NECA Arcade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Foot Clan Set – SDCC 2016 Exclusive

I looked at the NECA 2016 SDCC Arcade Turtles set HERE. I loved it! Go read that first before plunging into this one because I wrote about the history behind these sets over there. This feature is to look at the other NECA TMNT set  (The Foot Clan) available at this year’s SDCC.img_7070

You can’t have the Turtles in their arcade form without villains to battle can you? No, of course not! NECA knew that and made sure they provided the fans the opportunity to not only get the Turtles, but also Shredder and three of his finest Foot Soldiers! I can’t imagine anyone just buying one of these sets without the other.  3000 were made of this set as well and only available at the SDCC.

The packaging is quite similar to the ones the Turtles came in, except you can tell that The Foot Clan have taken over this set! You can clearly see the pixelated flames (found in the actual vintage game) added to the bottom of the image found on the arcade cabinet. There are red Foot logos and writing on the box, too!

The back of the box features all four figures that you get with the set in a “select a character” scene with a game-over turtle above each of them.


This set also features all four characters lined up and easily visible for mint in box collectors to admire without having to take them out. In the background, you can see the Technodrome level which would be great for a background for pictures.


Just like the Turtles set, this one also has the arcade controls. I’m curious as to why this didn’t have some Foot Clan graffiti on it as well.


How great is it that Shredder has a little speech bubble that has his line from the game? Bless NECA’s attention to detail and little extras! I LOVE the look of this version of Shredder. The paint application really makes him look like a video game version.

The blades on Shredder’s shoulders and forearms are well done and not as rounded as some other figures.

Shredder comes with a sword, a shrunken, and an extra set of hands for more posing options.

Foot Soldier number one also features another great paint application to make him look like he popped from a video game. Actually, all three share the same paint placement, but just in different colours.

The eyes on each of the Foot Soldiers look like they have sculpted square eyes. This is one of the times where I wish I could touch the figure to double check as I’m unsure if it’s just an illusion with the red paint on black.

All the weapons are interchangeable between the Foot Soldiers, but this guy has a scythe style weapon packed beside him. It’s kinda like a sword on a stick and I’m unsure what the proper name of it is.

This guy has a stick of dynamite and a small knife/dagger packed beside him. I think he has my favourite overall colour scheme.

This Foot Soldier has a large gun beside him that also features some really cool pixel paint detailing as well. The same goes for the large hammer that’s packaged behind him at the bottom. All the weapons for the Foot Soldiers were featured in the game and I think they were great choices to include.


Here’s a close look at the boots and to show how long the hammer actually is. As well, all the extra hands for each figure (beside Shredder) look the same.

Just like the Turtles set, I’m more than ecstatic with the Villain pack. These guys, as well as the Turtles, have so many points of articulation that it’s killing me to not take these guys out to pose and fight each other.

Once again, I have to give two thumbs up and thank NECA (and drink a beer) for the work to get these things out. I know collectors who couldn’t be at SDCC to get them paid a lot of money for them, but they had their hands tied. At least they did what they could to make something like this happen. I also realize there are a lot of collectors and fans out there that just can’t part with the money for these – so that’s a big reason to do the photos and videos on them (and my site in general – spreading the love of what I collect).

Enjoy the video below for more insights and ramblings on this set! ENJOY!