Disgusting (to some) Metal/Death Metal Artwork – Part 2


Welcome to Part 2 of my look at the grossest and most disgusting album covers that I have in my collection. If you missed part one, check it out!

Like I said in my first column, it is all subjective and I know there are more shocking and disturbing covers and art out there in the metal community. I’m just sharing what I have for the Halloween/Shocktober season! Let’s get going on this edition’s choices.

Cattle Decapitation – Humanure
(Metal Blade Records, 2004)


Here’s an amazing album cover! It depicts a cow being the animal that consumes humans and not the other way around. The cow is actually shitting out human pieces. Fantastic commentary! This album cover was deemed too disturbing for many retailers so the label/band had to create a censored cover which was basically just the logo and the background.

Cliteater – Eat Clit or Die
(Restrain Records, 2005)


The title of the record parodies SOD’S Speak English or Die while the cover is an over-the-top, cartoony portrayal of some sort of monster serial killer. It’s pretty gross, but in a Dead Alive over the top, humourous kind of way.

Cradle of Filth – The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
(Cacophonous, 1994)


This cover art is from Cradle of Filth’s first album. I don’t know if I’d consider this really gross or disgusting, but others would. I really just think it’s a cool album cover.

Danzig – Danzig III: How the Gods Kill
(Def American Recordings, 1992)


You need to feature some creepy looking album covers that feature the work of H.R. Giger on this list, right? This one I really like due to the fact it looks like someone is trapped by demons and a snake. More Giger artwork that certain bands used will be coming up in future installments.

Deicide – Once Upon the Cross
(Roadrunner Records, 1995)

When I first got this CD when I was, oh like 14 or something, it really made my jaw drop because I thought, who in the hell would get away with such blasphemy? Well, Deicide and a lot of other bands that I had yet to discover. Because this art has to do with religion and Christ, well, it can offend or upset a lot more people. It’s odd that my vinyl version of this doesn’t have the dissected Jesus picture.

Deceased – Blueprints for Madness
(Relapse Records, 1995)


While this cover isn’t as shocking or brutal as other on this list or the previous one, I wanted to give Deceased and King Fowley some props. The whole concept of this album cover is definitely creepy and I can read some significant social commentary in it.

Death – Leprosy
(Combat/Relapse, 1988)


Some can debate that some of Death’s other covers could be worse than this, but to me, the whole leprosy thing would always creep me out. Body parts rotting and falling off people is almost as bad as needles for me in horror films.

Dimmu Borgir – Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
(Nuclear Blast Records, 2001)


I put this one on the list as it’s kind of similar to the barbed wire and torture found in the Aborted album I featured in the first edition of this feature.

That’s a wrap for part two of this feature. More gory and horrific metal goodness to come!