Movies for the Halloween Season – Part 5


Welcome to the fifth installment of my look at Horror, Fantasy, and Sci- Fi movies that I own that I think are great for the Halloween/Spooktober season.If you missed any of the previous editions here are quick links to part ONE, TWO, THREE, and FOUR!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre  (1974)

I’m going to star this edition off with one of my personal favourite horror movies of all time.  I can’t even believe this was made before I was even born!

The hilarious thing for many of you may be that I didn’t see this until I was 20 or 21. I knew about Leatherface and actually had a McFarlane figure of him before I even saw the movie. My buddy had it in his collection and he asked if I saw it. We all had good beer buzzes going and he through it on during a gathering of friends. We watched, it freaked me out, and I didn’t want to walk home after it as it really impacted me!

This movie follows a group of friends traveling in their van when it unfortunately runs out of gas and end up near a house that seems to be deserted, although there is a generator running and they figure someone is there to help. Some of the teens decide to go one by one to look for some help at the house and to find each other when they notice others have been gone too long. Inside the house are horrors that they would never imagine seeing and situations people wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy.

I guess for most people, it goes without saying that the chainsaw wielding Leatherface is one of the people that is in the house, but the whole family are just as bad.

While there is some blood and a bit or gore, I find this movie to be way more psychological than anything. The camera shots and what you’re NOT seeing on the screen help create this atmosphere. As well, the performance and screaming from the lead actress, Marilyn Burns, who plays Sally, is so intense it can actually shake you to your core. She legitimately looks and sounds like she’s actually trapped in the situations they put her in in real life.

If you’ve NEVER seen this movie, this is probably one of my top picks on the list. To me, I think it’s one of the best horror movies ever made.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

Tobe Hooper and the studio knew they had a cult classic on their hand with the first movie so a sequel was produced but not for 11/12 years later. In this film, it’s almost like a cat and mouse game where the hero, Stretch, is out to find Leatherface and the family, but is captured but spared. From the beginning to the end, there’s insanity and gore galore. You’ll also never forget Chop Top.

This movie has way more blood and gore (and shocking scenes) than the first movie, but I find it so over the top and there’s so much dark comedy in it that it’s hard to take it as seriously as the first movie. It’s a damn good time but it’s very different than the classic first film.


Something Wicked This Way Comes  (1983)

Usually when you rented a Disney movie when you were a kid (or your parents did it for you), you’d assume it the same old singing and fun filled crap, right? Well, I don’t remember how we ended up renting this movie, but this movie scared the shit out of me when I was 7 or 8 and watched it.

From famous author Ray Bradbury, this is the tale of a Carnival that hits the small town and Will and Jim are impressed with the ringmaster, Mr. Dark, and the complexity of the attraction.  The boys start to discover that Mr. Dark is out to control the entire town and the people in it.

I guess there was a lot of drama during and after the filming of this film, so you can look it all up on the Wikipedia page, but if you ignore all that, check out the film if you have never seen it as you may be pleasantly surprised with something this creepy under the “Disney” banner.


Explorers  (1985)

Here’s another fun movie that blends the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres, but is a good watch for this time of year.

Three boys named Ben, Darren, and Wolfgang end up befriending each other and end up discovering how to create a “bubble” that can travel fast and through the atmosphere.From there, they create a ship that could be encompassed by it and decide to see what’s in the universe. They end up being captured by a ship that has some larger than life beings aboard it.

While this isn’t a horror movie, this is a feel-good movie with enough Sci-Fi goodness and alien charm to make it an essential view if you have or haven’t seen it before.


Halloween  (1978)

I started this edition with a cult classic and one of my favourites of all time, so I’ll end it with another. John Carpenter’s Halloween, without question, is one of the finest slasher/horror films ever created. The performance by Jamie Lee Curtis and the suspense this movie creates is the perfect blend a movie needs to just encompass your mind and have you on the edge of your seat.

6 year old Michael Myers stabs his sister to death at the beginning of the movie. He is placed in a Sanitarium but escapes during a transportation on his way to a hearing. From there, the iconic costume and mask are found and he begins stalking people.

No matter how many times you see this movie, you can’t help be become engaged in the narrative and the way it’s filmed. The music, the acting and the plot work so well together that it’s no surprise this is one of the most icon horror movies of all time.

I still have more movie goodness to come!