WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Thoughts – October 18 & 19, 2016


Source: wwe.com

Another week in WWE programming means another double take article on what I found entertaining and well done, as well as complete garbage with this week’s shows!


So the ladies may be the main event on the Hell in the Cell PPV, huh? Good for them, but WWE is expecting a lot of out these two if that will be the case. Their one on one interviews with Lita and keeping them out of matches were good ideas to hype up this main event. I’m just not sure how they’ll deliver over the other two matches on the card to be worthy of the main event slot as well. I’m not saying by any means that they shouldn’t be THE main event, I’m just saying they better keep their eyes peeled on the other two Cell matches if they want to take away the “match of the night” and true “main event” title.

It was neat to see the teased break up of Owens and Jericho. Jericho got really serious this week on Owens and although I’ve enjoyed the duo’s comedy and banter, I’m glad to see WWE isn’t going to let this drag on. Jericho getting defeated by Rollins after Owens coming out and being a detriment was a good idea. I’m not sure why all three are competing in a triple threat match next week as I’d keep Owens and Rollins away from each other until the Cell match. Let’s see where it goes.

So, WWE Creative has to bore the audience with Rusev and his slide show just to get them to pop for Reigns for breaking up the snooze-fest? Holy crappy tactics (and truly a snooze-fest)! I just want this feud to end as I am bored with it. Rusev got the best of Reigns and beat him up yet again, but because this wasn’t a match, Reigns stayed down. How many times do we need to see the same shit between these two knowing that Reigns will kick out of everything and anything and win their match at Hell in The Cell?

Sami Zayn is now going to be Brawn Strowman’s first worth opponent? I hope that Strowman doesn’t squash Zayn, who has unfortunately been directionless since the brand split.

Speaking of directionless, Bo Dallas is at least getting a mean streak and some attention. He pinned Neville (??? WHY ???) in their match and finally beat up his former Social Outcast member Curtis Axel, which seemed to be coming.   I think Dallas really needs to get rid of that sign, rhyming his lines, and theme music – like how the Usos did (minus the sign, of course) if he wants to be seen as more of a threat to the roster.

Just when you think WWE is building up Gallows and Anderson, they screw them again. It’s f’n UNREAL that Anderson was beat by Big Cass in just over a minute. What garbage. Both Enzo & Cass and Gallows and Anderson deserve more than this.

The Cruiserweights also deserved more in their match as well. Most of it was during the commercial break. Horseshit!

Finally, Bill Goldberg returned to WWE to accept Brock Lesnar’s challenge. I have already said that I’m not interested in this match, nor have I ever been a fan of Goldberg’s, but his promo was well done and full of emotion. It was a good way to end the show.

Oh yeah, WWE, you can shove your revisionist history up your pompous asses.  Saying to the audience that Goldberg was the greatest WCW Champion of all time when they had Flair, Sting and even Hogan as former champions, is complete bullshit.

Smackdown Live

This week’s show fell a little flat for me. While I dig the whole James Ellsworth underdog story (he’s very likable and they should keep him around – have a story about getting beaten but never giving up on your dream), but hopefully this is the end of him being inserted into the Styles/Ambrose feud.

Ambrose stopping the match, plugging products and sponsors, and interacting with fans during the match was annoying and not funny to me. If anything, the ref should have stopped the match and awarded it to Styles due to constant interference from Ambrose. Yeah, he didn’t get up on the apron or lay his hands on Styles during the match, but blatant distraction is clearly interference. I hate the jokester Dean Ambrose character and want the maniacal Dean Ambrose. WWE can’t decide what direction Ambrose should go. At least they didn’t have Ellsworth win the title with some fluke.

I was surprised that Carmella’s promo against Nikki Bella was so spiteful and geared at all Nikki’s success being the result of her sister and John Cena. Now, maybe some of it may be true as who knows what really goes on behind the scenes, but to throw it out there in the open like that really increases the animosity between these two.

I guess Swagger is now dead and buried on the Smackdown brand after losing to Baron Corbin so quickly.

I am so disengaged with the Wyatt/Orton and Kane feud it’s not even funny.

It was nice to see Alexa Bliss get a win over Naomi as they really have to make Bliss a threat for Becky Lynch’s title.

Where the hell were The Usos and American Alpha this week?

Finally, I still can’t believe we’re seeing members of the Spirit Squad still on TV. The feud between Ziggler and The Miz seems to be fizzling out.

That’s it for me for this week!!!