WWE Raw and Smackdown Thoughts: October 10th & 11th, 2016

Here’s another two in one shot with my thoughts on WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown Live for the week!


Mick Foley announced officially that we’re getting THREE matches inside Hell In A Cell in just over two weeks. While I don’t mind having three matches inside the Cell, I don’t understand the rationale. This match is supposed to be THE be all/end all for feuds where no one can potentially interfere and the dangers of the cage itself is supposed to add extra tension and suspense to the matches.

With WWE being PG, the violence and brutality during this match is so toned down that there’s really no point anymore. As well why on earth would Rusev/Reigns, Charlotte/Sasha Banks, and Owens/Rollins NEED to have their match inside? I suppose it’s to keep Lana, Dana Brook, and Jericho out, respectively, but we’ve seen people get involved in the past anyway.

Another thing I don’t understand is the hype from Foley about the match inside the Cell being the most dangerous and unforgiving and yet he won’t let Cesaro and Sheamus have a tie-breaker after seven matches because he’s afraid he’ll lose one of them to injury? Where’s the logic in any of that?

Why was Stephanie McMahon “Ms. I’m so respectful and friendly” this week? She was adamant that people respected Foley, yet she tore the shit out of him last week?!?!? Mon Dieu!

Once again it was nice to see WWE building Gallows and Anderson up after taking them down so much. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of program they’ll have with Enzo and Cass, another team that they’ve put on the down low as of late.

I actually liked the aggression in Bo Dallas this week and I wonder if him and Curtis Axel may have a small feud.

I am with the people that absolutely DON’T CARE to see Goldberg come back and get in the ring. He wasn’t an accomplish wrestler to begin with and all his hype was because of his streak. He was not treated well the last time he was in WWE and I don’t see him coming back to win against Lesnar.

Rollins vs. Jericho as the main event was pretty good. I really didn’t see Jericho winning to take a spot in the WWE Universal Championship match. Mind you, we have two more episodes before the Hell in the Cell PPV to still see Jericho get in through some method.

Smackdown Live

I was expecting a bit more out of Smackdown Live this week as we got more retreading while I was expecting new stuff to develop after the No Mercy PPV.

Dolph Ziggler came out to celebrate winning the Intercontental Championship only to have The Miz interrupt and say that he’s not done with Ziggler and wants the belt back. While I can understand The Miz having a rematch clause, I’m just not sure where else this feud can go but down (besides being treated to another good match between these two).

So far for this feud: The Miz already held up for a better contract, The Miz and Maryse have cheated constantly, brought back former Spirt Squad members to attack Ziggler, AND Ziggler has put his career on the line. With the Raw brand having Hell in the Cell matches in two weeks, what more can be put on the line or done besides accentuating what being the champ means?

Also continuing we had:

  • The Carmella/Nikki Bella feud (wrong person got the win on Sunday)
  • The Usos and American Alpha feud (holy crap – give AA long tag matches to show their talents, FFS!)
  • Orton is continuing to feud and The Wyatts and now we have Kane involved (zzzzzz main event?!? zzzzz)

Nothing really progressed with any of the above and we’re still where we were heading into No Mercy.

I was really hoping to see if someone new was going to start feuding with AJ Styles for the WWE Championship and they were kinda teasing it on the Smackdown pre-show. It looks like Dean Ambrose will be stepping up again as Cena was mysteriously MIA and no one new stepped up.

I found that Styles having a match against the crowd favourite underdog jobber, James Ellsworth with Ambrose as the special “impartial” ref to be funny at first but I think the joke match went on too long. Yes, it’s humourous that Ellsworth is in the “books” as having a win over Styles but to have Ambrose put away Styles that easy on TV after some of the matches that they’ve been involved in over the last few months doesn’t look good. I know it puts more heat on these two for them meeting again, though.

To finish off this week’s look at WWE’s main two shows, I’m surprised that Smackdown put out the challenge to the Raw brand to have traditional Survivor Series matches against the women, the men, and the tag teams for bragging rights. Actually, wasn’t that the old PPV that WWE used to put on when the brand split was first a thing?

Does this mean Raw and Smackdown will be invading each other’s shows so soon after the split and most other storylines will be put on hold just so we try and be hyped about brand superiority? Realistically, if you want to put your five best male, female and tag teams in matches to win for your brand, you’re going to be having people team up that should be feuding. For example, a Smackdown team of Styles, Cena, Ambrose, Orton, and Ziggler vs. a Raw team of Owens, Rollins, Jericho, Reigns and Rusev would make sense but then not because everyone on these teams are/have been in feuds recently. I dunno if I’m cool with all of this right now – perhaps it’s why they have Lesnar and Goldberg in their back pocket for the Survivor Series PPV and I’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.