Boba Fett Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

This article is a long time coming! While I’ve shared some other Sideshow and Hot Toys sixth scale Star Wars figures already on my site, there are still a few that I need to get to. I’ve had Boba Fett had for quite a while (over a year) and he was my very first sixth scale (12”) figure.

I’d seen advertisements of upcoming Star Wars figures from Sideshow and Hot Toys, as well as reviews, from websites and while they were cool looking, I couldn’t understand the high price point at all. I’m not sure why I took the plunge – maybe I had an extra $200 in my account burning a whole in my virtual account. I saw that there was a wait list for the figure, so I took a gamble.

Within a month I got confirmation that this was being shipped to me immediately. I was happy, but anxious, as I don’t know if a) my wife would kill me for buying a toy thing expensive (note: she didn’t and she totally supports my, uh, collecting addiction) and b) if I would be happy with what I would get for the price. As you can tell from seeing the other reviews on the site and buying more Sideshow Collectible figures, I was.

Note: I’m not going to go as detailed in my write-up of this as at the bottom of the article, there’s a video embedded from my YouTube page if you want something more in-depth.

The packaging is large and holds them massive amount of stuff included with the figure well.  I love that they use the actual figure within for the box art.

As you can see, this box need two window displays to hold all the accessories. Recently they’ve been putting items on top of each other, but this packaging that folds open also served the purpose of showcasing some writing to describe the character and the line this figure was in.

The figure itself is gorgeous.  When I opened it up and actually put the figure in my hands, I got it. Yep, like Chris Jericho, I got “IT!” I totally understood why these figures cost the money they do and why.  I think I joked about it before, but I have to state it again, the clothing and the tailoring done on these figures is better than what some people in the world wear.  That’s unfortunate, but it’s true.

As you can see in the picture below, Boba Fett’s  jet pack is removeable and can be placed back on him using the rings on his back and the hooks on the jet pack.

The helmet sculpt for Boba Fett is immaculate.  I know there are some out there that nit-pick at every single small detail. To me, this looks like him almost to a tee from The Empire Strikes Back.  The colouring, the details, the withering, the dents, the small little details like the little button thingy on the left bottom side of the front of his helmet all scream dedication from the Sideshow team who created this. I mean, look at the little marking near his antennae!!

I’ve taken a few pics from all sides so you can see the attention to detail that was put into the whole helmet. His antenna piece does slide forward from the upright position as well.

Speaking of detail, holy shit…look at this figure! You can see all the small pieces that build and build on top of his excellently clothed costume to give us fans a figure that you’d be hard pressed to not be impressed with.

On Boba Fett’s right side, you can see the individually braided hair pieces that symbolize the Wookies he’s killed.  His shoulder pad shows some some damage and just adds to the visualization that this figure has been in battle.

On his left arm, you can see the detailing and superb sculpting put into his arm rocket. You have to be very careful as some of these little pieces can snap off if you’re posing him.

On his left shoulder, you can see the fantastic Mandalorian icon with some more wear and tear to the shoulder/upper arm piece.

Down below are some close ups to his chest armour, his cod piece and his legs/knee armour.  Look at the detail on this stuff! There are dents and great paint detailing on the chest piece to show that he’s been busy.

You can see the accessories that fit into his pockets on his shins.  I love this attention to detail because as a life long Star Wars fan and someone who has many 3 3/4″ Boba Fett figures, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed sculpted weapons in that area. Hell, I never noticed half the details put into this figure on those smaller scale representations.

Down below is another close-up of those Wookie braids. I’m sure Chewie would be pissed if he saw them up close.

As well, you can see this clear tube thing running from a device on his right arm underneath his clothing. I had no clue at all until buying this figure that Fett had something like this on him. Can anyone tell me more about what it’s for and why it’s there?


Boba Fett comes with a plethora of extra hands. I go into them more in my video. He also comes with an extra pair of feet, although I don’t know why anyone would pose him with them. He also comes with a huge blaster that you’ll see down below and a small pistol that fits into a holster on his backside (you’ll see that in the video as well).

I took some pics of Boba Fett in various poses with and without his iconic weapon. You have to be careful with that weapon as well as the fragile pieces can break off. Thankfully Sideshow created the weapon where it snaps off at the base to make it easier to get in his hand.

I also have to mention that Boba Fett’s cape has a pliable wire in it so you can try and shape it in the way you’d like. I’ve posed it a couple of different ways in the pictures below. It’s a really cool idea that was applied very well. This was something I was not expecting and made me love this figure even more.

This edition that I scored came with a base based off Bespin and the Carbonite chamber area where Han Solo got frozen in, um, Carbonite.  The re-release of the figure doesn’t come with this base, or even as many hands, so I consider myself lucky that the wait list opened up and a I grabbed one. I think it’s such a perfect accent to the figure in addition to what I already got with the figure.

The base lights up and has just as much attention to detail as the figure itself.  It’s actually got some good weight to it, too!

I guess it’s easy to see from the pics, my write-up, and my video below that I was absolutely blow away with this figure. I love and hate it at the same time as it totally launched me into collecting figures at this scale and from Sideshow Collectibles as well as Hot Toys.

Thanks for taking a look at this figure with me and take a look at the other Star Wars figures I’ve grabbed from Sideshow and Hot Toys! I still have some more to take a look at that I just haven’t had the time to showcase yet. If you want to snag one of the reissues, you can snag one HERE.