Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Whiplash

After two figures with more of a 200X inspired look (Keldor and Count Marzo), the next figure returned to a vintage presentation (except in one way) with the release of Whiplash in August of 2010. He was available for about 45 minutes until he sold out.

Whiplash was always one of my favourite figures I had in the vintage line. He just looked cool and tough, and the action feature was simple: twist his waste to knock over his foes with his tail. Although there were no action features in Classics, I was excited to see how his tail would “work” in MOTUC.

Whiplash has the same packaging as the other figures in the line with a bio on the back. The bio reveals Whiplash’s real name: Torrant Krazut. What an interesting name. I’d like to know the rationale behind it.

I think the bio overall is a good read and really lets you know why Whiplash had a chip on his shoulder, how he betrayed his people and was exiled and how he remained faithful to Keldor/Skeletor. The story just makes him feel like a tough loner.

Whiplash came with a lot of newly created pieces: the feet, the legs, the armour/tail, and I think the forearms were new, too! One of my favourite things about all the new pieces is the scaly texture that starts on the new shoulders that rises onto his neck and face. I was blown away when I first got him in my hands, and I still admire the work done on these details to this day. The same kind of detailing is also found on his abdominal region as well.

Whiplash’s tail comes in two pieces in the package because it is larger than the vintage figure and made of hard plastic, instead of the rubbery kind the vintage one had. Because of the lack of “action feature” in the waist, there is one point of articulation where you snap the end of the tail in place. This gives you a little bit more option on how you where you want the tail to be pointed. I think it would have been neat to see a ball joint as well so we could have some vertical movement as well.


Whiplash has two of my favourite head sculpts for the line. The first one is based off of the vintage toy look and he is way more menacing than the original ever was. Close up you can see the scaly textures well. The dark colours around the eyes bring out the badassness (!!!) in him and the accents around the teeth and mouth also help make this figure’s attitude come to life.


The second head he came with was another throwback to the 200X cartoon series so fans could pose him with either look. The sucker (or fan) in me got two to open so I could pose him both ways on my shelf as I did like the re-imagined look as well. I do like the vintage one a lot better as the 200X head isn’t as intimidating.


Whiplash came with two weapons: the spear that his vintage counterpart had and his 200X weapon that’s a hybrid of a sword/blade and spear.


You can’t go wrong posing Whiplash with his vintage head and spear, right?

I wasn’t expecting to love the 200X look as much as I did and I was so glad I scored myself an extra figure to keep him constantly on my shelf with this look and weapon. The 200X style head does make him seem like a larger figure, just as he was portrayed in the 200X cartoon.

Here’s a shot of both of them together. I guess if you have both of them you could imagine one is actually Whiplash and the other is his long lost brother, Carl,…or something.


It’s times like these where after I take pictures of these figures, do some editing, and write-up these articles where not only does the nostalgia of the vintage figures, the cartoons, and Masters of the Universe in general really kick in, but it also makes me appreciate these updated figures, that are not even seven years old yet, even more. I love the update Whiplash figure a lot and he’s just another example of the fine work The Four Horsemen, and everyone behind Classics at that point, where doing.