Night Stalker Review – Masters of the Universe Classics Collector’s Choice

I know that I’ve been in Halloween mode lately (along with my regular wrestling diatribes) and it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Masters of the Universe Rewind feature or looked at any new figures. Thankfully, I got two figures from the MOTUC Collector’s Choice line in last week!
I’ll admit, I never had the vintage Night Stalker horse/figure. While I probably owned 85% of the vintage Masters of the Universe toy collection (thanks, mom!), this horse and the “good guy” horse, Stridor, didn’t end up in my collection. I think I just never cared about horses, even if they were hybrid robot/horse beasts.

When Night Stalker was announced, I was actually excited because the prototype looked great and I was anxious to have this guy/horse/thing finally in my collection.

The MOTUC Collector’s Choice figure comes in oversized MOTU Classics packaging, unfortunately without a bio. It’s at least really good that they put many of the vintage Evil Warriors on the back, especially Jitsu. The only thing with putting all these characters on the back is that it just teases anyone who is new to the line as these guys are only available on the secondary market and for a hefty price.

One of my favourite things about Night Stalker is that he’s in scale with the rest of the MOTUC line and he’s pretty large. He really combines the vintage look with the update style MOTUC is known for. At first glance, the colours really work well together and they aren’t that big of a difference from what they were going for with the vintage figure, albeit one major stylistic change.

There is some great detailing in the outer armour with some great paint apps to give it that computerized look.  The guns on either side of its head mirror the vintage figure and can move well up and down, but I’m unsure why they didn’t put them on a ball joint so they could have more of a range of motion. As well, out of the package, the guns were a little warped and were pressed towards its neck, which is offputting when you look at him directly head-on.

On closer inspection, you really can notice the detailing that’s sculpted into the black plastic. While it is cool and really keeps the cyborg/robot feel to the horse, it would have been nice to perhaps to have some different paint to accentuate the details – perhaps a bit of silver would be a nice update.

As you can see below, the hooves are large and sturdy, keeping Night Stalker balanced well. There is also an articulation point on the ankles for extra posing goodness!

The turret on the back swivels right and left with no issue. The back of the seat and the gun both have more computer/circuit sculpting that keep with the theme of the figure.

On the inside, there’s a sticker for the control panel. While some are disappointed with it, especially how some of the other vehicles had sculpted panels, it doesn’t bother me too much. At least whoever is riding it has their sites on Castle Grayskull.

One point of contention with some people is how they did the neck with the figure. Each “disc” section is stacked on its own ball joint. This way you can get a range of movement while keeping that vintage look.  Some people don’t like how it looks. I think it looks fantastic and it functions very well. I don’t think it takes away from the look of the figure at all.

As a bonus, we are treated to an extra piece of armour for Night Stalker’s head. Now, I have no idea why a robotic horse would need armour, but then again, when you see that it has a huge horn on his head, it could be for charging and ramming the enemy or smashing walls. This is a pretty cool piece that the original didn’t have. While I probably won’t be posing him with it on (I like to keep things old school, yo!), I can see some people really loving it.

Night Stalker has some great articulation in his legs, neck, head, legs, ankles and tail. The legs joints can make for some great galloping poses, but it’s too bad that they aren’t strong enough to be able to balance the figure on its back legs.

Although I haven’t gotten around to featuring Jitsu in my Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind series, I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of Night Stalker with him. These two are synonymous with each other, just like Stridor is synonymous with Fisto. Both these villains are arch enemies so it is only fitting for them to both have robotic horses, right?

With all the above being said, I’m VERY happy with this figure. It was larger than I was expected and I really like the execution on the neck. It is another classic update to the vintage toy and well worth the money in my books.

With this line officially ending from MattyCollector at the end of the year, Night Stalker’s heroic doppelganger, Stridor, is in limbo. Perhaps Super 7 (who is talking over the line, using the same factory, molds, and plastics as Mattel did) will help get him into fans’ hands, or we could see it being an inclusive for next year’s PowerCon courtesy of Val Staples and his crew.  Here’s hoping as I’d buy my regular two after how impressed and happy I was with Night Stalker.