Disgusting (to some) Metal/Death Metal Artwork – Part 1


I’ve been taking a look at some of my favourite movies I own that are excellent viewing for the Halloween/Spooktober season, so I thought I’d also go through my CD/vinyl collection to share some of the most disgusting and gross album covers I have.
I’m not going to use this feature to do a review or anything of the albums. I’m just going to list the band, the name of the album, the label and when it came out. If there are any other interesting tidbits, I may add them as well.

I know what is disgusting/gross to some isn’t for others. I can find some album covers with their particular commentary or art disgusting without gore (or the artist being metal), so to each his/her own. As well, I know the whole gore-grind genre these days (and for the last 10-15 years) have really tried to top themselves by using the grossest pictures possible to get a reaction or to claim stakes that they are indeed the grossest. The albums I feature are ones I like to listen to, not just to have them to say I have the sickest collection (which I know I don’t. Some of these I’ll feature are tame compared to some other bands).

There may be bands that have multiple entries and there are bands were I could have added more, but I was going for some of the best of the best. As well, while I do own the albums you see, all artwork, logos, and copyrights belong to the intended owners.

I’ve already done a feature of my Cannibal Corpse picture disc collection – basically it’s the art from the covers that were put on vinyl, so I won’t be including Cannibal Corpse in this as you can click that link and see the artwork there. They do have a spot easily in this feature but to re-post the pics here would be redundant.

If you don’t like horror, then don’t look at these. Do I condone what these album covers potentially reflect? No, but it’s also the same with horror movies and people acting that stuff out in real life. Music is no different – it’s entertainment.  Let’s get on with Part One of this feature!

Aborted – The Purity of Perversion
(Uxicon, 1999)


This was the band’s debut on an indie label. I’m not sure where this picture is taken from or how staged it may be, but it’s damn gross!

Aborted – Strychnine.213 
(Century Media, 1998)


This album cover reminds me of something from the Saw franchise, High Tenstion, or Martyrs.

Abscess – Thirst for Blood, Hunger for Flesh
(Necroharmonic Productions, 2003)


This is a compilation album for the band, but damn, that’s some pretty awesome art right there!

Anal Cunt – Everyone Should Be KILLED
(Earache Records, 1994)


Here are 58 songs featuring the most non-PC stuff you’ll ever hear – if you can figure out what the hell Seth Putnam is screaming! You want to see something more shocking than the album cover? Read the song titles HERE. While you’re on the Wiki page, songs off the other albums should also make you feel the same uneasiness (or laugh, depending on how serious you take these guys).

Autopsy – Shitfun
(Peaceville Records, 1995)


Some of the band’s other album covers could go here (like Acts of the Unspeakable if you get to see the entire layout that was intended), but what is more gross than someone with poop in their mouth? After writing this, I really need a copy of Acts of the Unspeakable on vinyl!

Cardiac Arrest – Haven for the Insane
(Ibex Moon Records, 2010)


This album cover’s art style is pretty cool and I love the colour motif they used for it. It kind of reminds me of Cannibal Corpse artwork, so I thought it should be featured. The zombie baby looking to breastfeed is a sick touch.

Carcass – Reek of Putrefaction 
(Earache Records, 1988)


I can’t say much more than this is one of those classic albums that kinda help start the gore-grind movement. Lyrics from a medical dictionary with real photos where pretty damn shocking for 1988!

Carcass –Symphonies of Sickness 
(Earache Records, 1989)


Their second album featured a little better production and songwriting mixed in with the same style of lyrics and artwork!

Dismember – Pieces
(Nuclear Blast, 1992)


Here’s a classic EP with a classic cover. Awesome idea to feature the guys’ faces and use some special effects to make it look like they’re all decapitated.

Dismember – Indecent & Obscene   (Nuclear Blast, 1993)


This cover is a rebuttal to the reaction the band got to their debut, Like An Ever Flowing Stream and the song on it entitled, “Skin Her Alive,” which caused some major uproar in the UK.

Thanks for joining me! There are more excellent disgusting album covers to come!!