Star Wars Force Friday: Rogue One Action!!



Well, I went out on Force Friday, but I try and be sneaky. Instead of going out to wait in line at our one Toys R Us at midnight, I go to the Walmart close to me at 6:55 to get in for 7 am. Last year, I got quite a bit of stuff and this year, I almost got everything I wanted.

You’ll see that I’m missing Jyn for the Black Series 6″ figues.  The reason being is the one person who came in behind me grabbed a cart and ran like a mo-fo to where the figures where. I was a bit in front of him and once I heard him running, I ran a different way. Funny, yeah, I know…but last year, I dealt with scalpers and I wasn’t dealing with that bullshit again. Last year, there were people just taking anything off the pegs and displays and putting them in the cart without even looking.

As I got to where the figures were: just one small display in the aisle, I grabbed the Black Series figures and the guy just started throwing shit in his cart. I turned and said, “I just want one set for myself.” He said, “cool” and proceeded to take everything else.  Unfortunately, the ass took all four Death Troopers before I could even get one. For some reason, there were only two Jyn figures and I had one of them. He asked if he could have it, so I said he could for a Black Trooper, as I figured Jyn would be easier to find later due to people wanting to army build.

As for the 3 3/4 line, I got everything that was available at Walmart. You’ll see that I don’t have Sabine yet, as she wasn’t even out. I have her on order, along with two out of the three 2-Packs they have out and those will be up as soon as I get them. One of the 2-Packs features another Poe Dameron figure for some reason (as who the hell wants any more figures of this guy?), with another Trooper, so it’s not really on my radar. Anyway, here’s my loot with a few quick thoughts on each!

Imperial Ground Crew

Here’s a weird chose for a figure (actually, a few of them are). I guess it’s the fun of getting figures out without giving away spoilers. At first I thought this may be like some kinda new Stormtrooper, but after reading the bio and looking at the accessories, he looks like he’s some kind of Imperial traffic controller.  Odd!

Kylo Ren

Yeah, yeah…another Kylo Ren. I have no clue why I bought this as I already have one on The Force Awakens card. I guess it’s because it I try and get everything in each series.  I didn’t think there were any differences with the figures, but I’ve noticed a few! First, the hood of this figure is larger than The Force Awakens one, the left hand is now open and the belt buckle is smaller. The more I compare, the more I realize that this is actually a new sculpt entirely as all the wrinkles in the costume are different and he’s more glossy. OK! Now as I write this, I’m glad I snagged an improved Kylo Ren in this scale.


I previewed this guy back at the beginning of the week as I was pumped that the lady at Walmart let me purchase him.  It’s going to be interesting to see what role he plays in the new movie as he seems like he’s one of the most major characters so far.

Sergeant Jyn Erso (Eadu)

We know that Jyn is going to be THE main character for Rogue One. The Black Series 6″ figure is different than this and isn’t classified as a “sergeant,” and I don’t think the other exclusives from other retailers in the US are either. Her bio seems to indicate that she doesn’t like taking orders and will go, cough, rogue.

Kanan Jarrus

I understand cross promotion, but I don’t understand why Hasbro/Star Wars releases characters that aren’t apart of the film they’re promoting under this banner. I’ll eventually go through my Force Awakens collection and you’ll see that there is a huge selection of characters that aren’t a part of that movie. This guy is from Star Wars Rebels. I’ll admit, I’ve never watched it as I never know when it’s on. I figure I’ll eventually do a binge screening.


Hell yeah! A Stormtrooper! A regular, kick ass Stormtrooper!!! Can it get any better? I guess so if they actually hit their targets. Anyway, it’s neat to see that the Stormtrooper comes with an extra piece so if you army build or want a captain, there’s a piece you can add to the figure to do so.  Cool idea…now I just wish they had more than five points of articulation. On the other hand, I hand these on my wall and don’t take them out, so who am I to bitch?

Captain Cassian Andor (Eadu)

Here’s a figure that I have no idea who the actor is or who he is in relation to the upcoming movie. I’m gonna guess he’ll be a peg warmer as no one buys random guys like this except for idiots like me who collect almost anything. I will say that I dig the design as he reminds me of a Rebel soldier on Hoth.


Here’s the Black Series 6″ scale figure of this new droid guy! I really like the design of him and really want to see what he’s going to do in the new movie. I think he’ll be a good design if Hot Toys or Sideshow tackles him, but I want to make sure he has a more intricate part in the movie, unlike Captain Phasma, who looked cool but was almost obsolete in the film (I’d still snag one, but not at $200 US).

Kylo Ren (Unmasked)

I paid big bucks for my SDCC exclusive Kylo Ren because I really liked the packaging, presentation and the charred Darth Vader mask. Well, here he is! Besides the lack of paint on the belt buckle piece,  he’s basically the same figure in the exclusive SDCC package, which is good for those who didn’t shell out the dough like I did.

Death Trooper

This figure’s design is really cool – especially with the helmet. It’s like blending old school with a bit of a modern upgrade, although these guys are supposed to be around before Episode IV: A New Hope.  If I opened up lots of my figs, you’d better believe I’d get a bunch of these guys to army build, but I don’t have the room or the money. Instead, I pre-ordered the Hot Toys version, so you’ll see that when I have it in hand hopefully in November or December.

So, minus two single carded/boxed figures, I got what I needed. You’ll see the two-packs soon. It’s time to find spots for these on my walls in the man cave!