Sponsor Showcase: KillerToyz (Interview)


I’d like to welcome my newest sponsor, KillerToyz!!!!  They’re a great online store that specializes in horror, fantasy and some Sci-Fi collectibles. Make sure to check them out – especially for Canadian fans who want to get these great action figures and collectibles but don’t want to pay crazy Ebay or Amazon.ca prices.

I sent some questions over this week and I’d like to share this little interview to introduce you to those who run the show! Enjoy!

  1. When did you start KillerToyz and how long have you been doing this?

We have been fully operational for 2 years now! We started the official KillerToyz company back in April of 2014, however we have been buying and selling for the better part of 15 years now.

  1. What led you to create a website selling horror/sci-fi action figures and collectibles?

As an avid collector, we found that most of the items we were looking for were not readily available in Canada. The majority of the items from companies like Neca, Mezco, or Funko would never reach us here for some reason, or if they did, it’s a small comic shop that’s bringing it in and by the time you actually track it down, it’s already sold out. We felt that it was our duty to bring in more of these amazing items for our horror and Sci-Fi community without the hassle of having them import them themselves and pay the crazy conversion from USD to CAD.

  1. What has been your biggest success and biggest obstacle so far?

Our biggest success has got to be actually getting the online store up and running lol. It took a lot of work importing our huge catalog, changing themes and colour schemes…but it all turned out and it’s running smoothly.

Our biggest obstacle? Hmm…

  1. I know that you have set up booths and conventions and shows before. What has been your favourite one so far and tell us why.

We try to do conventions at least once a month. It’s a great way to get your name out there and meet the people who are buying your products. We have made a lot of great relationships from setting up and selling at conventions. Our favourite to date would have to be….HorrorRama! Held in Downtown Toronto Once a year it’s Toronto’s only all Horror Convention! Lots of friendly people, amazing vendors, quality items, and cool celebs…needless to say there is something for everyone. Best part is that its right around the corner on October 16th-17th.

  1. What are your top three horror movies of all time and how have they affected your love for what you do?

I get asked this question a lot lol, it’s hard to narrow it down to three. I usually take my top 10 and pick at random, so it sort of mixes it up every time. Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives, Halloween(78), and Return of the Living Dead. A hockey mask wearing machete wielding slasher, a sociopath who causes so much destruction on Halloween and a bunch of punk rockers taking on Zombies, lol!  What’s more bad ass than that?

  1. What has been your best-selling item(s)/line, or franchise?

Neca Ultimate figures seem to sell pretty quickly, especially the NOES Freddy and TCM Leatherface previously released. The upcoming Part III Jason and NOES Dream Warrior Freddy is on track to do just as well. Neca also has the Retro line with Real cloth clothing…sort of a throw back to the Mego style figures years ago, these do well and have incredible sculpts.

Funko does well for us to. We try to keep most of the horror and sci-if pops in stock at all times. And the Mezco Living Dead Dolls are making a comeback since they obtained the licenses to Trick R Treat, Beetlejuice, Evil Dead, and Hellraiser.

  1. What products are you looking forward to getting for the store?

There is so much coming out in the next few months it’s crazy! We are really excited about the Living Dead Dolls Trick R Treat Sam Doll and the Hellraiser Pinhead Doll. Just seeing pictures alone you can tell that these two dolls have incredible detail and are going to be a must have for your collection. We currently only have a few left for PreOrder and then we will be sold out just like the rest of the online sites you shop.

Also Neca releasing more Ultimate figures…the Scar Predator and the above mentioned Friday the 13th Part III Jason and the NOES Dream Warrior Freddy, those are coming out soon and selling quickly.

  1. Do you, as a fan or collector of horror and Sci-Fi stuff, have any holy grails that you have yet track down or afford? 

Well, for action figures, my holy grail set would have to be the Mezco “Cinema of Fear” series 1 giveaway figures. When the “Cinema of Fear”sets came out, Mezco held a contest giveaway for 3 sets of figures. They made one set cast in red, one set cast in black, and one set cast in gold. Recently they popped up on the bay, however they had a pretty heavy price tag of $3000!

Other then that, we have been lucky enough to meet tons of big names in the horror community. George a Romero to John Carpenter to Gunnar Hansen(RIP), Kane Hodder, and the list can go on and on from there. But our holy grail non action figure related piece would have to be Dan O’Bannons last copy of the final script for Return of the Living Dead given to John A Russo to novelize, that was accompanied by a hand written letter. That is a piece of horror history!

  1. For new customers and those who have yet to purchase from you, what would you like to tell them about your business and service?

Come join our horror/sci-if community! Always feel free to ask questions if you are uncertain about something. Please understand that pre-order estimated arrival dates do get changed by the manufacturing company sometimes and it’s out of our control. And always pre-order when you are sure that you want to buy something. Pre-ordering allows you to save! Once the item arrives to us we put that item back at full price.

  1. Triple Threat match between Jason, Freddy, and Leatherface: who would win and why?

Hmmm good question…Jason Voorhees lol. Why? Because there would be a run-in from Michael Myers, who would take out Leatherface with a pumpkin smash to the face which would leave Jason to take on Freddy one on one…and we all saw how that went down the first time 😉