Masters of the Universe Rewind: Chief Carnivus

By the third quarter of 2010, the Masters of the Universe Classics line was pretty diverse. We had many awesome figures from the vintage line show up, we had some figures that never had a vintage figure before arrive in the line, and there were a plethora of figures (and aspects of others, like additional heads) from the 200X cartoon series.
The diversity was welcomed by many, but there were also a lot of people who weren’t happy getting new or obscure characters – especially ones with a more anime look that came from the 200X cartoon series. Count Marzo, Keldor, the additional head that came with Whiplash instead of an even more articulated tail, and then this figure, Chief Carnivus, really had some collectors at each other’s throats debating what should and shouldn’t be included in the Classics line.

Before I look at this figure, I’ll state again that I never bought any of the 200X cartoon figures when they were originally in the stores for lack of interest in a lot of the designs, the anime look, the awful case distribution of characters, and lack of funds. I had no problem with these characters getting released in the Classics series as I welcomed new characters and I wanted to see how The Four Horsemen would blend the 200X look with the how a figure would have looked if it had a previous vintage figure and then updated for Classics (if that makes sense). They succeeded with some but the design was still too over the top for others (like Marzo).

I thought Carnivus was a good blend but because I didn’t have that vintage affiliation or nostalgia tied to him, he wasn’t a stand out figure for me at the time.

Chief Carnivus came in the regular packaging and featured all heroes on the back of the package, which I thought was odd as some more of his 200X inspired brethren were not included.

His bio explains that Carnivus and his people basically stayed out of the business of others until the onslaught of evil forces became too great to ignore and he and his people joined King Randor in the fight.

Although I said before that I had real no attachment to Chief Carnivus, but as time as gone on, I can really appreciate the design more than I did at the time of initially receiving the figure.

The armour (that can be removed), the huge cape, the shin armour, and the loincloth all contribute to Carnivus’ grandiose look. He looks like a leader and someone who isn’t afraid to get down to business.

The head sculpt for Carnivus is well done. He has just the right amount of attitude with his brown and a variety of paint on his face. The hair is done well, too, as it is doesn’t have the crazy sculpt/flow like Count Marzo’s does.


Like I said, Carnivus’ armour can come off and so can the cape. As for his accessories, Carnivus comes with his sword and shield. I love the detailing and the colour of both. The gold colour all over his armour , belt, and weapons really pops. It gives him a true sense of royalty.

If you want to pose Carnivus just like he’s on the down-low? You can do it! I’m sure he’d appreciate a night just to chill.  To be serious, he still looks vicious like that; almost like a werewolf.

In the picture to the right, the detailing on the emblem on his belt has a great sculpt, too. For the Horsemen to add extra detailing like that is the stuff I really like about the line.

Below, is Carnivus with his sword. I really had a good time posing him with it as I haven’t reposed him in a very, very long time.

More additional poses are below of Carnvius prepping for battle.

Doing this retrospective and posing the figure in more ways than I ever had before for these photos gave me a larger sense of appreciate for the figure. I can still say that I still don’t have a connection with the character himself from the cartoon, but the figure has actually climbed some spots on my list if I were to list my favorites for 2010. I guess that’s the fun of doing these Rewind features, right?