Masters of the Universe Rewind: SDCC 2010 Mo-Larr vs Skeletor Box Set

July was a packed month! We had Count Marzo show up and SDCC  2010 brought Masters of the Universe Classics fans TWO exclusives that you could pick up at the show (or later in the first week of August): Orko with Prince Adam and this set: Mo-Larr vs. Skeletor!
Some of you may be thinking, “who the hell is Mo-Larr?” Well, if you have two minutes, watch the video below! It’s courtesy of Adult Swim’s (The Cartoon Network) program, Robot Chicken, where toys come to life in the most, uh, mature ways!

I love that short. To this day I actually laugh out loud at it. I actually love all the Robot Chicken skits they did with the Masters of the Universe figures. They’re like live versions of the Twisted Toy/Mego Theatre that came with every issue of Toyfare Magazine back in the day. I miss that magazine.

Anyway, some people were PISSED when this set got announced. I don’t know why. I mean, people got Orko and Prince Adam as their main exclusive and this was a second exclusive. No one was forced to buy it and THIS set was a good choice for an exclusive as Mattel probably knew not everyone may buy it. Too bad they didn’t learn that with a few other sets they put into the subscription…but that’s another story when I get to those down the road.

This set came is a huge box. It’s even bigger than the packaging that Battle Cat came in!  I think it’s a fantastic presentation as you can clearly see the two figures in the set, but it’s how they’re displayed that make this an appealing set for those who want to keep things their figures in the package.

You can see Mo-Larr holding the extracted tooth of Skeletor while he’s in a dentist chair is an absolute hoot. It’s a great touch to have a dental office background AND Skeletor’s weapons hanging on a wall as well.  Mo-Larr’s accessories are also clearly shown in the package beside him, too!

On the back of the box, you can see some figures in the line, but if you watched the video above, you’ll notice that the back of the box pays homage to it.


The bios reflect the skit and are nothing more than comical. You don’t really have to worry about any of this fun set being a part of your Masters of the Universe cannon. I mean, if you WANT Mo-Larr to be official cannon, then that’s up to you.  I wonder what he’d do during one of the Ultimate Battleground fights.


I love these pictures of Grizzlor and Beast Man on the back of the packaging. What a clever idea to do something like this!

Below are larger pictures of Skeletor and Mo-Larr in the package.

Skeletor is basically the same one that I took a look at earlier and the accessories are the same as the ones that came with the first release.

The main difference between the figure is the head sculpt. It features Skeletor without one of his teeth.  His eye socket holes are really red here, too. Perhaps it was due to the pain of getting his tooth extracted.  The one thing I really didn’t like about the figure is the paint job on Skeletor’s face/skull.  It looks dirty and off-putting, almost like they didn’t entirely paint it properly.


Down below is the main man of the set himself: Mo-Larr. What a buff dentist! I guess the people on Eternia have super strong roots for their teeth as the need a dentist with extreme strength! All humour aside, you can see that Mo-Larr reuses the regular, standard male buck for the line with different coloured gloves. The main difference is the dentist coat. I love the little tooth emblem on the left side.

Close up, Mo-Larr gives me the creeps. He’s way too happy and has a “je ne sais pas” kinda feel. I tell you, this is the kind of face that keeps me out of the dentist office. Yeah, I know the face sculpt isn’t totally 100% of what we see of the character in the short feature, but remember, this is Classics where they do an updated look of figures IF they had a vintage figure.


Mo-Larr comes with a variety of dental equipment. Just taking pictures of these and writing about them is making my stomach sick. The drill is the worst one of them all.


Down below, Skeletor just doesn’t seem as menacing while missing a tooth. On the opposite end, Mo-Larr scares the shit out of me with his grin while holding dental equipment. Damn you, Mo-Larr!

I wouldn’t wish what is happening to poor Skeletor down below on anyone.

Some people were ticked that this was a slot used for this set for SDCC. I wasn’t in the same boat as we got Orko and Adam for the hard-core fans and this was an extra treat. I know that it took them a while after the initial rush to get rid of all the inventory of this as I think the run was basically the same as all figures and not everyone jumped on-board with purchasing this set.

I love the idea behind the set and this kind of “out of the box” thinking was something that made MOTUC special back in the day. You just never knew what they were going to do. While I’m not a fan of the dentist, I’m glad they made this set, with the backing of Adult Swim/Cartoon Network/Robot Chicken.