are some more from my collection!

If you missed out on PART ONE or PART TWO, you can just click the links!!! Like I said before, I’m not doing this as an album review feature. I’m just sharing album covers from my collection that may fit into the Halloween season!

Entrails – Tales from the Morgue  (FDA Rekotz, 2010)


Old school style Death Metal meets old school Death Metal art. Need I say more? This almost reminds me of the 80s horror film, Re-Animator.

Emperor – Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk  (Century Black, 1999)


One of the best metal bands ever with, I think, their best album cover.

Dragged Into Sunlight – Hatred for Mankind  (Prosthetic Records, 2009)


Until taking pics for this album, I totally forgot that this was seven years old. Just seems like yesterday that I got it. If you’ve never heard it, find it and crank it. Amazing album!  They just out out an album this year, collaborating with Gnaw Their Tongues – a one man musical project that I feature down below!

Exodus – Let There Be Blood  (Megaforce Records, 2008)


I’m not getting into the debate of “should they have/they shouldn’t have” re-recorded their debut, Bonded By Blood. While the original cover shocked some back in the day, I’m featuring this cover because I think it’s pretty sick. Mind you, they almost look like Living Dead Dolls.  OK…I’ll say that I dug this new version of the album. Hate me.

Grave – Fiendish Regression  (Century Media, 2004)


Nothing says “shocking” than more religious imagery, right?

Grave – Burial Ground  (Regain Records, 2010)


Same as above! Classic death metal sound, though! You really can’t go wrong with a release from Grave. Head-banging goodness! This cover has an almost cartoony look to it but it’s still a bit creepy.

Gnaw Their Tongues – All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity
(Burning World/Crucial Blast, 2009)

If anyone was to ask me what the scariest, most frightening album I have is, this would be it. This is like the soundtrack to being trapped in Hell. No joke. Although this is the only album I own by this one man project, I’m sure the other ones are just as insane. I never bought other releases as I have no idea how worse (or better) it could get than this. Listening to this in the dark just increases the anxiety this album creates.

Gorerotted/Gruesome Stuff Relish/Gronibard – Split Your Guts
(Deepsend Records, 2003)


Three death metal bands on one split CD. This album cover foreshadows the insanity that the boys (and their artists they chose for the covers) brought to the gore-metal genre in the early 2000s that I’ll get to down below.

Gorerotted – Mutilated in Minutes  (Relapse Records, 2002)


This is the re-release of Gorerotted’s debut album. It’s so over the top it’s funny. The art is gruesome, but you can tell that it’s not to be taken seriously.

Gorerotted – Mutilated in Minutes  (Dead Again Records, 2000)

Here’s all the art for the original release. Pick which one you like better!

Goatwhore – Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun  (Rotten Records, 2003)


Goatwhore is a fantastic band. I mean, any band with links to the excellent Acid Bath is OK in my book. This sludgy death metal is fantastic for days where you just don’t care about anything and just want to crank something dark. The album cover also portrays what you will hear on the album.

General Surgery – Necrology  (Relapse Records, 1991)


This may be tame to some but when I was going through my collection last night to find albums, this just hit a nerve. I couldn’t imagine being the guy on the table. It looks like one of those guys in the back is smiling, too. My cover of this 1st pressing is a little beat up, so excuse the creases.

Hate Eternal – Conquering the Throne (Wicked World, 1999)


I have a love/hate relationship with this band, but that’s a whole other story. What I’m focusing on here is the absolutely evil artwork for the album. I think it’s the best cover art the band has ever had.

Hypocrisy – Osculum Obscenum  (Nuclear Blast, 1993)


One of the first releases from Hypocrisy brilliantly meshes the themes of religion and alien beings that the band has been known for. I love the stuff coming from the eyes.

Grand Supreme Blood Court – Bow Down Before the Blood Court (Century Media, 2012)


This death metal super group bring the classic death metal sound in the realm of Asphyx (thanks to vocalist Martin Van Drunen). The artwork totally rules! Grab a beer and crank this one!

Thanks for joining me for this edition. I’m not sure if I’ll get to more before the Halloween season is over, so we’ll see if I continue this just for the hell of it, or save more for next year. Let me know what you’d like to see!