WWE Raw & Smackdown Live Thoughts: October 3rd & 4th, 2016


Source: wwe.com

I’m going to be brief with this one as work and home (plus watching the Blue Jays game instead of Smackdown) made this a tad late.


While seeing the end of the Rusev and Roman Reigns feud happening in Hell in a Cell is a good idea at the upcoming PPV of the same name, I’m not sure people will get that excited for it. We’ve seen Roman Reigns kick out of everything from Rusev and easily getting out of Rusev’s submission finisher. On Raw, we saw Reigns stand tall over a downed Rusev. So why in the hell would anyone believe Rusev has any chance at winning? As well, the days of crazy blood inside these things is long gone, so are we to watch Reigns clotheslineconstantly Rusev and between beat- down for 15 minutes and be happy with that? I wouldn’t think so.

Sasha Banks won the WWE Women’s Championship on Raw for a second time in a really good main event (one of the only times the women have main evented the show). Once again, the ladies excelled. Rumour has it that these two will also square off in a Hell in the Cell match – a first for women’s wrestling. I think it would be a cool idea but with that being said, I think the payoff for Sasha winning the belt should have been held until then (if it happens).

Once again, TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick had another great match. I love watching these two go at it. Thank goodness the crowd was more respectful to the Cruiserweights this week (more energy was needed during Rich Swann vs. Tony Nese, though). It was interesting to see WWE booked Perkins to take a loss by tapping out, but it does further Kendrick as a threat and portray Perkins as someone who will fight back from a loss. Wasn’t this match originally advertised as a title match? Did I miss why they changed it?

The interview between Michael Cole and Seth Rollins didn’t do anything for me as Rollins is still not coming across as a baby face. No matter what amount of reasoning Rollins gives for Owens being handed the belt and lazy is hypocritical based on how Rollins has been tied to the Authority for two years and has weaseled himself out of many confrontations and potential defeats. WWE Creative should have jumped at the chance when Rollins returned.

It’s nice to see WWE trying to build Gallows and Anderson back up, but in my eyes the damage has been done and it’ll take a while to reestablish any credibility. They should have pulled the trigger with these two winning the belts at Clash of Champions and then destroying the competition. Idiots.

Smackdown Live

I found this week’s show to be similar to last week as nothing really new happened. Most of Smackdown was just setting up the matches for Sunday’s show the same way they did last week. With No Mercy happening this Sunday, I’ll discuss the lead up to the matches a bit more in my predictions article that will be up either Thursday or Friday.

Orton and Wyatt’s feud continues to be almost unwatchable for me. I think it’s just been bad TV and all it’s really doing is setting up for Wyatt to get his ass handed to him, like usual.

I think a Swagger/Corbin feud could be interesting if they build it correctly. Corbin getting an “accidental” loss with the ref thinking he tapped out to Swagger was a good booking decision.

I’m not a fan of sad, whiny Dolph Ziggler as I like pissed off Dolph Zigger who wants to fight. The Miz and his look back at Dolph’s career was good…for embarrassing Ziggler but did add more hype for the upcoming PPV match.

The end segment between Styles, Ambrose and Cena was more great hype to the triple threat match on Sunday. I like hearing Cena get put in his place. I was also glad to see AJ Styles, the CHAMP, standing tall at the end of the program instead of Cena, and then Ambrose getting some comeuppance on Styles to fade the program out.

There we go: a short and sweet wrap-up with what mattered to me on this week’s programs.